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Low Light Speckles

10 May 2008 - 07:51 AM


This is something that I have never done before so please ignore my ignorance, but last night there was a big lightning storm and I managed to get some great lightning shots, BUT when I uploaded the images to my PC there was a huge amount of speckly noise.
It was pitch black, yet my pics were coming out redish, especially the clouds, although through the naked eye they were not, just a little from the lightning.
I set my white balance to auto as I could not find a setting, which helped.

I was shooting on ISO400 for a while then turned it down to ISO100, with shutter speeds ranging from 5 to 30 seconds between f3.5 and f7.1, but they all came out speckly and red.

Can anyone help please?

Speed Light

03 February 2008 - 10:37 AM


I am after a speed light for my Canon 400d. I don't mind if it is second hand, but I am only looking to spend around 100 - 150. dry.gif
Any info on which would be the best buy for me would be appreciated as I am not up on them and would most probably end up buying one that is not compatible. unsure.gif



File Storage

21 January 2008 - 01:06 PM

Hi all

I take all my pics in RAW, convert them to 16bit Tif and then to JPEG if required to. Up until now I had been storing them on my pc at home and it was taking up a serious ammount of space.
So, I bought a Seagate 750GB external hard drive for 119.99 from Maplin and must say, it is the best device I have bought for my photography in a long time.

With 750GB of space, I can leave my pc in peace, for now!

If interested, click on the link below.



How Do I

26 October 2007 - 12:36 PM


My signature has a link to my gallery in it and i need to know how to change it from http:// photo...... (SEE BELOW) to something simpler like, My Gallery.

Please help.


Rob ph34r.gif

Kenko Af Mc7 2x Converter

25 October 2007 - 02:37 PM

Hello ph34r.gif

I have the Kenko Teleplus MC7 2X converter and use it with my Canon EOS 400D.

My question is: I have to manually focus with this lens attached, this is not a problem as i have a small circle that illuminates when the focus is correct, yet all my images come out soft and hazy.
I use it with the Canon 100 - 400mm L Lens on a tripod, so it should be compatible.

Is it me?
Or is it the converter?

Would the Canon 2X converter be the same?

Any help please.

Thanx, Rob ph34r.gif