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In Topic: Printing A Photo On Canvas

31 December 2009 - 10:26 PM

I think it all depends on what type of canvas print you want?

Do you want a high quality one or a cheap naff one?

You get what you pay for really with canvas prints. We can offer medium quality or retail quality. We can also offer dye sublimation for commercial use or we can offer photographic canvas prints.

The difference is 20.00, 50.00 & 100.00

Don't forget acrylic prints as they are pretty cool too.

In Topic: 30"x20" Canvas Prints

31 December 2009 - 10:22 PM

Fifteen quid, twenty eight quid!!!

Not being funny guys, but as a printer and direct importer of canvas and frames - this is not possible.

Sorry, i will rephrase that. That is possible but not great!

That would be the naff polyester canvas and thin fir frames i take it then?

You can actually get them printed for 5 if you order 5000 from china. Blimey what has happened to our printing game. Ebayers, that is what.

The one for 85 sounds about right to me.

In Topic: Want Your Photos On Acrylic ?

31 December 2009 - 10:16 PM

If you are looking for perspex or acrylic prints then try Four Blank Walls. They are the oldest and best known printers of both canvases and perspex. They will also beat any price you get from the competition. Try them out, you have nothing to lose.

In Topic: Printing Onto Perspex

31 December 2009 - 10:13 PM

I think the main thing to remember is that not all acrylic is perspex! Or that not all acrylic prints are equal.

Four Blank Walls have been printing this stuff for 8 years. They were the first company along with acrylicize to start this as an art enterprise. Look up "perspex art" on google and you will find them as no 1 in the natural listings.

There are three main types of perspex printing at the moment.

1) direct printing which requires a white wall behing the artwork.

This is a new kind of printing. This is being sold as a new way to view your art. The reality of it is that most printers are not able to print true white and as a result the companies have invented this "see through the image" thing as a good thing. In reality you just get to see a faded image and the wall.

Even those printers that can print directly to the acrylic and print white are not getting things right. You have two non permeable substrates with no bond except the drying of inks against plastic. If you paint acrylic paints onto a piece of plastic, how long do you think it will last?

2) The second method is close to the correct method but not totally great.

The image is printed on fine art paper such as epson photographic paper. This is then sealed to the reverse of the acrylic using a sheet of double sided glue. This is ok but the glue will turn yellowish in a few years. I know this as i used to print this way and have the prints to prove it.

3) The last way to do this and the only way we have found after 8 years is to reverse mount. This means that the image is printed by a solvent printer (outside inks) and printed onto clear vinyl. This is then put through a roll laminator and white backing or silver backing is added.

You then have a piece of quality acrylic and the prints and you heat seal them togethor making a permanant bond. We sell over 1000 of these each month and are the largest seller of acrylics that we know of. We only ever get them back when they are damaged in transit.

The other problem is that most suppliers of acrylics use extruded acrylic. This is not ideal for printing as it is created differently to cast acrylic. To get cast acrylic for good prices, you have to be buying tonnes of the stuff.

Most also don't use "perspex" brand. They use stuff that comes from China and is not as good.

Don't mean to slag off the competition here but i only know of two other companies apart from Four Blank Walls that are any good and in the season of good will i will give them here.

The first is of course Four Blank Walls
The second is thecanvaslounge
The third is acrylicize. They use a completely different method but it does look ok.

Most of the others are quite new and i doubt would have had the time or experience to state what works and what doesn't. Just my opinion.

In Topic: I Would Like To Buy Canvasses Printer

31 December 2009 - 09:53 PM

I think the above advice is best really. If you are looking to start selling canvas prints or wall art in general then perhaps it would be best to use a reputable company that already has the printer. Printers are very very expensive and you would have to fork out for materials etc.

When printing canvases, you need to have a) the printer, cool.gif the rolls of canvas, c) the inks, d) the frames and all framing supplies, not to mention packaging materials, stretching materials, compressors etc etc etc.

Try someone like Four Blank Walls for canvas prints. They do wholesale prints from about 5.00 and are probably one of the best known out there for resellers.