AppCam OS-I & OS-II

March 19, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Software | Comment | |

German software developer Jürgen Habenstein has devised two new operating systems for digital cameras. Both AppCam OS-I and AppCam OS-II are aimed at making cameras more intuitive and easy to use, without the need to delve into complicated and long-winded menu systems. How viable the idea will prove in the marketplace remains to be seen. The implementation of AppCam OS-I would require manufacturers to adopt a new control layout comprising a large Home button, a capacitive touch-screen with gesture support and no less than six rear-mounted control wheels. This would allow advanced compact camera owners to get to their most often used settings quickly, and customise their cameras to their tastes. AppCam OS-II, on the other hand, has been developed for dSLRs, and is ready to be integrated into existing hardware configurations relying on established control layouts. Click through / scroll down for a video demonstrating the AppCam OS-I concept.

Website: AppCam

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