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Do Olympus Make Pint Glasses?

31 July 2006 - 07:46 PM

Went into the only UK photographic only chain store at the weekend and asked specifically for a "Fuji 1 Gb XD memory card".
The "helpful" shop assistant retrieved an Olympus 1 Gb from the shelf behind the counter.
So I pointed out that I specifically asked for Fuji.
The lovely man then tried to tell me that the Olympus 1Gb card could hold more than the Fuji 1Gb card.
"How can it?", I asked, "they both have 1 billion bytes of storage", the answer was "because it is a high capacity card".
I then insisted that he sell the Fuji. He tried to keep arguing and in the end told me that the Olympus would hold 300 more photos (and this is for a 6 megapixal Fuji F11).
The Fuji was 3 cheaper as well!
I feel sorry for any uninformed person who would believe such nonsense.
But, if Olympus do make pint glasses, then I'm going to leave one behind the bar at my local pub.

Usb Pen Drive Card Readers For Sd And Xd

28 July 2006 - 09:50 AM

To my utter horror the other day I discovered that the floppy drive with card reader that I had built into my PC does NOT read XD cards!
I've done a lot of searching and there are less options for card readers that do both SD and XD - I need both, SD for my Minolta and XD for my new Fuji.

One solution might be to buy a portable USB drive that allows the insertion of SD or XD memory cards.
This would be useful on holiday to upload photos at an internet cafe and so not worry about losing all my photos by losing the camera, or having it nicked.
Most of the ones that I have seen are unbranded on eBay - there is no way that I am poking a poor quaility USB plug into my PC and shorting out the contacts to blow up the motherboard.
Has anyone noticed any branded drive card readers ?
I see Lexar do a single slot multi card reader - but it is little bit long at 93mm.

Bbc Click Programme Goes Digital This Week

29 April 2006 - 06:54 AM

Just watched this weeks BBC News 24 Click TV programme, this week they've done a really excellent show all about digital cameras.
Mainly useful for new users, but there's a nice bit showing how sensitive SMPD sensors are.
I love it that the programme tells everyone that the optics are more important than the megapixel resolution!

The programme goes out on BBC News 24 this weekend the following times: Sat 20:30, Sun 04:30 & 16:30, Mon 00:30
Or online via the following link http://news.bbc.co.u...s/click_online/
Make sure that the player knows your internet connection speed, otherwise playback will be stuttery.

High Speed Sd Memory Cards

16 February 2006 - 10:22 AM

About to flash my camera to accept 2Gb SD cards and I've just become aware that SD cards can be high speed.
I first saw 66x cards and then saw 155x.
What are these cards n times quicker than?
I've seen one internet review that says that a Minolta Z3 will benefit from a high speed SD card, but without any scientific evidence to back this up.
Is anyone aware of any gumpf that could let me know if there is a maximum speed for cameras? Or will they be capable of writing at the max speed of the memory no matter how fast it gets?
Also, does memory get less accuarate and stable at higher speeds? Maybe have less lifetime number of writes? More battery usage ? Maybe there is no downside to going faster, certainly cost isn't all that much more if you shop around.

Adapter Tubes + Filter For Compact Digital Zooms

16 February 2006 - 10:11 AM

Anyone added an adapter tube to their compact digital so that they can add a UV filter?
I've just ordered one with UV and Polarising filters for my Minolta Z3.
Will probably mean that I've got to buy yet another camera bag.
I've got a horrible feeling that the adapter tube will come into shot on wide angle.
If anyone says that they're interested I can post my impressions of using the gear.