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16 December 2005 - 07:41 PM

Either way you're looking at 6x4.5 unless you go with the Bronica GS-1. Personally, I have had a Mamiya m645 for ten years and I find it very easy to use. It takes great photos and a light meter is a light meter, whether TLR or hand held. It's the photographer that has to make the exposure decisions. For my pursuits, I have now switched to the Mamiya RB67 Pro SD. I looked at the Bronica but one glaring fact stuck out. They're no longer made by Tamron and the longevity of parts (repairs) may be limited. Therefore, I purchased the Mamiya. Mamiya lenses are extremely good, don't know about Bronicas, but, assume they are nearly equal. The main reason I went to the 67 was for a larger neg. 6x4.5 is close to the 35mm format, albeit, larger and therefore better for 11x14 > prints. The 67 is better yet.

My old Mamiya m645 is a workhorse. Great lenses and focusing is not a problem. If available, though, I would suggest a Beattie Intenscreen. For dimly lit interior shots it is much easier and, for my 57 year old eyes, better for ANY shots.

Good Luck...... TCrowe