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Last Comment by saatyaki - Posted Date: Thu February 25, 2016 9:55am [ Post a Comment

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Gunturu Seshendra Sarma, the well-known poet, critic and scholar of unfathomable depth, has to his credit quite a number of books in Telugu as well as English. A keen intellect and a lucid exponent of the intricacies in Samskrit literature, the author brought out a treatise on Ramayana. The book also reveals the symbolism in our epics and shows the spirit behind.

According to the author, Sage Valmiki has observed Ramayana as though it is a story of a dynasty in its outward appearance. But when the story part is kept aside, the hidden secrets of the Mantrasastra come out. Valmiki’s Ramayana is full of Vedic literature, language and usages. Ramayana can be appreciated from three angles. The poetic beauty, the historicity and the secret meaning of mother Parasakti. Later Upanishads have taken Valmiki Ramayana as the way to the Mantrasastra. Rama’s wife Sita is considered as Parasakti. In Devi Bhagavatham Sita is described as Goddess Gayatri. The author has taken unusual pains and quoted Vedic dictations which are literally taken by Valmiki in his Ramayana. Thus it has been a product of Vedas and the usages in Ramayana and the words used therein and the similies adopted by Valmiki speak inexplicably the secret of Mother Lalita in his stories.

The author has given and attached a very great significance for Sundarakanda in Ramayana. The author has quoted numerous quotations from Smrithis and Srithis to establish that Sundara­kanda is beautiful because Anjaneya the Jeeva has seen Sita the Parasakti. Hence this canto is so styled as Sundara. According to the author “Sita” means “Kundalini.” Hanuman has seen Sita while she was sitting on the ground. Ground means Earth. Earth denotes Mooladharam. The serpent Kundalini stays in this. Thus it is symbolised as Sita sat on the ground. Hanuman the Yogi has the vision of Kundalini in Sita. With the aid of Ida and Pingala, Kundalini travels in Sushumna through spinal cord crossing the six fluxes, and finally reaching Sahasraram. This again speaks of “Shodasi.” Rama is a beautiful man. He is having a Sundari in Sita (a beautiful woman). The descriptions are beautiful in this canto. Thus it is synonymous with “Soundarya­lahari” of Sankaracharya.

The author expressed that Mahabharata is a reflection of Ramayana in all the cause, origin and delivery. Innumerable similarities are quoted from both Valmiki and Vyasa to prove that the usages, style and similies are almost similar in both the epics. He compares Vyasa’s “Nalacharitam” with Sundarakanda of Valmiki in the vision of Srividya.

The author further argues that Kalidasa’s “Meghasandesam” is only an imitation of Valmiki. The flight of Anjaneya in search of Sita is the basis for Kalidasa’s “Meghasandesam.” Both Sita and the Yaksha’s wife are described as “Syamas” – meaning in the middle of youth. The duration of separation is one year in both the cases. Ultimately the author said that “Meghasandesam” is the offspring of Ramayana, with yearning to see Parasakti.

The author has taken the readers in his book to that sublime beauty where there is no further argument, than to enjoy the flow of citations with their intrinsic meaning and full of scientific vision. His unsurpassed knowledge in Mantrasastra has enabled him to pass dictums vivisecting the symbolic mysticisms into splinters and handing the kernel of truth under each word, usage, and application. He deserves all praise for this meritorious contribution to our literature.
- Triveni\journa

Ramayana, a replica of Vedas
There are several versions of the Sri Ramayana, one of the two greatest epics. Following Sri Valmiki Ramayana several editions have been published in various languages, besides scores of commentaries written across centuries. Late. Gunturu Seshendra Sharma, scholar poet of 20th Century unearthed secrets of the Ramayana through his popular Telugu book “Shodasi”.
The novelty of nomenclature Shodasi , called Sri Vidya is reflected , in the 16th Chapter . Sharma’s intellectual depth comes forth in analyzing Sundara Kanda specially through Kundalini Yoga . The author highlights hidden truth in Valmiki’s thought that is similar to Vedas and says that Trijata’s dream in Sundara Kanda reflects Gayatri Mantra of 32 Syllabi in 4 lines. Sharma pays rich encomiums in the description of Lanka surrounded by three impregnable borders. He compares these three borders with Trikuta viz... Shakti , Kaamaraaja , Vagbhava Kutas with those of Sri Vidya in Kundalini . A staunch believer of Vedas, the author feels that Ramayana is a replica of Vedas and oriented towards the character of Indra . He concludes that in Ramayana the mentioning of the supreme God is Indra and not Vishnu, as the presiding deity of valour in Vedas. Utterances of the word Vishnu were considered to be imaginary overstatements in the author’s view.
This book lends a new perspective to the Ramayana by adding the dimension of Kundalini Yoga .
The foreword by Vishwanatha Satyanarayana adds credibility to the book. The current work is an English translation of the original by Gurujada Suryanarayana Murthy , a scientist by profession . His proficiency in the subject is evident in the translation throughout that doesn’t swerve from the original’s purport.
The Hindu
(Friday Review: 2nd October 2015)
Photo Details: "Shodasi :Secrets of the Ramayana" by saatyaki - Posted Date: Fri May 17, 2013 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by Jelrocks - Posted Date: Fri November 20, 2015 1:26pm [ Post a Comment

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Photo Details: "Grey Horse" by Amandart - Posted Date: Sun November 1, 2015 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by brian747 - Posted Date: Wed November 18, 2015 4:27pm [ Post a Comment

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Love your phto I one Day to take as good Brian Jones
Photo Details: "wisley water meditations - jenny meehan" by - Posted Date: Sun October 25, 2015 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by fungus2 - Posted Date: Tue November 3, 2015 8:42pm [ Post a Comment

Dimensions: 445 x 670

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Thank you!
Photo Details: "Night lamp and road sign" by fungus2 - Posted Date: Thu October 8, 2015 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by Amandart - Posted Date: Sun November 1, 2015 4:43am [ Post a Comment

Dimensions: 601 x 800

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Thumbs Up!
Photo Details: "Crystal reflections.." by jeb - Posted Date: Fri November 25, 2011 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by Amandart - Posted Date: Sun November 1, 2015 4:41am [ Post a Comment

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Superb photo. I have always enjoyed your photos.
Thumbs Up!
Photo Details: "Female Meganzer" by Del - Posted Date: Tue October 27, 2015 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by Del - Posted Date: Tue October 27, 2015 10:22pm [ Post a Comment

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This is for all the members that joined in 2006 Big D (Dilwyn Williams)
Photo Details: "DSC_3968" by Del - Posted Date: Tue October 27, 2015 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by - Posted Date: Sun October 25, 2015 9:57am [ Post a Comment

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everything is just right about this!
Photo Details: "View of Charles bridge-2" by fungus2 - Posted Date: Sat August 29, 2015 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by - Posted Date: Sun October 25, 2015 9:54am [ Post a Comment

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really love this!
Photo Details: "" For Maggi"" by ripper - Posted Date: Fri March 26, 2010 - Rating: n/a

Last Comment by - Posted Date: Sun October 25, 2015 9:53am [ Post a Comment

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zinging with colour!
Photo Details: "Colourfull." by ozzy53 - Posted Date: Thu October 8, 2015 - Rating: n/a

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