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20 October 2007 - 11:20 PM

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Hi... How are you, friends?

Accidentally I've formatted my 4GB sd card in windows: my operation system is XP Professional Edition, service pack 2.
Now, when I use the card, my digital camera doesn't recognize the memory and appears message to format the card. When I press OK, another message: CHECK SD CARD.

Some days Later, I formatted again, first in FAT and today in FAT16. My windows reads normally the card, but my digital camera.......

What can I do to recoup my card to use in my digital camera?

Thanks for your usually attention.

It sounds the obvious answer ......Have you tried formatting it in your camera?.....................

Ok, Yes: in my camera, when I put the card appears the format option: but when I press OK, see the message: CHECK SD CARD. My camera can't format the SD CARD. Is there another way to recoup my card?