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December 20, 2011 | Mark Goldstein | Digital SLR Cameras, PhotographyBLOG | 10 Comments | |
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Our penultimate award is for the DSLR Camera of the Year 2011. Somewhat overshadowed by the rise of compact system cameras, DSLRs are still the staple product for the big two of Canon and Nikon. But it’s the young upstart Sony that most caught our eye in 2011 with the launch of the A77, the premium product in the company’s innovative range and the deserved winner of our 6th award for 2011.

“The Sony A77 is a big leap forward for Sony’s DSLR range, offering a feature-set, handling and performance that beats its main rivals. The new 24.3 megapixel sensor offers greatly increased resolution without impacting on low-light performance or operational speed, while the OLED viewfinder is simply the best EVF that we’ve ever had the pleasure of using. The inclusion of full 1080p movies, built-in GPS, 12fps burst shooting, dual control dials, top-panel LCD and an excellent 3-way rear screen make the A77 our new favourite prosumer DSLR.”

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Congratulations to Sony and the A77!

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#1 Nigel

That's an SLT. ;-)

6:35 pm - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#2 NYC

DSLRs have mirrors.

6:42 pm - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#3 5 Star Weddings

Congrats, would not be my choice..

8:47 pm - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#4 SonyGuy


The A77 has a mirror.

11:54 pm - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#5 Shenanval

It seems to me, after reading of your choices for compact of the year, compact system of the year, dslr of the year, that your awards are based more on assessment of the product features than on how those features actually perform. None of your choices would have been mine, the closest, in my opinion, to actually being a very good choice would be the G3, but still "no cigar". The Sony compact and dslr chosen both have issues in actual performance that I believe would keep them from earning this type of award. I appreciate your site, but have to question how you came to at least two of these decisions. A lot of cameras have their own list of "great" features, but the real test, and ones I respect the most, are the field evaluations - and the actual comparison of IQ, performance, reliability, etc. I'm just sayin'...There are a few sites that I will, out of respect not mention in this post, but would be glad to send you links to, which are definitely not of the same opinion about at least two of your choices. How do you come to these conclusions?

1:42 am - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#6 Shenanval

I feel I can no longer depend on your evaluations to make product choices.
Thanks for your efforts, but two mistakes out of three choices (compact, system and dslr), in my opinion is not a good track record. The Sony's have great feature lists, but according to several other very reliable sites on which someone actually did field testing to check out the back-up of these claims from the manufacture, did not give favorable remarks. At least not good enough to be choices for the year, out of so many (again, in my opinion) that have better actual showings in the real world. The G3, a good choice, but maybe not the best! Consider the Sony Nex-5n... I'm just sayin'...

1:52 am - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#7 Flip Book Software

Shenanval is an expert. His comment is as professional as the author's.

11:00 am - Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Congrats to Sony and to Photography Blog for being brave enough to go against Nikon and Canon et all. I have used this camera for 3 months, got one of the first full kits on oct 20th, and I am very pleased with it. Firmware 1.04 was an significant improvement on 1.03 and I have a sneaky feeling it may be tweaked again next year.

1:49 pm - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#9 UG

Nope, for the purists/professionals, it's not a DSLR... but it does deliver the same quality and has all the same advantages of one! No flipping mirror equals blistering speed and continuous auto-focus during movies. As a bonus, the SLT cameras are almost half the weight and size.

The vast number of consumers aren't professional and could care less if it has a mirror (or even what a mirror is/does). The minimal benefits of having a mirror won't be missed by most, but the huge DSLR bodies and lenses will be!

Let's face it, at the end of the day, when the photos are printed and the clear, crisp images are popping off of the page, who really cares what it was shot with?

8:08 pm - Thursday, December 22, 2011

#10 DSLR camera

We can choose the camera with good quality and choose the style we like.

6:07 am - Monday, March 19, 2012