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Contour has introduced a range of mounting kits for their hands-free digital video cameras. The range includes the ContourROAM Watersports Kit as well as mount kits for snow, bike, moto, outdoor and helmets. “These kits make it easier to purchase the right accessories for your preferred activity and offer the optimum mounting combinations in one easy package as well as save you money,” the company says.

Contour Press Release

Introducing Contour Mount Kits to make your Contour experience even better!

Contour, the market-leader of innovative design and technology in the rapidly expanding world of hands-free video, has introduced a range of kits to make life even easier.

Contour Cameras help you capture those all-important moments that you’ll want to relive over and over again. Those events that you’ll want to post online so that your ‘brag value’ has the backup of full HD video. With online apps and the Contour community to improve the all round experience, with Bluetooth capability so you can use your smart phone to see what the camera sees and adjust all the settings and hit record just when you want to, with GPS and a host of other features to add detail to your story Contour just simply sets the standards in hands-free video cameras.

Now they have introduced the ContourROAM Watersports Kit an all-in-one package containing everything you need to capture beautiful action video while engaged in your favourite water-based activity. Included in the package is the easy to use ContourROAM, a Waterproof case together with a Surfboard Mount. Buying the bundle will save you a bundle and the kits are available at all good Contour retailers at just £239 this represents a saving of almost £30.

At the same time Contour are also introducing Mount Kits for Snow, Bike, Moto, Outdoor and Helmets! These kits make it easier to purchase the right accessories for your preferred activity and offer the optimum mounting combinations in one easy package as well as save you money.

The new kits have been inspired by the Contour athletes and just make life easier:-

·      Easy to Buy by Sport - Each Kit contains mounts designed with your chosen sport in mind, ensuring a great experience no matter what your activity.

·      Easy to Use - Contour mounts are versatile, reliable, and easy to use. Whether your sport involves mud, dirt, snow, freezing temperatures, high speed, heavy gloves, a helmet or all of the above, Contour Mount Kits will perform to your sport’s demands.

·      Includes a Carry Bag - Each kit includes a Weatherproof Carry Bag to keep things organised.

·      Cost Effective - All of the Mount Kits offer a significant savings over purchasing seperately.

For more information on Contour please visit: For details about UK Contour happenings, or to find retailers please visit: or you can follow Contour UK on Facebook.

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#1 Robert Baker

It's a shame that Contour doesn't include more mounts in its camera kit like GoPro or Swann does. That would make it a better value to me. Having to purchase an additional kit along with the camera swayed my action cam choice to the Swann Freestyle HD.

12:47 pm - Friday, June 8, 2012

#2 David

for a decent starter camera

12:22 am - Monday, June 11, 2012