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Thom Bleasdale has been selected by Centrespace Gallery to show his first ever exhibition. The work entitled ‘A Rare Photograph of the Soul Leaving the Body,’ shows 29 pieces from July 27 until 1 August. “The pieces are mainly about my view on life and my attempt to convince myself that death isn’t terrifying,” Thom said. “Some of the pieces exemplify living to its fullest extent and other pieces demonstrate aspects of life that are often unnoticed, but are much more significant than they first appear.” Centrespace Gallery is located at Leonard Lane, Bristol BS1 1EA.

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27July to 1 Aug: ‘A Rare Photograph of the Soul Leaving the Body’
One week debut exhibition of photography and sculpture pieces

Centrespace Gallery, Leonard Lane, Bristol BS1 1EA
http://www.thombleasdale.com/ and http://bit.ly/ThomBleasdale

TALENTED photo-artist and sculptor Thom Bleasdale has been selected by leading Bristol Gallery, Centrespace, to show his first ever Exhibition. The work entitled ‘A Rare Photograph of the Soul Leaving the Body,’ shows 29 pieces from July 27 until 1 August, directly influenced from time spent in the UK, Barcelona, Holland and LA. 

Thom has gained rapid recognition from the art, photography and skating world. Recent endorsements have come from Taikia Waititi, the Oscar nominated director/writer/actor/artist, best known for Flight of the Conchords. He has also attracted widespread attention from legendary skate photographers, Hugh Holland and Jim Goodrich, as well as Ed Templeton, the leading artist/skateboarder/and CEO of cult skate firm Toy Machine. Alongside this, Thom is supported by WeSC, the streetfashion brand for Intellectual Slackers.

The themes he explores in his work relate with life, death and the nature of reality, mainly as a result of him being isolated from society during his 20’s.

Director, Taika Waitit, said of Thom’s work, ‘Thom has a keen eye for moments that pass most of us by. Quietly observed and recorded, these moments range from deeply intimate to beautifully absurd and whimsical.’

The Exhibition: ‘A Rare Photograph of the Soul Leaving the Body’

Thom’s excited to put on the Exhibition and said recently ‘The pieces are mainly about my view on life and my attempt to convince myself that death isn’t terrifying. Some of the pieces exemplify living to its fullest extent and other pieces demonstrate aspects of life that are often unnoticed, but are much more significant than they first appear. This is why I think I notice them. The sculpture pieces in this show although made from skateboards aren’t solely about skateboarding; that is just one aspect of their meaning, because it’s something that I relate to personally. Thus it relates to the pieces in a significant but not major way.’

‘I want people to look at my pictures, read the titles, and feel something, not necessarily in that order. Whether it is a desire to have been there at that moment, or a questioning of what the story being told is, or just a comprehension, I don’t mind, as long as it is something, and hopefully something positive in some way. Some of my pieces are very blatantly what they are, some are quite subtle, and some of them are stories that I want to tell. Some of them are pieces that make me feel something very specific and I want to try and communicate that, or cause those feelings in other people. I want people to look at my work and feel the kinds of things I feel when I look at the works of art that I love. I just hope people like it and ‘get’ it.’

‘People who are interested in photographic conceptual art will enjoy this exhibition and the opportunity to share in Thom’s alternative view of the world. Thom’s work has been described as ‘unusual’ and it certainly is interesting and ascetically pleasing.  Individually the pieces convey stories, feelings, and some are just moments captured that will never occur again. But it’s the titles as well as the photos that make them what they are; the titles are of paramount importance. Although immediately striking and engaging to view, when the titles that go with the pieces are read, they really come alive and convey the stories and depth that go along with each image.’

Raised in North Devon, Thom’s was incredibly isolated due to a major illness in his early 20s, which is why his perspective is so different to most. As a result of a rare condition which was misdiagnosed he spent six of his formative years cut off from society and largely alone. During this time, Thom studied CG art. He also became a highly regarded close-up magician and hypnotherapist.

Thom was ‘trained’ as a photographer by his father who was a semi-professional and gave him his first camera when he was three and he has never been without a camera since that time. Today he puts all his efforts into expressing himself and trying to establish and communicate his world view through visual art, mostly photography, and also through sculpture, drawing and painting.

This is Thom’s first solo exhibition and his work was chosen by the Centrespace gallery based on his proposal. At the exhibition a small number of pieces will be sold with proceeds going to Thom’s chosen charities.

Industry support

Similar to Taika Waitit’s interest, legendary skate photographer, Hugh Holland, is equally supportive, and said recently, ‘Thom Bleasdale has a huge passion for life. Throughout his work, his precise composition tells of a passionate eye.’

Jim Goodrich, original staff photographer and artist for Skateboarder Magazine said, ‘I consider Thom’s images to be true art in every respect, which is something many photographers never achieve. His photographs are so distinctive that I recognize his images from his unique style alone. He frequently shoots the most simple scenes, yet each image tells a deeper story and moves the viewer to feel something. His passion and insight are evident in every photo, and inspires even a seasoned photographer like myself.’

International photographer and artist, Rebecca Tillett, is also keen to give support, saying ‘Thom’s work is modern and minimalist but thought-provoking in nature. I find myself feeling nostalgic looking at his photographs. That takes skill and the honest ability to fully appreciate and be present in the time we reside in. The titles of his pieces reflect his feelings on each subject and cause the viewer to look deeper into the photographs than they might originally intend. Thom has a deep respect for life and photography as an art form and will go very far.’

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#1 Regan

Excellent work. Really impressed with your work. I am disabled myself and as a result picked up a camera. I will never claim to be any good myself and take photos for me. As long as I have my life documented I am happy.

I just wanted to say I am very impressed and think you have an excellent eye for phtography, and keep up the good work. Photography I feel makes you feel happy in yourself. It certainly does for me and I think your work is inspirational. Many thanks for sharing.

All the best


4:53 pm - Tuesday, April 30, 2013