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The Photographic Museum of Humanity has announced a new online exhibition entitled “Around the War.” Featuring the works of Rodrigo Abd (2013 Pulitzer Prize winner), Fabio Bucciarelli (2013 Robert Capa Gold Medal winner) and Alessio Romenzi (2013 World Press Photo winner) among others, Around the War is an "intimate and social view" on the effects of war, depicted without a hint of the explicitness typical of conflict zone photography. The exhibition consists of five online galleries, which will be accessible until 9 June 2013 at the website below.

Website: Photographic Museum of Humanity

Photographic Museum of Humanity Press Release

May 6th, 2013: Photographic Museum of Humanity presents “Around the war” its 4th online exhibition featuring the works of Rodrigo Abd (2013 Pulitzer Prize winner), Fabio Bucciarelli (2013 Robert Capa Gold Medal winner) and Alessio Romenzi (2013 World Press Photo winner) among others, with a special introduction by acclaimed author and war journalist Jon Lee Anderson.

“Around the war” is an intimate and social view on the war effects, depicted without a hint of the explicitness typical of conflicts. The Museum Curators intention is not to focus on the war itself, but to show the life of the people that are living in a conflict zone, trying to bring the public closer to what those people experience. As Jon Lee Anderson writes, the exhibition allows you “to see war through its inhabitants’ lives rather than the muzzle flashes of its perpetrators and the smoke rising from their bombs”.

The feeling that something is about to explode is what best describes "Around the War" and its five galleries that will be online until June 9th, 2013 when a new museum exhibition will be presented. Following is the exhibition detailed program.


May 5th to June 9th 2013 | www.photographicmuseum/museum

GallerY I:  "Guatemalan 21st Century Souls"
by Rodrigo Abd

War photojournalist Rodrigo Abd, recently awarded with the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, presents his other side as a photographer. With these black and white portraits, he deepens into Guatemala's society after 36 years of a civil war that left a strong mark in the population.

Gallery II: "Guns"
By Ananké Asseff & Luis Cobelo

What does it mean to own a gun? This visual dialogue between two photographers and their works - one realized in Argentina, the other in USA - wonders about it and shows a latent state of violence in the deepest intimacy of our society.

gallery III: "Remaining"

A fresh and original work awarded by a jury presided by Martin Parr as the PMH 2013 Grant Winner. With “Remaining”, Caner portrays the survivors of the current Syrian civil war and lets them be protagonist putting together their feelings and thoughts over the images.

gallery IV: "Syrians Intimate"

by Fabio Bucciarelli, Matilde Gattoni, Giulio Piscitelli, Alessio Romenzi

A look into the deep intimacy of Syrians that keep trying to have a life while the civil war is happening outside. Four great photographers put the focus on the life of the civilians and in the places they live, offering us a picture we barely see in the media.

gallery V: "Russian Cossacks Patrol"
by Denis Tarasov

When or where the war begins? Denis Tarasov goes to the beginning and explores how some of the youngest people in Russia absorb the war culture since their childhood.

May 5th to June 9th 2013 | www.photographicmuseum/museum


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