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Fujifilm Finepix E550The Fujifilm Finepix E550 is a 6 megapixel digital camera that retains the same design as the cheaper Finepix E510 and E500, but crucially improves on those models in a number of key areas. Most obviously the Fuji E550 has 6 megapixels rather than the 5 and 4 of the E510 and E500. Perhaps more importantly than the extra megapixel is the kind of sensor that the FinePix E550 uses, namely Fuji’s Super CCD HR, which allows the camera to offer an interpolated resolution of 12.3 megapixels, plus a RAW file format. The Fujifilm Finepix E550 is also larger than many digicams, which Fujifilm claims makes it more of a photographer’s camera. So does the Finepix E550 appeal to the photographer in me? Read my review to find out.

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#201 dian

Just got my camera back and they fixed it for free. said it was the CCD. I assume it was replaced but poster above said they do not make them anymore??? who knows. It is working so far so we will see.

2:54 am - Sunday, November 25, 2007

#202 Dennis


I favor the CLASS ACTION or CONSUMER complaint, Better Business Bureau Complaint path !

EVERYONE try BBB ONLINE COMPLAINT ! it has worked GREAT for me in the past, gonna try it now on FUJI.

(I have 2 of these A34x cams. First one was working great for a year so bought a 2nd.

1st one got zoom error a few months later, 2nd one zoom error a few months after that.)

7:02 pm - Saturday, December 15, 2007

#203 Lisa

This is utter rubbish. I don't believe it, of all the cameras sitting there I chose to buy this.... CORRRECT! u guessed it. i'm having the same problem.

I have the A500 and it says zoom error.And could this come at no better time than Christmas. What I did was to get a memory card reader and formatted the camera, i left the memory card and batteries out. FULLY CHARGED. for a coulple of days.

It worked...............for about what 2days. NOW its done on the 22nd of december...uhhhhhhh

2:09 am - Sunday, December 23, 2007

#204 Thomas

Got the E550 with same battery problems as everyone else - I have a suspicion that it is related to memory card size. I've tried removing memory card after turning off and it seems to prolong battery life. Anyone else tried this?

3:06 pm - Monday, December 24, 2007

#205 bonnie

I was #200 on the comments. This is a follow up. The people at Fuji were nice on the phone on the online form to send in the camera to the repair place was easy to use and track. I have heard that they are fixing it under warranty and I hope that is the end of my problems. I expect back the camera in about 10 days.

7:01 pm - Monday, December 24, 2007

#206 Eddie Talberg

Hi all. Have this Finepix e510. LCD screen does not come on, only bright white. I thought I would try and open the thing up and see if the connection were bad. Has anyone any idea how to open the camera.

1:58 pm - Monday, December 31, 2007

#207 Gemma

Hi, i was wondering if anyone can help. I own a fujifilm finepix A345. Recently, it will not turn on at all. I've changed the batteries, recharged everything, left it alone for two weeks, everything.
Today i came back to it and prodded where the batteries go with a DS stylus and popped them back in, then when i go to close the lid and turn it on, the sceen momentarily flashes and then goes off and won't do it again until i take the batteries out and fiddle with the springs at the bottom again.
Does anyone have ANY idea how to fix this as the camera was a birthday present and i don't have the heart to tell my dad it's broken already.
my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if anyone can help
Sincerely, Gemma

6:20 pm - Friday, January 25, 2008

#208 Erica

Well, I got a Fujifilm A360 from my mom who's owned it a couple years. The pictures were turning out great and everything until the battery died. I recently got new batteries and all of a sudden it makes funny noises when I turn it on and off and the pictures are so blurred (even on the screen before I take them) they're not worth taking. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong? I didn't drop it or anything.

7:11 am - Thursday, March 6, 2008

#209 Richard

I purchased a Fujifilm A700 and a few months later the old "zoom error" surfaced. Send $160 camera to Fujifilm to be quoted $195 repair cost or if i wanted it back a $40 rejection fee. They said sand was the problem and i would have believed them if i actually went anywhere near any.
With inferior product and excessive fees and charges i will not be purchasing any Fuji products in the future.

3:29 am - Friday, March 14, 2008

#210 SHAK


5:39 pm - Friday, March 21, 2008

#211 Dee Cee

My Fuji E550 camera is a piece of junk. First it continually erased and made inoperable each and every camera chip I'd purchased. Now, nop matter what you do, it shows that the batteries are dead. I have replaced the batteries with new ones - only to get the same message. I cannot operate the camera at all - because it does not recognize that there are batteries inside.

