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In Topic: Recommend A Printer For Canvas?

29 July 2007 - 12:09 AM


My experience show printers are costly to run and very expensive to repair (the top ones that is) Get them done by a good company.... I know where?????? Im sure there are many but findind the right one can be costly in trial and error.

I use digitalmoods (just google it) they are Uk based and the prices they quote are the prices you pay no hidden extras either. The P&P to uk address is incorportaed into this price too....FAB for me and there work is top i really can fault them.... i resold some prints back on ebay for a tidy sum and got great comments on the printing... hsame it was not the images lol


Ive just found digitalmoods price for 24x36 rolled pigment inks too. 30 inc P&P.