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Epson P-7000The Epson P-7000 is a brand new 160GB multimedia photo viewer, replacing the P-5000 model. Promoted by Epson as a “compact, premium on-location back-up and viewing solution”, the P7000 features a 4-inch, 640x480 LCD screen which displays a remarkable 94% of the Adobe RGB colour gamut. Download speeds are up to 35 percent faster than previous models, and the P-7000 also offers improved battery life and a new jog dial that makes it easier and faster to scroll through images. Available now, the Epson P-7000 costs $799.99 / £549.99 - Jon Canfield discovers if it’s worth it in our Epson P-7000 Review.

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#1 Paul M. Watson

Good review, thank you. Though one has to balk at the price. With netbooks (Asus, Acer, MSI, Dell etc.) coming in cheaper, 80/120gb HDs, 9" screens, 4h battery life etc. this Epson seems expensive. Obviously this is a dedicated device and does its primary role better than a small laptop but I hope the price gets some pressure all the same.

2:10 pm - Thursday, September 11, 2008

#2 Cristian

Agree, the price is way too high and has always been for the Epson picture viewers. Nice devices but do not deliver enough for the money and the resolution is not very high.
I would pick up a 4" or 7" UMPC for less money but capable for much more and better handling. At up to £200 this would be a great purchase but it for £549 it is just too much for what it delivers (or lacks compared to a UMPC).

3:28 pm - Thursday, September 11, 2008

#3 David

Are you familiar with the older 4000 model? I would be interested in any interface changes from that model.


5:26 pm - Thursday, September 11, 2008

#4 digimikek

what you haven't discussed in any way is whether or not epson still requires everyone to page through all the other images FIRST before getting to the most recently downloaded; something like having to read through 300 pages of a novel EVERYTIME you want to get to the last page read. does epson still make it nearly impossible to rename files on the fly and how many strokes does it take to deleate a single image!?

12:22 am - Friday, September 12, 2008

#5 Jon Canfield

digimikek - you can delete images with 2 key presses - one for menu, the second for Delete. This works with folders/albums, individual images, or all selected images. For checking most recently downloaded, each download is stored in it's own folder, so yes, you can go straight to that set of images.

David - the screen is larger, higher resolution and better quality, the transfer speed is increased, the jog dial is new, battery life improved, and storage space increased. Those are the primary changes.

Paul & Christian - I agree the price is steep. I typically carry a Mac when I travel, but I don't like to have it out in the field. The display accuracy on the Epson is far better than anything you'll see on the typical laptop, so it makes it more practical for image review away from home.

5:48 pm - Friday, September 12, 2008

#6 P-3000 owner

I own a P-3000, and I'm really happy about it, except one thing: if you format the harddrive, there's NO WAY to recover it. It doesn't use a normal filesystem. Sounds like they put the OS in it, and there's no images/recovery tools. The warranty doesn't cover formatting.

So don't ever try defragging it or something similar ;)

10:24 pm - Saturday, September 13, 2008

#7 P-3000 Owner

The P-4000 isn't the previous model. P-2000 and P-4000 were first,
Then P-3000 and P-5000 came out with better and larger 4 color screens (photo fine ultra).
And now this new model.

You can check older version features in the following links in case they help:

10:32 pm - Saturday, September 13, 2008

#8 P-3000 owner


The P-4000 is limited to CF sizes up to 8Gig, and SD cards up to 2Gig, according to Epson.

I'm not too sure, but I also think the P-4000 has the same maximum image size of 8+Mpx. At least the P-2000 did, although this can be fixed by a firmware upgrade

I bet it's slower for larger image sizes though?

One gotta be cautious when buying one of these. They are expensive, and stuff like that can limit the lifetime of the device.

10:40 pm - Saturday, September 13, 2008

#9 P-3000 Owner

While I was digging information on the filesystem used by the device it used, and any possibilities to mod the software using a standard linux distro, I ended up finding this:

Sure you'll love to know that the P-3000 (or P-5000) can be extended with a new laptop hdd =)

3:34 pm - Sunday, September 14, 2008

#10 P-3000 Owner Again

While I was digging information on the filesystem used by the device, and any possibilities to mod the software using a standard linux distro, I ended up finding this:

Sure you'll like to know that the P-3000 (or P-5000) can be extended with a new laptop hdd =)

3:36 pm - Sunday, September 14, 2008

#11 Attila Fovenyessy

I would like to know if this Epson P-7000 working with the Hasselblad H series digital 31Mpix; 39Mpix; or the new 50Mpix cameras? -Attila Fovenyessy-

5:25 pm - Friday, September 19, 2008

#12 J. Doddy

Your review is very good. I have several questions; does this unit have a remote to do a slide show with an LCD projector? What are the slide show capabilities - can you manually control it? Is there talk of an HDMI output for LCD TV's?



4:37 pm - Monday, November 10, 2008

#13 byouddy

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9:38 pm - Monday, November 10, 2008

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