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In Topic: Please Help Me Get Back My Pictures!

19 August 2013 - 03:06 AM

Yes! You are right! You should never format it before you’ve restored all your photos off from this memory card.


The formatting process often would make things worse and even cause data loss sometimes.


So, in this case, what you should do is to select a free memory card data recovery program  to retrieve all your inaccessible photos back easily from this memory card here:



This freeware has ever successfully restored all the inaccessible data of my friend off from a phone memory card. I believe it also will do a good job on your digital camera card. Just give it a shot!


Note: Do not save the restored photos on the same memory card in case of data recovery failure.

Thank your for your reply. I have downloaded your mentioned memory card data recovery freeware to my computer and followed the instructions carefully. Finally, I have got all my wanted pictures back, just like a miracle.

Thank you very much!