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Casio has released a new compact superzoom camera called the EX-ZR200. Headline specifications include a 16-megpixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, a 24-300mm equivalent 12.5x zoom lens, Full HD movie recording, and continuous shooting at up to 30 frames per second. Battery life is rated at 480 shots per charge, as per CIPA standards. The Casio Exilim ZR200 comes with a 3-inch TFT monitor with 460,800 dots, and a host of features including Best Shot, Face Detection, stereo audio, HDR Art and slow-motion video and AF Tracking. For advanced amateurs, the camera offers P, A, S and M exposure modes and manual focusing as well as a variety of AF options. In Japan, the camera is available for about 45,000 yen. International availability and pricing to be confirmed.

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#1 WJM

(copied this message from a reaction in another thread: )
(about this ZR200 having an optional synthetic (stitched) super-wide-angle setting of 18mm and 14mm)

Thanx a bunch for this pointer, interesting 'next' step in wide-angle concepts....:))
(though I read about synthetic (stitched) wide-angles before, just not sure which camera's (other than larger panorama's of course....that one is just another kind of optical correction, after stitching; so if it can do either, it could to both just as easily (just not combined of course))(although....if you took 2 full swings, one a bit up-horizon, the other a bit down)

However, searching for the exact details, or even just proof of this super-wide-angle concept (for me, 'ultra' starts at 13mm or so....;)), supports me in my belief that 99% of all reporters/websites have no clue whatsoever about wide-angle....only a scaring few sites that mention this 18mm/14mm setting/option (apart from Dpreview (from a poor English writing guy in Japan!), only the Casio site itself mentions it!)

Actually, it reminds me of the effort/confusion that I went through while searching for the exact wide-angle details of that Samsung WB210....more than one website/weblog claimed that that one too was a 'synthetic' (stitching) wide-angle....while of course it was not (so it delayed my purchase, first buying a Tryx, then WB210)).

However, while also reading the PDF-manual of this new ZR200, I found an even more interesting detail, a concept I didn't thought possible within the next few years: HDR-art movie!....:))
(yes, I know this kind of art isn't everyones cup of tea, but those who never saw or took a shot in night-time scenary don't know what they are talking makes shooting digital just as wonderfully unpredictable as once analog film did....:))

Oh btw, not sure what you meant with the Tryx being a bomb, but if it is critical, then I challenge you to find me any other pocketcamera that can do full-swing panorama's with an 21mm lens....even in the analog days that kind of extreme panorama's was quite a challenge, at at least 100x the size & weight, with a rotating film camera....:))
(the usual & more compact (short-)swing-lens panorama camera's never exceeded 28mm (or 24mm equivalent on 120-format, like the 50mm of a Noblex))

It also reminds me that this ZR200 could still not do the same kind of super-panorama's (which the Samsung WB210 technically could, darn those lazy engineers!)....oh well, then I need both....

Btw, what is still lacking: HDR and HDR-art in combination with panorama, but now that I see at least HDR-art combined with movie-mode (why not in combination with ordinary HDR is puzzling btw!), I am confident that this must be the next evolutionary step, and it shouldn't take more than a year, or not even 6 months....:))
(though I wish they could do it on the Tryx just by a software-update!....:))
(then at least I would be sure of an 21mm HDR-panorama!)
(I will sacrifice on HDR-art + panorama, if it has to, but only for 6 months or so....that's fair, not?....:))
(darn those lazy engineers!....we need shorter product life-cycles, much shorter!....let the tech-frenzy start, immediately!....8-))

Oh well, now I will also wait before bidding again on a ZR100 (just for having the HDR-art in combination with a regular zoom (24-300mm))....they should drop in price, now that the successor is launched....:))

PS: what is puzzling me more and more in the wide-angle department is the variation of actual focal lengths, in (fractions of) millimeters....while the Tryx says 3.8mm (for its fixed 21mm), the Samsung WB210 says 4.0mm (for its 24mm-setting) and 3.5mm (for the optional 21mm-setting)....and now this ZR200 (possibly also the ZR100 before, not sure) writes 4.24mm on the front/lens (for its 24mm).

According to Wikipedia, the 1/2.3" sensor (used by both Samsung & Casio) comes with a 5.62x 3.5mm is even less than 20mm, while 3.8mm is more than 21mm....
(actually, there is 1.78mm inbetween; 19.67mm versus 21.35mm)
So, now I start suspecting the 'reality' of 24mm also....;))

PS: one difference I saw in reviews about Samsung WB210 versus Casio ZR100 is that the image stabilisation in the Samsung worked much better (Casio being just so-so, not good)....I wonder if that aspect was also improved in the ZR200....

4:11 am - Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#2 rayban

???? ???????????????????????????????? RB3183????????????????????????????????????????? RB2140?????????????????????

10:16 am - Friday, August 24, 2012

#3 Lee Tracey

Does anybody know what sensor is used in the Casio ZR200 camera also, can the schematics and BOM info be obtained from any source for service purposes?

7:05 am - Tuesday, April 7, 2015