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Canon Sx50 Vs T3

09 June 2014 - 04:08 AM

Hello guys


I have been a long time user of the site but this is the first time posting.  Now i just want to know if i am missing anything.  I am on the verge of entering into more serious photography and i have more or less came to the conclusion that the Canon SX 50 is my best choice..................but i dont quite know enough after hours of research and would just like to see if anyone can give me any additional information.


Now my situation is i like wildlife photography, and for me the super zooms for the price are the way to go.  I have used both the SX50 and the Fuji SL1000 and found them both very good cameras and seem to fill all my needs.


So when i look in the shops though i can pick up a T3 or Nikon DSLR for about the same price.  Is there any reason i should be considering this option?  Like i said other than playing with standard compacts or cell phone cameras my photography has been restricted to a few hours playing with the settings on the SX50 and getting some quite good results.  Now heres the kicker, i have emigrated to Brazil and electronics are mega expensive, so a telescopic lens for the T3 would set me back more or less the same price if not more than the camera + standard lens kit that is available.


I know the DSLR will have better imagine quality, but the super zoom has more or less everything else at the price point.


Well thanks in advance for any responses.