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Microsoft has announced its new Bing Photo Contest. The competition kicks off on 29 June and runs until late July. The winning photo will be featured on the home page of Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, in early August. The contest will be implemented through the Bing Photo Sharing Facebook application. As always, make sure to read the rules before you enter.

Website: Photo Contest Details

Microsoft News Alert

Got a great summer travel photograph? Microsoft wants to feature the best summer travel photograph on the home page of its new decision engine – Bing.

On Monday, June 29, we’re kicking off the Bing Photo Contest. Themed “summer travel,” the contest will be implemented through the Bing Photo Sharing Facebook application, where contestants can submit and vote on photos. It runs until late July, when the winner will be announced. The winner will receive the prize of his or her winning photo featured on the Bing home page in early August, exposing the talented photographer and winning photo to the millions of daily visitors. We’re running this contest on Facebook so contestants have an easy way to actively and passively recruit their friends to vote for their photo.

Go to for more contest details. Get your cameras out, start shooting, and submit your photos starting on June 29!

Photograph Criteria for Bing Photo Contest

  * Theme: Summer Travel
  * Format: JPG only
  * Dimensions: minimum of 970x528px
  * Orientation: horizontal
  * Resolution: at least 1MB
  * No watermark, signature or photographer name can be included in the image file.  The photographer credit will be added to the page separately.

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#1 Beware

For everyone's consideration:

From Microsoft's Rules:

-By submitting your photograph you grant Microsoft Corporation and its affiliates (collectively, "Microsoft") an unlimited, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, nonexclusive right and license to use, reproduce, publish, modify, perform and display the image on the webpage or any replacement or successor to such web page, and in any marketing or advertising of any kind related thereto, in any medium now known or later developed.

-Microsoft will not pay you any compensation for your photograph or any use we may make of it.

It cant get any plainer than that... Why would you give them your photo, when they state obviously 'that money is considered a compensation'!
Please for the respect of all working photographers, whom earn their living and help companies with large sums of profit, like Microsoft, don't enter this competition and pass on your disgust.

Thank you Photography Blog for stating in your competitions, "please read the rules", and thank you to those that care about photographers as workers.

2:50 pm - Friday, June 26, 2009

#2 Scotch

Thanks for pointing that out. So basically MS (and its affiliates) can use every image entered on the webpage "and in any marketing or advertising of any kind related thereto, in any medium now known or later developed".

Nice easy way of getting thousands of free images to use virtually as you please.

All photographers, amateur or professional, should avoid this competition and tell others about the potential exploitation here.

3:22 pm - Friday, June 26, 2009

#3 alaric

It doesn't even clearly state what the prize is! Unfair rules. Unimpressive reward.

2:52 am - Saturday, June 27, 2009

#4 Bing Wallpaper

If you like bing photos, check out You'll see photos of worldwide sites and all old bing photos.

10:08 pm - Monday, August 3, 2009

#5 shiuli

I saw 3 awarded photos on the Airasia travel magazine, and there they had printed the rewards of 3 nights stay for 2 in Switzerland. Which actually motivated me, to read on regarding the photo contest, but if the disclaimers say they have the whole right on the photos and no carrot given to the photographer, that’s a one sided deal for Microsoft. If you are rehashing on the rules, would be interested as I am frequent flyer and see through the camera and lenses only.

4:52 am - Monday, April 19, 2010

#6 Dave

well for starters i have been submitting photos and great all were being accepted and then all of a sudden alllllllll and i mean all were al of a sudden being refused and i wrote them there and my answer was we had to delete them because they were same photos angle shots etc etc and flowers and yet and i mean there are somw awesome shots out there i`m only an amateur photographer and in saying this alot of my photos were getting alot of votes then all of a sudden they are gone when i e-mailed them 1 photo came back and the excuse was do you have the name of it well of course i didnt remember it and so this continued to happen and so i just quit sending them. and nothing to the latest letter i did write them this was sent 2 times today and 2 yesterday and thus far no reply as i can clearly see and if you would take the time to have a look at other provinces you will clearly see same duplicate photos there jealous no i am not but i feel that the rules should be the same for all not some!!! as far as i`m concerned i`m calling this contest foul!! right from the sence of the word i tried this for the heck of it it was a phoro of the war vets museum and they refused it and trust me it was 110% perfect cropped to the standard right size you name it and they refused it and so i gave it to my son same exact photo 20 minutes later accepted??? i really dont get this and now everything i have is refused period i was just wondering if i have any recourse as to what i can do because this contest is not whatsoever being played on a fair basis come and have a look at some of my photos in halifax my name is dave thats all i will say because if i said my last name or anything else i would be right out i`m sure but i had a awesome photo of the public gardens and it was there accepted up for 5 days and poof gone??? wierd and all of a sudden all types of flowers all provinces and mine all gone???? anyway in saying this i believe people should ban together and call this contest foul from the start and one more thing before i quit babblying i did not get the official notice of this contest (( bing )) until june 3rd /2010 when in fact it started may 22 i believe so i mean look at the head start all others had really this makes me sick and something should be done here and as far as i`m concerned i will be going google because i believe at least they play fair not offering them any brownie points but i mean i thought msn/bing was awesome at one time and wouldnt go anywhere else but i`m having my doubts and maybe i needed this to wake me up..
so thanks and any suggestions get back to me on here or drop me a line
like i said i`m in halifax so drop by and have a look only 3 days left and dont vote just let me know what you think of my photos always good to hear from an expert as i do see i have a gift for photography and something i find so good i feel my gift is strictly from the lord amen!!!!
thanks folks and may all your photos be the one people stop and say is this real i`m there....
bye for now

4:11 am - Sunday, June 20, 2010

#7 Krunal Panchbhaya

I am late.. but I wanted to participate.. What is the way out?????

3:00 am - Thursday, October 17, 2013