Canon Digital IXUS 70 Review

April 13, 2007 | Mark Goldstein | PhotographyBLOG | 5 Comments | |

Canon Digital IXUS 70The new Canon Digital IXUS 70 compact digital camera (also known as the Powershot SD1000) was first announced just before the PMA show in early March. Measuring just 19.4mm deep, the new IXUS 70 is Canon’s slimmest digital camera ever, and it also weighs just 125gms and fits in the palm of your hand. Headline features of the IXUS 70 include a 7 megapixel sensor, 2.5 inch LCD screen, 3x optical zoom lens and Face Detection. Based on the design of the original IXUS cameras, I find out if the Canon Digital IXUS 70 is the perfect fusion of retro styling and modern technologies.

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#1 Tim

Recently bought the IXUS 70 from my local Camera shops website, despite getting a dud one initially I posted it back and recieved a new one in a couple of days. This didn't put me off at all and as a previous owner of the very first Ixus this 70 is absolutely fantasic.

I use it mostly as a records camera as a work as a photographer myself, using the the EOS 30D as my main camera. I must say with the ease of use of the IXUS 70 and the quality of the chip I've taken some fantastic photos on it myself and would definately recommend it as possibly the point and shoot I've ever used.

I know my camera shop would want me to pass on a recommendation so here you go Chris!...

11:38 am - Friday, April 13, 2007

#2 Troy

This camera is great. I've owned more then a few Canon cams.. from this one, old ones, to the pro-level. For this small camera, it does a GREAT job of processing, and making good pictures, easy. It's a good looking, good feeling, easy to use point and shoot cam that I always have on had. The new eye fi SD card makes sure each pic I take is uploaded to flicker and on my computer without wires or any effort on myhalf.. it's magic, and the camera is great also. Love the retro look and great things it can do.

12:20 am - Tuesday, November 13, 2007

#3 EM

I think that this review has a 'paid for' tone. I don't think it does justice to some of the more important features of the camera, and instead details a lot of features which are more gimmicky than functional. I don't think that there are any gimmicks on this camera that can't be done in photoshop during processing.e.g. Red eye, colour filtering etc. etc.
Some of the features that SHOULD be emphasised are the REALLY FAST focus, the excellent and very close-up macro mode, and even the ability to make a movie in macro mode. The review does make a number of good observations, but... gimmicks are gimmicks, I want to know about the physical abilities, not the processing ones that I can get out of photoshop anyhow!

3:10 am - Friday, December 21, 2007

#4 Aung Ba Nyo

I looked for Canon IXUS 70 User's Guide (Instruction manual) in English to download. But I didn't find it.

Someone can help me!

10:08 pm - Sunday, December 30, 2007

#5 pianoforte


the review over the canon ixus 70 is very interesting! I bought me the camera this days and she makes really good pictures!
The colors and sharpness are very good, the camera is quiet small and stylish!

best from germany

12:58 pm - Monday, January 28, 2008