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Following the success of its iOS, MacOS and Android compatible versions, CamRanger has now added support for Windows 7 and 8 Pro. CamRanger is a stand-alone device that connects to select Canon or Nikon DLSR cameras with a provided USB cable to create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network that your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch can then log on to. Together with the associated apps, CamRanger allows users to control their cameras and remotely see the live view feed when their camera is placed in remote locations. Currently in beta, the Windows app can be downloaded from the CamRanger website.

Website: CamRanger

Camranger Press Release

CamRanger extends its wireless tethering, Live view and Wireless Camera control to both Android and Windows devices.

Android users can now take control of CamRanger devices using the free App that can be downloaded from the Google Play store to get a Live View capability, 150ft range and the huge level of control over Canon or Nikon Live View DSLR cameras when using a CamRanger.

Until recently the capabilities of Camranger have only been available to photographers through their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices and the beta version for Mac OSX, however the same CamRanger devices can now be controlled through Android Phones and Tablets using the beta Android App which can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store.

Windows 7 & 8 Pro users can also download a beta App for their devices at giving compatibility for CamRanger over most current mobile and Tablet platforms.

This was a natural step in extending the compatibility for the creators of CamRanger and their continued development program, which has seen a number of added features and benefits added to CamRangers capabilities, all of which can be accesses by existing customers simply by downloading the latest App update.

The CamRanger has a wireless range of up to 150ft for wireless tethering for photography and video monitoring and control, with an amazing feature set including touch to focus, aperture and shutter control, time lapse, focus stacking and HDR automation, as well as a Client view capability for studio and event photography. CamRanger operates on a rechargeable and replaceable battery and can be recharged by any micro USB cable or USB AC adapter.

CamRanger devices are available from UK stockists for £269.99. The software app to control CamRanger devices is available as follows:
iOS:  iPad 1 and newer (including iPad mini), iPhone 3GS and newer, and iPod Touch 3rd generation and newer (free download at the iTunes store)

Android (beta):  3.2 software and up (free download at the Google Play store)
Mac OSX: 10.7 and 10.8 OS (download at
Windows (beta): Windows 7 and 8 OS (in beta, download at

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#1 La Jolla Wedding

great gadget!

2:35 am - Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#2 paul harrison

I'm ordering one right now! I have multiple teams doing live green screen photography and video at events all over the world and wireless connectivity is our biggest problem. We need the images to go straight to our Alienware or MacBook laptops so we can green screen and print. Quickly!

There are multiple ways to view images on IOS and android like eyefi, Nikon's own WU-1a and 1b, plus many cameras from Canon and Samsung have their own wifi built in. But these are only really for previewing thumbnails or you need to switch to the wifi mode to download anything, that's too slow for us as we have big queues when we are producing instant green screen photos.

It's almost impossible to find anything that works with a laptop or Macbook. Automatically downloading everything we shoot is essential for us, we can get through 200 framed photographs in an hour easily, the record is actually 355 in 40 minutes!

I use a Nikon D4 and the WT5 works well, but you need a hub really to get around congested networks at big events. The WT-5 costs nearly £600 as well!

We've just received a load of Nikon D600 cameras for the teams to use as we prefer full frame cameras, but the WT-5 isn't supported.

Nor is the older belt mounted WT-4 which we were hoping to use as we have lots of those. They only last two hours on a charge though so you always need a spare battery on charge.

We were struggling using eye-fi cards. They work but don't have much power probably stifled by the metal frames on the D600 and are easily overpowered by nearby networks in direct mode or even when we use pocket mifi hubs. So we end up swapping cards, or tethered, so slow and old fashioned. And it wrecks the eye-fi cards, they are quite fragile.

So I've brought one in to test and will let anyone who is interested know how it goes. We also use Mac's, Android and iPads depending on whether we are working for Microsoft, Samsung or Apple for example so have no loyalties, we just want something that works. Why Nikon and Canon can't go down this route no-one understands, one solution that fits all their cameras would be perfect. I'll put results on my blog at is anyone is interested, cheers, Paul.

10:46 pm - Wednesday, August 7, 2013