Digital Camera with 3.5" LCD Screen

August 27, 2004 | Mark Goldstein | Digital Compact Cameras | Comment |

Oregon Scientific PV100You probably won’t have seen this camera on any other website (unless you read Engadget yesterday…). The Oregon Scientific PV100 is a pretty unremarkable 3 megapixel digicam with a fixed lens. So far, not much to write home about. But then you look at the back of the camera and can’t help but notice the massive 3.5” colour LCD screen! The PV100 is available exclusively at Argos stores in the UK for ?199.99.

Website: Oregon Scientific - PV100 Digital Camera

Press Release 12/08/04

See yourself on the BIG screen

Flagship of the new range is the Oregon Scientific PV100 Jumbo Display Camera (3M-pixel) with a massive 3.5? TFT preview screen.

The PV100 is only 109 x 70 x 27mm in size and will slip omfortably into a pocket or handbag. Looks super smart in its aluminium casing and, with its massive 3.5? TFT colour preview screen, you?ll be able to check out your snaps in detail as you take them.

This stylish-looking camera is big on features, and big on performance too: sensor resolution is 3 Mega pixels enabling you to take very high-quality photographs and, with a generous 16Mb internal memory, there?s plenty of room to store those pictures, even without the addition of an optional SD card. The movie function with audio includes a 2x digital zoom and isn?t
limited by buffer size. In fact, movie efforts are restricted only by the amount of available memory (so the ?bigger? the SD card you fit, the longer the movies you?ll be able to shoot).

Once you?re satisfied you?ve got a set of snaps you?re happy with ? and with autofocus lens, automatic exposure, white balance and controllable flash, you?ll find you generally will be ? downloading them couldn?t be easier. Not only is the PV100 compatible with all up-to-date Windows and MAC operating systems via USB cable, but also it comes with its own deluxe docking station. Use this to download direct to your PC ready for slideshow playback (made easier with the docking stations slideshow short cut button), printing, e-mail or further storage (and recharge your batteries while you?re at it).?199.99 RRP.

Find it exclusively at Argos stores from the end of July.