Cokin Pure Harmonie Filters Now Available

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Announced two months ago, Cokin’s new Pure Harmonie range of filters are now available for purchase. Billed as the lightest and thinnest photo filters in the world, Cokin Pure Harmonie filters are multi-coated with EVERCLEAR 5 Coating Technology boasting Water Repellent, Anti-Oil, Anti-Dust, Anti-Soil and Scratch Resistant characteristics. With a thickness of 3.3mm for the Multi-Coated Anti-UV (UV MC), 4.5mm for the Circular Polarizer (C PL) and 9.5mm for the Variable Density Neutral Gray (ND X), Cokin Pure Harmonie filters are super-lightweight and cause no vignetting. The new line-up is now available in stores.

Cokin Press Release

Cokin introduces PURE Harmonie filters

The thinnest and the lightest filters in the world.

Kraków—December 4, 2012—After intensive research and development, Cokin is proud to present its PURE Harmonie line of round photo filters. It has taken a quite long time to prepare a brand new line of photographic filters. Recent changes in the Cokin structure and its fusion with Tokina consortium have resulted with possibility for connection of technology and experience of both companies.  The crucial product Cokin PURE Harmonie filters is being brought to the market as the upshot of this cooperation.

PURE Harmonie filters are the thinnest and the lightest in the world. With a thickness of 3.3mm for the Multi-Coated Anti-UV (UV MC), 4.5mm for the Circular Polarizer (C PL) and 9.5mm for the Variable Density Neutral Gray (VD NG) they are almost invisible when mounted on your lens. Their weight is so light that you won’t even notice that they are attached. They have been engineered with no compromise: very robust, compatible with all lens caps and multi-coated with EVERCLEAR 5 Coating Technology to withstand almost any conditions. EVERCLEAR 5 Coating Technology is a multi-layered coating. The “5” stands for the benefits of this coating on the filter: Water Repellent - Anti-Oil - Anti-Dust - Anti-Soil - Scratch Resistant. Super lightweight for maximum AF performance and ultra-shallow profile to prevent vignetting.

Anti-UV filters are used to prevent ultraviolet light from getting through the lens, by reducing haziness or fogginess caused by that type of light. Anti-UV filters offer a physical protection from dust or scratches to the lens. PURE Harmonie UV MC filters are made of extremely resistant glass with very high level of light transmission. Thanks to their extreme thinness, PURE Harmonie UV MC filters also prevent from lens flare that could occur when using traditional UV filters.

Circular Polarizer filters are used to reduce reflections from non-metallic surfaces (windows, water and so on) and increase density within the sky and/or foliage by absorbing reflected light. They also allow to emphasize details such as clouds and makes pictures crisper, with deeper color tones. Their effect cannot be achieved with a computer software.

Neutral Density filters are used to reduce the quantity of light that reaches the sensor of the camera. They allow to decrease the shutter speed in order to achieve motion blur (waterfalls, ocean, clouds…) and/or to reduce depth of field in very bright conditions. As they are “neutral”, ND filters do not affect color rendition. While some vari-nd can become yellowish when increasing density, PURE Harmonie ND X filter remains perfectly neutral. With PURE Harmonie Variable Density Neutral Gray filters, users can select the intensity from ND2 (1 f-stop) to ND400 (7+ f-stops) by rotating the front ring.

Cokin PURE Harmonie line of filters are available in stores.

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