From Tokyo to New York in 90 Photographs

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From Tokyo to New York in 90 Photographs is a new photography ebook by Corrado Formentini. The book brings together 90 photographs which allow the reader to embark on a journey that starts from Tokyo, leads through some of the most typical and characteristic parts of Japan to finally reach the heart of New York in Manhattan. "The pictures made ​​in Japan show us the union between tradition and modernity," the author says. "In Tokyo these two aspects coexist in harmony and symbiosis." The photographs shot in NYC aim to show the human face of a city that may seem intimidating at first sight. The Kindle edition of the bilingual (Italian/English) publication can be purchased from Amazon for $7.61.

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Press Release

From Tokyo to New York in 90 Photographs

The book aims to tell through pictures the characteristics and peculiarities that distinguish the Eastern and Western culture . The pictures made ​​in Japan show us the union between tradition and modernity. In Tokyo these two aspects coexist in harmony and symbiosis. Japan told us the incredible charm, traditions pervade everything we can breathe anywhere a wind of progress.The photographs of Kyoto, Nara and Nikko tell us about the East ancient traditions. In these places you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Japanese culture. The works of man are always looking for perfection of forms in a beauty contest with nature.

Visiting Japan, and especially Tokyo, I felt from the beginning the need to compare this city symbol of tradition and modernity eastern metropolis than a symbol of Western culture. I have therefore decided to continue the photographic journey in the Big Apple , trying to describe the unique aspects of New York. If Japan have told the union between modern / antique nature and man from Manhattan I wanted to tell the human side of the city.

New York is a great modern metropolis that first contact for a foreigner can be intimidating, but if you immerse yourself in its atmosphere, you can see in a short time the most authentic face of the city. The Big Apple is not just a collection of skyscrapers and busy streets but a very lively city. Manager and tourists gather at Briant Park or Central Park or any other place to relax in the shade of buildings and then rimmergersi in the hectic life of the city . The pictures tell the city trying to convey its most "human," even the skyscrapers seen through the branches of the trees appear to be "alive" and not just a set of concrete and steel. The book takes us around the avenue for making us experience the city in a different way, taxis, steaming manholes, large fire trucks become traveling companions exploration.

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