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In Topic: I Need Some Advice Of Photo Recovery Freeware?

30 August 2013 - 02:32 AM

All right! Be relaxed! Nowadays, the formatting process is not actually erasing all the contained data on this camera memory card. They are still there as long as they are not overwritten by anything new. So, that’s to say, your mom still have chances to restore her photos back. Just act carefully as below:


1. Stop using this camera right now in case that any new file on it may overwrite the previous photos.


2. Insert this camera to a computer.


3. Download a digital camera data recovery freeware to retrieve all these pictures back.


This professional camera recovery freeware has helped many people around me restore their inaccessible data off from a phone/camera memory card or hard drive. It could be a good choice for your mom to go on.


Try to read more detailed information of this camera data recovery freeware here:




4. Do not save or back up all the restored data on the camera in case of any data loss