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In Topic: Sony Alpha 100

04 August 2006 - 09:54 PM

I've been in 2 shops in the last few days looking at the Alpha and just managed not to ask for a demo!
I personally think that it looks much more professional and robust than the Dynax 5.

Turns out that the F11 was not all that much of a compromise in the end.
I leant it to a friend this week who went to Carcossonne and she took some wonderful pictures (impossible not too with the subject matter really) of all the amazing medieval structures.
I showed her how to zoom in in Photoshop and to her delight, perfectly detailed gargoyles were popping up all over the place. She loves gargoyles!
I'm slightly envious now, 'cos it turns out that she is a total natural for using PS and I still have to think and scratch my head to force myself to turn out anything creative in PS.

Sorry about the digression!

There is a high chance that in the week remaining before my holiday, that I might still buy the Alpha. I'm off to Sorrento and wlll be going to Pompeii - there will be so many scenes worth capturing with an SLR.

In Topic: Sony Alpha 100

28 July 2006 - 09:31 AM

Am so tempted to get one to utilise my Minolta lenses.

Even though reviews are so positive, I've still got a feeling that I want to see the next Alpha that Sony release.
I think I would rather pay a bit more, for a bit more serious and better built camera.
The reviews go on about how much the 100 is like the Dynax 5D - I played with a 5D and was so disappointed that I didn't like it.
The Alpha 100 was going to be my summer holiday camera this year. I have really gone too far with a compromise this time and bought a Fuji F11 when it was at very low price in Jessops (UK). It does fit in my pocket though. This year there is 0% chance of having sore shoulders from carrying kit all day.

In Topic: New Camera Choices

29 June 2006 - 05:07 PM

My choice would be between the Ricoh Caplio R4; Kodak V610 and Panasonic DMC-TZ1.
I want to like the R4, but too much of a compromise on quality I think.
Just re-read Mark's excellent reviews of the V610 and the TZ1 and I'm gonna go for the TZ1.
I've already played with the TZ1 in a Panasonic shop and I think I was very put off with having no viewfinder - I guess that I'll get used to it. Little clunkier than I wanted as well.
If anyone knows of any other big zoom compacts about to come to market please shout out.

In Topic: Adapter Tubes + Filter For Compact Digital Zooms

21 March 2006 - 03:13 PM

At last I've tried out the polarizer - at slightly misty seaside conditions.
As I suspected the resolution of the viewfinder is not good enough for me to be sure when the polarizer changes the contrast - unless it is just that my eyesite is getting worse. The contrast did seem to ping bluer every now and then, but that might have just been fluctuating light getting in/being blocked at the imperfect viewfinder.
Lens is protected by the UV filter, so not a total waste of money.
Took some good photos though of a good day out, so am not unhappy smile.gif

In Topic: Camera Help

21 March 2006 - 03:04 PM

I've seen wide convertors and I think up to about x3 zoom covertors for the Minolta Zs (check out ebay for some US sellers)
They aren't cheap enough to have as a novelty and quality would suffer.
Might be fun to turn a Z1 in to a telescope, but could you keep the thing still even on a tripod?
You've got such a zoom range already on a camera that can just about fit safely in a jacket pocket, that the hassle of carrying any other gear around would just be annoying.
I've put a filter adapter on my Z3 and to be honest the robustness of the ring on the Z3 is not up to SLR standards and you would not be wanting to swap lenses too often - I think that the fitting would wear quite soon.