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August 8, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Software | 4 Comments | |
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Chainfire has released an app that allows you to remotely control your Canon EOS digital SLR camera via USB using a smartphone or tablet running Android 2.3.4 or later. Currently in Beta, the DSLR Controller app does not require you to hook the camera up to a computer - all you need is a compatible DSLR (the app has been tested with the Canon EOS 600D, 550D, 60D, 50D, 7D, 5D Mark II and 1D Mark IV models), a compatible smartphone* or tablet and the right USB cable. Features include the display of the Live View feed with histogram, grid overlay etc., LV autofocus by touch, and the ability to remotely change a large number of settings on your camera. As this is a Beta version, you should expect intermittent freeze-ups and error messages, the developers say. The DSLR Controller Beta app can be purchased and downloaded now from the Android Market.

*Note that apparently the only compatible smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S2, with the 2.3.4 KG series firmware (or newer). The app should work with most Honeycomb-powered tablets though, Chainfire says.

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#1 Ricardo

One question...
How is the neccesary cable? microUSB at both sides?


9:17 am - Monday, August 8, 2011

#2 Ricardo

Autorespond myself,

Look in ebay for i9100 usb host.

9:34 am - Monday, August 8, 2011

#3 Zoltan Arva-Toth

Yup, apparently if you want to use the app on a Galaxy S II, you'll need to buy an i9100 USB host off eBay. Motorola Xoom users need a "xoom USB host", whilst Acer Iconia A500, Asus Transformer and Toshiba Thrive users need no special adapter cables.

10:00 am - Monday, August 8, 2011

#4 portrait photographer aberdeen

Looks like a really cool app to have, but I can imagine it being a bit slow and awkward to use in its early stages. I think I will leave it to iron out the kinks before purchasing the app and cables etc needed.

10:46 am - Wednesday, August 10, 2011