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Photographer Of The Year....

06 May 2006 - 10:25 AM

I have been thinking for a while that while POTW and POTM are a great way to encourage folk to contribute to the site, that there may be other ways for members to get recognition for what are undoubtedly great shots, which seem to get passed over in the standard comps.

For example, as you will probably be aware, I like nature and flower shots, but however good they are, when up against say, landcape, in POTW, it is unlikely they will be voted for. so, what about something like this

Each category, ie 'People' 'landscape' 'macro' or whatever has a Photo of the month comp. Instead of prizes, points are awarded 1-10 (if out of ten shots) for each photo according whatever position the votes place it. at the end of the year, the photographer with the most points in his or her category, wins whatever, bottle of bubbly, sub to something, maybe nothing, just the pleasure of getting the recognition.

This would enable photographers with specific interests to be judged among their peers in a specific area.
Also, it would mean, even if you never actually win POTM in your chosen area if you conistently produced shots which get into the POTM category, you may still overall come higher in the 'ratings' than someone who just puts in one or two good shots in the year overall.

Whadya think, folks, ??????????? or any other workable ideas along similar lines? Feedback much appreciated by you all............. unsure.gif

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