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alan fearJasminenHoney

Love your personal photo Kelly!....Alan & Ros
Feb 27 2010 01:29 AM


Hey :d Recieved your message... "Thanks!" Appreciated it!!!
Don't mind me... I wrote an update on your capture to Chris... Not impressed at all with his phoniness on ethics.. had a hard time holding back... seeing I thought he was authentic... Time has a way in showing "True Colrs"... :d
Feb 19 2010 05:47 PM


Hey, (smiles)
Anyway of getting into your site for "English" lol
Wanted to leave a comment... but I'll do here instead... Just beautiful captures!!!!
Envious as *"H" :d
Jan 30 2010 07:46 PM


Your info on good lens was very informative.
Can tell you've been birding for awhile! (Smiles)
Dec 09 2009 03:42 PM


YOU NEED PERSONAL STATEMENT... :d... s@#4 I'm tipsy... lol...sorry :d
Nov 27 2009 06:06 PM


"Thanks for your comment, John." :)
Nov 26 2009 05:48 PM

JasminenHoneyRoy Sim

Noticed your in Singapore... a wonderful place! I loved it while we were there... so much to explore, ran out of time there but have the desire to travel there again. Oneday! :d
I loved the Zoo... very special from other Zoo's & I love how they have keep it so natural in style. A ... *A Class Zoo & the animals are kept in very well state.
Nov 21 2009 03:00 PM


Mount Rainer... a exceptional capture & so very "Pleased" that you shaired it with all on the blog. Truly a incrediable/amazing & outstanding capture! One you should hold great pride in. I also would truly recommend that you place it in the Photo of the Month... It already is a "Winner" in my personal view & from the comments & ratings its recieving, I believe i
Oct 31 2009 08:09 PM


Not sure what your take or reasonings are for your low points you've given to ALL members in the comp... but I think you are out of line in your ratings & judgements.
Alot of the images you rated very low are far better than the images I veiwed of yours... but then its your expressions against others veiws... Oh... I never meant to rate your profile... that was a sherr accident with m
Mar 16 2009 06:09 AM


I'm no pro... but I do love nature and due to knowing the area of where your images where taken, that played a big part in my honest opinion. John (Chappo) Alan Fear, Jimmy Edwards, Bridget, Kennp, and Nigel oh & Vab (Viv) are by far better photographers than me :) All one needs to do is ask on this blog for help & you shall find, most respond. Hope this helps... (smiles)
Jun 26 2008 05:26 PM