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Incentive To Contribute

20 March 2006 - 11:50 AM

Hi Mark

I am really enjoying your site. I don't want to be to cheely but I'd like to offer another suggestion which i feel may help to enhance the site.

I would like to upgrade my gallery account but as i live in Indonesia and do not have credit cards this is a problem.
To cater to people like myself, yes I have a selfish motive for this suggestion, Would it be possible to bring in a conributions incentive scheme?
For those who make a certain number of critiques over a month or reasonably long period, an upgrade to maybe 20mb or something.

This would have the benifit of encourageing people to contribute to the critique process and become more involved with other members.

I realise this may create an administrative nightmare as I don't know if the number of critiques per member is readily accessible, so maybe it is not practicle.

If you could suggest some method of payment I would be happy to upgrade through the usual method.

By the way, I love the change to the forum setup.

Best Regards

For Mark

06 March 2006 - 08:45 PM


You may have seen my previous post, subject "image size" It seems that only gazmaster has an opinion on this topic, so maybe it is not an issue for most members.
I am sorry for pushing you like this, but I really feel this needs to be considered. and I don' want to PM you again as I feel that is an intrusion.
The thing is, it is just too hard to give a real evaluation of a 2000 plus resolution image when reduced to 600 pixels. I have seen that most other photography sites that I have visited have larger images and I really believe it would help this site if 800 pixels were allowed, with a file size limit of maybe 250kb or something if server usage is a problem.
Another option would be to faciltate linking from an image hosting site, this does not seem to be a feature of photography sites like this and there may be a valid reason of which I am unaware.
I am a fairly new but active member of your site and I think it is the best photography site I have seen. I will continue to use and support it whatever your decision, but please, if there is a way, increase the allowable image size.


01 March 2006 - 07:51 PM

Are there any moderators in this forum?

If so do you think it would be appropriate for you to remove the porn posts that have been made today or yesterday?
I have noticed 2 just now which appear to just be links to porn sites.

I do not know the policy of this forum on these matters, but it does not seem to be particularly appropriate to the PhotographyBLOG agenda as I understand it.

Any comments anyone?

Image Size

28 February 2006 - 07:50 PM

When viewing the galleries I find it hard to give a critique on some images due to the small 600 x 450 size.

Would it be possible to allow an image size of 800 x 600?

I notice some of the images are over 300kb which seems excessive for such small images and even 200kb is plenty for a quality 800 x x600 image. So server space does not have to be increased, maybe a limit of 200kb would be more useful thatn 600 pixels?

I really feel this would make the galleries much more interesting and may result in more comments, as people would get a much better impression of the images reall attributes, particularly the sharpness of the image.

What do others think of this?


25 February 2006 - 08:05 PM

This post has been editied as I do not wish to cause offense to any members and it seems that someone was not happy with the way I put things.

In respect to that member I have removed the previous post.

My basic purpose for posting this was to try and push a few more people to help out here in the forums as only donmac, tumrumble and a very few others seemed to be offering any help.

I admit I may have been less than sensitive in my original post so I will reephrase it.

Please, all of you with the knowledge and ability, try to see if you can spare a little time even 5 min a week to just check for unanswered questions in the forums.
You can really make a diference to those coming here for help and advice.

It worries me when beginners come here for help and after many days even 1 or 2 weeks have not had any response. The questions are not usually that dificult to answer and I'm sure many of you could offer invaluable advice.
I believe that we do share a responsibility to help others here and in any area of our lives if we have the ability and opportunity to do so.
Many of you may not have the time to do this and that's fine. But those of you who do, please consider becoming a regular "helper" here.