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21 May 2008 - 01:00 PM

Totally agree Viv, when I first joined the Blog I remember biting at someones comment, which put my pic down, but did not offer an explanation for the reason why or offered help for me to improve. This person has never commented on any of my pics since, even though I removed my reply. huh.gif
I also know a few other members, super members who have never once commented on any of my pics even though I comment on theirs regularly and this makes you feel as if you have done something wrong or offended them in some way. ohmy.gif
The reason I have never critisized anyones work is that I am not a pro, nor an expert, I just love photographing wildlife and if I see a shot I like I comment. smile.gif
I find it hard commenting on architecture, portrait or photoshoped images because this is one side of photography I hardly ever delve into, so I can't give a negative comment without understanding what it takes to achieve such shots. unsure.gif

One point I hardly ever make is that the snakes I photograph range from 8 inches to 4 feet in length. If you can catch a long one they are easier to manage, you can hold them gently by the tail and they will calm down allowing you to get your shot. The small ones however are not as easy to control and you have to rely on them staying put. mad.gif
Most of my snake pics are hand held on the floor using a 400mm lens with an extention tube (or 2) to blur the background and give me a closer range, but then I lose the autofocus. Try manually focusing on an adder hand held at 400mm in a gorse bush. Not good. I also have a 100mm macro lens and its hard using this lens with a small snake as they move around quite a lot and I have been bitten in the past by taking my eye off them. A tripod is not practical so in the undergrowth I go trying not to lye on more that could be around.
What I am trying to say is that a lot of shots are given average comments or no comments at all, but if we knew what it took to get that shot we would respect it more. wink.gif
Kelly (Jass) recently posted a pic of a Nightjar, even though the pic was cropped severely and fuzzy, I gave her a good comment because I have only been lucky enough to see one myself in my whole life. sad.gif

I posted some shots of some nesting Peregrines and one of the pics collected 0 comments even though I explaned that these birds are protected and you can not go near their nest sites. I photographed it from the other side of the quarry over 120 metres away. ohmy.gif

If we devulge more info about our shots and what it took to get them, we may get more comments. smile.gif

So come on lazy fingers, stop posting and get typing, or you might end up a Billy no mates...!!! ohmy.gif

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20 May 2008 - 07:41 PM

Hi Viv

I spend a lot of time working away from home and sometimes don't get on the Blog for weeks, but when I do I try and comment as much as possible.
When I upload a photo I look for images that look interesting by their thumbnail because I haven't got time to look at them all, sorry to anyone who I may of passed by, its not intentional, but I have a very busy life and to be honest I am normally on the Blog after my family have gone to bed or have gone out.
I also find it hard commenting on photos, which I feel are OK, but not bubble bursting if I do not undertake the type of photography myself, "don't critisize unless you know what you are critisizing".
I respect all photographers as everyone on this Planet is unique and have their own tastes. I love photographing snake, but some people will not even look at my snake pics as they hate them, thats their choice and I accept it.
I also love dark and moody images, I have a photo of a bluebell wood on my living room wall, so dark that you can hardly see the bluebells and people say "wish it was lighter", but I love it and thats all that matters.

Stay cool. wink.gif

Love the boat ph34r.gif

In Topic: Lens For Canon Rebel Xt

20 May 2008 - 07:29 PM

I have the 18 - 55mm kit lens and have got some really sharp images with it. Pop an extention tube on it and it turns into a great macro lens.

Another lens I have, which gives me excellent results and is as sharp as you like is the 28 - 135mm IS USM. This is a lot of lens for the money, OK its not a L lens, but it hasen't got a L lens price tag.


In Topic: Low Light Speckles

11 May 2008 - 05:35 PM

Thanks Chris

I tried despeckling, but this took the sharpness away from the lightening, I will post a couple in the gallery. Tell me what you think.

Cheers Rob

In Topic: Canon 400d

07 May 2008 - 01:13 PM

I have a 400d and have the same problem, its because the small dot in the middle lights up, not a square or circle like on the 1d.
I use my 400d for wildlife photography so I turn the beep off, this makes it even harder.