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Casio has launched the Exilim EX-TR150 digital compact camera, which features a rotating monitor, a special “Make-up mode”, 12.1-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor and a 21mm equivalent lens. Also boasting a high-speed auto focus system that is claimed to lock on the subject in 0.15 second, the Casio EX-TR150 comes with a stylus which, in combination with the camera’s Decoration Function, allows users to clip elements from any photo to paste into another image. Thanks to its variable frame design, the Casio EX-TR150 can adapt to fit the user’s preferred shooting style or to help them capture an image from just about any angle or in any environment. The Make-up mode applies effects to smooth skin and soften facial shadows caused by harsh light, while the on-board Slide Panorama mode makes it easier to take panoramic photos. Pricing to be confirmed.

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Casio Press Release

Casio Releases Freestyle Digital Camera Superb for Creating Artsy Self-Portraits

Rotating Monitor and Frame for Totally Flexible Shooting Style,
Make-up Mode Ensures Every Face Looks Great

TOKYO, March 16 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of the EX-TR150, that latest addition to the EXILIM® family of digital cameras. The innovative EX-TR150 with rotating monitor and frame comes with Casio’s Make-up Mode to ensure that every face in every photo looks beautiful.

Last year, Casio released the EX-TR100, a freestyle camera with a variable frame design comprising a frame that rotates 360 degrees around the lens and a monitor that rotates through 270 degrees. The rotating monitor lets users take great self-portraits while holding the camera themselves, and the 21 mm wide-angle lens ensures that group shots including the photo-taker can be taken. In addition, the Motion Shutter function takes a photo whenever movement of the subject is sensed, allowing the user to take self-portraits from a distance. These and other features made it easier than ever before to create beautiful, freestyle self-portraits, a capability that has been especially fun for young women.

The new EX-TR150 has the same variable frame design for taking self-portraits while viewing the monitor. It also adds Casio’s original Make-up Mode, which creates beautiful pictures of people’s faces by allowing the user to choose from twelve levels of skin beauty enhancement. Also new is the fun Decoration Function, which allows users to clip elements from any photo to paste into another photo with an easy stylus tool that comes with the camera, making the fun last even longer. This is the second in Casio’s series of freestyle cameras, featuring shooting and editing functions and a design that are perfect for creating artsy self-portraits.

Make-up Mode brings out the true beauty of every face

In addition to face recognition and automatic focus and exposure adjustment, Make-up mode applies effects to smooth skin and soften facial shadows caused by bright light, creating beautiful photographs of people’s faces. The user selects from one of twelve levels of skin beauty enhancement using different strengths of image processing.

Decoration Function offers new fun way to create artsy images by processing previously taken photos

Using the stylus provided, the user can easily clip out parts of any image on the camera just by tracing around the desired part. Simply paste the clipped part into another photo to make an original piece of combined photographic art.

In addition to these great new features, the EX-TR150 is powered by Casio’s high-performance EXILIM ENGINE HS and comes with a highly sensitive, 12.1-megapixel, back-illuminated CMOS sensor. The camera is packed with many other cutting-edge Casio functions including the advanced, fully automatic Premium Auto function for taking beautiful photos with just a press of the shutter button and Slide Panorama for taking panoramic images. The EX-TR150 comes in white, as well as pink and red for a bright, cheerful look.

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