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DxO LabsDxO Optics Pro 2.2 has been made available by DxO Labs. Optics Pro 2.2 now supports the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II digital SLR camera, the new Adobe Digital Negative file format and has a simplified pricing structure.

DxO Labs Press Release


Paris, France, February 10, 2005 - DxO Labs, a software developer focused on research in image processing, announced today the immediate availability of DxO Optics Pro 2.2 software. This latest version of DxO Labs’ flagship product for demanding photographers adds:

- Support for the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II.
- Support for the Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) file format as an output option.
- A simplified pricing structure and even better value. DxO Optics Pro is now offered either in a “Standard” version for expert amateur cameras or “Elite” version for all cameras including professional D-SLRS. DxO Raw Engine is now included in both versions.

Extended camera support, simplified pricing, even better value
With DxO Optics Pro 2.2, DxO Labs is providing even better value to demanding photographers and simplifying its pricing structure. First, DxO Raw Engine – previously an option priced at US $119 / 99€ is being included as a standard component of DxO Optics Pro.

Second, DxO Optics Pro is now available in these two, easy-to-purchase packages:

DxO Optics Pro 2.2 StandardPrice: US $139 / € 108 (ex VAT)
Included Contents: DxO Correction Engine, DxO Raw Engine, Selected DxO Camera Body Correction Modules, One DxO Lens Correction Module of customer’s choice, DxO Viewer.
Cameras supported(as of Feb 10th 2005): Canon :300D/Rebel/Kiss Digital, D60, 10D, 20D Nikon :D70, D100, D2H Other :Sony F-828, Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2

DxO Optics Pro 2.2 ElitePrice: US $219 / € 166 (ex VAT) (Upgrade from Standard to Elite version (US $76 / € 59)
Included Contents: DxO Correction Engine, DxO Raw Engine, All DxO Camera Body Correction Modules, One DxO Lens CorrectionModule of customer’s choice, DxO Viewer
Cameras supported(as of Feb 10th 2005): Same as “Standard” version plus :Canon EOS 1Ds, Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II (new!), Canon EOS 1D Mark II, Nikon D2X (est. March 2005)

Upgrades from previous versions:
DxO Optics Pro 2.2 is a free upgrade (downloadable at http://www.DxO.com) for all current DxO Optics users. 

Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) support: a world’s first for RAW image processing.
DxO Labs, now a leading player in the world of RAW software, is introducing a unique feature in DxO Optics Pro 2.2 with the option to output images in DNG format. Photographers can now enjoy even more flexibility in their workflow, as they’ll be able to combine the best that DxO Optics Pro has to offer (top-performing demosaicing, unique optical corrections, etc.) with the workflow of software that supports DNG as input format such as Adobe Camera Raw.

About DxO Labs and its DxO Technology
DxO Labs is a software company developing image generation and enhancement technologies. We provide reliable off-the-shelf solutions for companies in the imaging business such as digital camera or cameraphone manufacturers, mobile operators, and printing or photofinishing professionals as well as serious amateurs and professional photographers, and photography journalists and experts.
The company’s patented DxO technologies, the DxO Foundations, are the result of state-of-the-art academic mathematical research. The DxO Foundations comprise a set of software components to generate images or correct major imaging defects, such as Color, Contrast, Blur, various Optics faults, JPEG artifacts, etc.

For more information, visit DxO Labs online at http://www.DxO.com

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#1 michael wilkinson

No support for the Kodak full frame digital camers will be offered and it seems to me that despite the marketing jargon this software is aimed at amature cameras,a pity

12:19 pm - Sunday, February 13, 2005

#2 Mark

Although there is no support for the Kodak DSLRs, I wouldn't call the Canon EOS 1Ds and Nikon D2X "amateur" cameras!

12:38 pm - Sunday, February 13, 2005

#3 michael wilkinson

Agreed, but two out of all the listed cameras Is hardly a majority.
I did contact DXO and was told there would be no support for the Kodak cameas as there were not enough of them to make it worthwhile.It clearly is a commercial decision based on numbers and whilst it maybe ,for DXO the correct decision ,its a shame that the software is unavailable to other digital camera users that would probably use it on most of their work rather than just the odd tweak

1:16 pm - Sunday, February 13, 2005

#4 Jonathon Lewis

Kodak's DCR format is not supported by any 3rd party RAW processing software, with the exception of Adobe Photoshop's own RAW plugin. It would seem this is entirely due to Kodak's unwillingness to share. This could also be part of the reason they have dropped out of the DSLR race.

10:47 pm - Thursday, November 10, 2005