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AlbumPro 2 is a new program that makes the creation of albums faster, more efficient and comfortable. Simplifying the design workflow through partly automated processes such as a template selector or the export function, the software is easy to use and comes with several integrated layout presets. A demo version is available at the website below.


Albumpro Press Release

Good reasons for AlbumPro 2

With the new software AlbumPro 2, the design and creation of albums has become fast, efficient and comfortable: AlbumPro 2 simplifies the process and ensures a smooth run-through thanks to many amenities, and all within the familiar surroundings of the Adobe Creative Suite.

AlbumPro 2 can be employed for plenty of occasions when an album is required (for weddings, confirmation, baptisms or any other event). The small amount of time getting used to the software makes this a specifically interesting tool.

The time saving during the album design is considerable with part-automatic processes, such as the template selector or the export function. Despite the short workflows, the user is guaranteed to obtain a professional, perfect result with exact spacing between images, a unique-looking style as well as exact proportions provided by the album creator.

The export option can be chosen freely, whether it is to be a printed album, to be exported for the internet (own homepage or Facebook) or to be viewed on iPhone/iPad.

´No photographer or designer should be without AlbumPro 2 as a tool´, explains Jürgen Mayr, Founder and Developer of AlbumPro 2.´The detailed functions are easy to use and especially with the export option, we have integrated some of the layout samples from some album producers; optional we can release further producers and make them available quickly and free of charge.

´In addition, we give informative talks and instructions around the clock, to introduce the program in-depth to all new users and offer solutions to any difficulties or issues.´

AlbumPro 2 can now be tested free of charge: the demo version allows testing AlbumPro 2 for up to 250 function steps, which is sufficient for the design of up to three complete albums.

For more information and for downloading the demo version, please visit

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#1 Dave

This site is full of Malware. Would be very interested in having a look though if they can sort it out....

8:00 am - Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#2 RTFarT

Photography BLOG should withdraw this item until the malware problem is sorted. I tried to go to the site but, fortunately, got warned off before I could get to it.

1:01 pm - Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#3 Juergen

i am the owner of AlbumPro. Tonight (german time) about 30 minutes after the posting here the site got hacked. Looked like someone expected a lot of clicks:(
Well, the backup is restored and the site is safe no. A security company is examing the backups and the logfiles to find the weak spot.
Thank you for the information and sorry for the trouble. It will take a day or two before google removes the warning.
If you have had trouble accessing the site, send me an email at support @ album - pro . com and i ll make you a nice offer for the software as a tiny little excuse from my site.


3:23 pm - Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#4 Banti Album Proofing

Just curious. If I'm already paying for Creative Cloud, why wouldn't I use InDesign for album design?

5:36 pm - Saturday, May 25, 2013