Canon EOS 7D Firmware v2 Now Available

August 7, 2012 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Digital SLR Cameras | 18 Comments | |
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The previously announced Canon EOS 7D firmware update is now available to download. Version 2 adds “powerful memory management algorithms” that allow the camera’s buffer to accommodate up to 25 raw files, adds in-camera raw file editing, image rating and JPEG resizing, customisable auto ISO, manual audio level adjustment in movie recording, compatibility with the GP-E2 GPS unit, file name customisation and faster scrolling of magnified images in playback. You can download the firmware upgrade from the website below.

Website: Canon UK

Canon Press Release

Enhanced with you in mind– Canon EOS 7D firmware v2 now available

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 7th August 2012 – Canon today announces that the EOS 7D firmware v2 is now available, adding a range of new benefits and functionality for enthusiasts looking to explore the creative boundaries of their photography. Following direct user feedback from photographers around the world, the new firmware further extends to the camera’s advanced image quality, high speed shooting and creative functionality.

Firmware v2 now offers greater control of image settings and functionality, including a higher maximum RAW burst rate, now up to 25 RAW files or 130 JPEGs. Giving photographers greater control over images directly after capture, a new range of in-camera editing functions includes processing of RAW files, as well as the ability to easily adjust white balance, sharpness and Picture Style.  Enhanced control over Auto ISO levels during both still and movie shooting now allows users to limit ISO speeds to within the native ISO 400-6,400 range, perfect for manipulating exposure in different situations.

During movie shooting, amateur videographers will also benefit from new manual control of audio levels, with the ability to choose from 64 different sound levels. New compatibility with Canon’s high-performance GPS unit, the GP-E2, enables photographers to track the locations of their images using longitude, latitude and altitude geo-tagging.

Firmware v2 is available to download now from:

Canon EOS 7D firmware v2 – new features:
Improved maximum burst for RAW images (up to 25)
In-camera RAW image editing
In-camera Image Rating
In-camera JPEG resizing
Maximum Auto ISO setting (ISO 400-6400)
Manual audio level adjustment in movie recording
GPS compatibility
File name customisation
Time zone settings
Faster scrolling of magnified images
Quick control screen during playback

Canon EOS 7D – Key features:
18MP APS-C CMOS sensor
Up to 8fps shooting
ISO range up to 12800
Approx. 100% Viewfinder
19 cross-type AF points
iFCL metering system
Dual “DIGIC 4” processing
Full HD movie recording
Integrated Speedlite Transmitter
3’’ Clear View LCD
Magnesium alloy body with environmental protection

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#1 Frank

Installed tonight without any issues. The biggest thing for me is the higher burst for Raw and I shoot allot of action. It also seems to right to the compact flash card a bit quicker. I use 1000x cards so there fast anyway but any extra speed is great.

4:47 am - Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#2 rOn

Installation went fine but downloading the images with "EOS Utility" I got a crash of the software on the PC
The images could be seen once browsing via the file system and manually copying them... (BTW, done it after formatting the CF card, haven't tried to d/l before that)

anyone else?

9:48 pm - Thursday, August 9, 2012

#3 Frank

I also formated my CF card before putting the file on. Don't think you need to but made me feel a bit better to do so. Ran some more test and so far not a single problem and loving a few of the new features.

10:22 pm - Thursday, August 9, 2012

#4 Ali

The changes seem huge and I can't wait to upgrade mine. But I have a feeling I should wait before it's further tested and debugged. It's usually the case with such improvements, what you should be looking for is not the xx update but xx.0.1 or xx.1

4:00 pm - Friday, August 10, 2012

#5 rOn

Problem solved by installing an updated version of the software from here for example

But still, I had a critical shooting day and at the end of it I open the card via the file system and CR2 files where not displayed... scary thing

11:03 pm - Friday, August 10, 2012

#6 saviour

Has anyone noticed any under exposure issues after the update??? Especially while using external flash with ETTL

3:03 pm - Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#7 Robert

Loaded and all was fine. Did some night photography and noticed the sensor is a lot more senative to ISO settings than before. had to be very carful not to totally overexpose in a very dark situation.

2:01 pm - Friday, August 24, 2012

#8 Henry Neeser

Issues with EOS Utility are still on my system. I can't use remote shooting, and there is no use for the EOS utility, is is corrupt, and I'm at a loss for a fix. I'm in communication with Canon and still have not been able to fix the problems.

2:37 pm - Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#9 Wiek van Lieshout

Yes I have. 1 to 2 stops underexposed. It seems to me that I have expose to the right to get a good image.

9:30 am - Sunday, October 21, 2012

#10 Ali

Like I said before, this version must be - and is - buggy. There's an update out. It's v2.0.3
I haven't installed it yet, I'll let you know if I had problems with it

10:03 am - Sunday, October 21, 2012

#11 Henry Neeser

Im responding to my own enry #8 above. I have fixed the problem, everything is working properly. The problem was in the device driver window of my laptop. there was an exclamation warning on the EOS7D icon, and by right clicking on it and "uninstal EOS7D" then a window comes up and asks to verify unintalling with a warning that it will no longer be able to be used, click the "YES" box and the a window that states EOS7D has been uninstalled. All you have to do after is plug your caera back into the computers USB port and turn it on, and it becomes normal again. Canon also has severa updated features on their site for the EOS Solutions software, I highly reccommend updating all that software too. Best of Luck.

2:50 pm - Sunday, October 21, 2012

#12 Wiek van Lieshout


V2.0.3. seems to buggy to. On another forum ( someone mentions a huge AF problem. So I wait untill till is solved before upgrading again.
B.t.w. it seems not possible to backgrade to a V1 version of the firmware. And if that should be possible I cannot find this version (V1.2.5). It is not on the regular Canon site. Does anyone have suggestions?
Thanks in advance

11:21 am - Monday, October 22, 2012

#13 Ali

Thanks Henry and Wiek,
Wiek, I am not 100% sure but I guess it's not possible to downgrade to v1 once you've moved to v2. (maybe i read it somewhere, I don't know)

1:06 pm - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#14 Wiek van Lieshout


that is what I read too. On the Canon service site:

3:25 pm - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#15 Wiek van Lieshout


it occured to me that the site I just linked was in Dutch..... Sorry about that.

3:28 pm - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#16 Weik

I translated the page using Google translate
But it was about 2.0.3 being a fix to 2.0. Right?

11:14 pm - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#17 Wiek van Lieshout

Indeed. about 2.0.3.

12:33 pm - Thursday, October 25, 2012

#18 Wiek van Lieshout


I found the old version of firmware for Canon 7D It is on

Upgrading only by EOS utility. I tried it and it works. You can compare the two versions. I found that V2.0.3 does not differ from V1.2.5. At least not in exposure times. Focusing is not a problem either. I tested it with and without an external flash.

Regards, Wiek :)

8:09 am - Wednesday, November 7, 2012