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Cinecta, a Budapest-based start-up founded by a group of television professionals, has launched the Cinecta MX-1 camera stabilising system and the Cinecta SL-100 camera slider. Developed for DSLRs, CSCs and video cameras weighing up to 2kg, the Cinecta MX-1 (€689, pictured) is a fully featured camera stabilising system allowing users to record professional-quality, steady footage. Weighing in at 4.7kg, the system comprises three main parts, and comes with a one-year warranty. Made of steel and aluminium, the Cinecta SL-100 camera slider (€180) offers a travel length of 85cm, provides for extremely smooth frictionless operation, and can be used with cameras weighing up to 10kg.

Website: Cinecta

Cinecta MX-1 Product Information


The CINECTA MX-1 camera stabilizing system was specifically developed for DSLR cameras. It can be used for any camera as long as it weighs less than 2 kilograms.

Of course, not only DSLRs, but all cameras that are under the weight limit, such as mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (MILC) and handycams can also be used with our system; these cameras make professional full HD recording affordable to everyone. The lightweight, compact cameras give us high degree of freedom, and a wide range of usability, clearly camera evolution is heading towards small, light and very smart devices. It is easy to see what it means to the cameraman to carry a small and light camera instead of a large and heavy one for long hours. With smaller cameras you can enjoy such freedom that opens up new dimensions, previously difficult or impossible tasks can be easily achieved. Steadicam operators carry the weight of the full equipment on their bodies, so they are especially open to innovation; they need smaller and lighter tools. Our team at Cinecta assessed these specific needs and designed the CINECTA MX-1 camera stabilizing system, which is a full-featured steadicam. With the help of our system you can achieve professional steadicam shots as seen in the movies, at low cost.

The system consists of three main parts:

CINECTA MX-1 sled gives vertical stabilization to your camera
CINECTA MX-1 stabilizing arm filters out the vibrations from the cameraman’s movement
CINECTA MX-1 supportive vest attaches the system to the cameraman’s body; it evenly distributes the weight of the rig and the camera on the user’s upper body.

Technical details:

Complete set weight (vest, arm, sled (without extra weights)): 4.7 kg
Boom range (distance between the arm’s highest and lowest position): 45 cm
Maximum camera weight (total with lens & accessories): 2 kg
Sled total length: 63 cm
Diameter of cable channel in center post: 22 mm
Stage unit dimensions: 150x111 mm
Inner diameter of gimbal handle: 16 mm, (industry standard 16mm mounting socket)
Vest is adjusted to the user’s height using a thumbscrew.
Vest is made of water-repellent material; reinforced and braced waist; its entire surface is padded with 15 mm thick synthetic foam. The straps and the buckles are heavy duty.
The tension of the spring in the arm can be regulated with the built-in hand operated adjustment screw.
18 pieces of special ball bearings ensure precise operation of the system. The metal parts are made of aluminum and stainless steel.
The components are made by precision CNC machining, CNC laser cutting, CNC edge bending with high quality powder coating and anodizing.
The package contains:

CINECTA MX-1 supportive vest
CINECTA MX-1 stabilizing arm
Stage unit weights (4 x 80 gram)
Balance Weights (for lower weight bracket of the sled)
Screws, Allen key
Warranty card
User’s Manual

Price includes 27% VAT
689,00 €

Cinecta SL-100 Product Information



The Cinecta SL-100 Camera Slider affords you the ability to be as stable as when you have the camera secured to a tripod, but you get linear movement which makes for some very interesting high quality camera motion.

The Cinecta SL-100 Camera Slider can be used for any camera as long as it weights less than 10 kilograms. 6 pieces of special stainless steel ball bearings ensure precise operation of the system. The components are made by precision CNC laser cutting, CNC edge bending with high quality powder coating and anodizing.
Frictionless extreme smooth operation.


Length of slider: 100 cm
Travel length: 85 cm
Material: aluminum and steel
Camera Plate Dimensions: 7x6 cm
Tripod Mounting Hole: “1/4
Weight of Slider: 2 kg
6 pieces stainless steel ball bearings
4 pieces leveling feet

The package contains:

Cinecta SL-100 Camera Slider
Warranty card
User’s Manual
Price includes 27% VAT
180,00 €

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