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June 29, 2011 | Mark Goldstein | Websites | Comment |

DPAddict.com is a new website that offers quick and honest feedback on your photography. DPAddict hides all information about images until after an image has completed a “Showdown”. DPAddict just recently exited beta and is growing day by day.

DPAddict.com Press Release

New Site for Photo ‘Fighting’ Fun

It’s incredibly hard to get a quick and honest opinion on your photographs. There’s a barage of photography sources, blogs and tweets out there that are full of pixel peeping and camera brand biases. Not to mention boring.

Let me explain. As a photographer, I’m visiting photography sites for two main reasons.

1. Find new ways to fuel my passion for photography.
2. Make myself a better photographer.

Defeat of the pixel peepers
The lost decade of pixel peeping is finally over! Most photographers have achieved the realization that the image quality of virtually every camera on the market is more than “good enough”. Now is the right time to let images speak for themselves.

Digital Photography Addict (DPAddict) does this by hiding all information about images until after an image has completed a “Showdown”. We say: let images be the images they were meant to be by their founding photographers; and let’s do it in a fun way.

Let’s poke fun at brand comparisons through competitions and leaderboards. In the near future, we’ll take this a step further and have geographic fights pitting photographers in countries such as the US against photographers in the UK. Forget pixel battles. We’re talking all out nationalistic pride now.

Make me a better shooter
Average photographers show you their entire collection of images and great photographers only show you their very best. It’s an old joke, we know, and maybe you know how good your images are but probably you don’t. There’s no better way to determine what your audience thinks than by posting your photo on DPAddict to get the scoop on your best against others. Where traditional ratings are so arbitrary, 1-on-1 showdowns always trickle the creme-of-the-crop to the top. 9 out 10 doctors recommend this rating system for photographers.

Top three reasons you should try DPAddict
1. Get quick and honest feedback on your photography.
2. Review all sorts of photography in a fun and addictive way.
3. A fun way for photographers to pit brands and countries against one another.

The other stuff
DPAddict just recently exited beta and is growing tremendously day by day! Thousands of unique pageviews everyday - translates to TONS of votes for images. On average, every user to DPAddict votes at least 35 times a visit…that’s each visit!!

There’s already thousands of images on DPAddict - lots of variety, you’ll never get bored.

We’re mentioned in photography blogs - it makes a great story.

Alan Fong
Mario Filipas
Co-Founders, DPAddict.com
Contact us at info@dpaddict.com

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