I will never buy another Fuji camera.

12:28 pm - Saturday, May 10, 2008

#212 Pamela Gilliam

How do I up grade the software for the
FinePix E550 camera to Microsoft Vista?
Since I updated my computer I can no longer down load pictures to my computer.

2:24 am - Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#213 Tracey Harris

Thanks to comments here (see 6.) we have managed to get rid of the zoom error by manually pulling the lens barrel. So pleased saved on a repair bill - hope it lasts!

7:18 pm - Thursday, November 6, 2008

#214 Amy

I own an E510. A few months ago it started to chew through batteries within a matter of hours. Then a couple of weeks ago I put new batteries in to take it out shooting, and the green light turns on I hear a noise like it wants to work, but nothing happens. The lens doesn't pop out and the screen is blank. I'm really frustrated because I paid a lot for this camera and of course it died right after the warranty expired. I've been reading on various sites about others having this problem but haven't come across any solutions yet. Any suggestions???

7:18 am - Wednesday, November 19, 2008

#215 lynn connor

I have had major trouble with the Fuji F50 camera, bought it less than a year ago, had zoom error fault, sent it back to Fuji, they fixed it okay, two days later dropped it, not from a great hight but not sturdy in the least. Fuji wanted £100 to fix a £150 camera!!
claimed on house insurance, foolishly took another F50 as I really liked the camera, this was only 7 months ago, unfortunately dropped it again, sent it back under new warranty, but Fuji want £88 to fix it. I see Dixons not selling them anymore - wonder why... bitterly dissapointed - will NEVER buy another Fuji camera.... cheap workmanship if they break so easily...

10:27 pm - Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#216 mark

Hi all. Have a finepix f450. zoom error fault came up. told at a repair shop it was broken and would cost about £100 to fix and not worth fixing. just read this website and pulled the lens out like suggested. Result - job done camera fixed.

10:59 pm - Saturday, December 20, 2008

#217 Neil

My experience mirrors all the others here, I was replacing an older fixed lens digital Fuji which had given me good service, and I chose the Fuji E5500 as a replacement. After about a years occasional use I got the Zoom error but unfortunately the lens was fully retracted and there doesn't seem any way of resolving this issue. Fuji wanted to charge me £100 for the privilege of resolving their technical design errors and despite all the blogs complaining about this error (which I only discovered in retrospect), denied any systemic problem. Well it is their loss as well as mine, I will never buy a Fuji again. and having since bought a Canon A570IS which performs faultlessly I can confirm there are better options out there.

12:47 pm - Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#218 Belinda

Can anyone help me, I have a FinePix S7000 it is 5 years old, and I love it. But for some reason it keeps turning it's self off even before I have taken a photo. It is unusable like this. I have put new batteries in with no effect. Can anyone help me - please. What can I do to stop this. Email me with answers please.

7:34 am - Thursday, May 14, 2009

#219 Donnie

Help/ I got a E550 and when I try to take a picture it looks good on screen but when I take picture it is way too bright this is reaklly bad out doors. I have lowered brightness to zero but still does not help. Any body got a suggestion.

9:37 pm - Thursday, July 2, 2009

#220 Booney

My E550 Finepix is about 2 years old , has been looked after and never knocked/dropped. Now it is simply shutting off power as soon as I try to take a picture! Anyone know how to fix?
I have seen a Fuji service/repair manual exists, but what is the cost of the part/s that are faulty?!
I must say that I will not be buying another Fuji product either if this is life expectancy of them. I will also ensure that negative reviews are posted where appropriate.

6:44 am - Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#221 Matthew

Thankyou Donna for the research, kindness in posting your discovery that Duracell rechargeable works. For ten days or more an E550 owner did everything with every type of battery or charger, to scrimp. He finally got it and gave up, then spent a few pennies on Duracell 2000 mAh and hey presto the camera works without problem. Expecting zero thanks from him for you, I post here for everyone in difficulty that at least one solution is known 2000 or 2600 mAh. Possibly the Fuji batteries are Duracell relabelled or from the same chemical works (Japan). Keywords- battery solution. I rarely read email.

4:13 pm - Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#222 Jonathan Levitats

I also i have battery problem: after a few photoes the camera goes dead.
I am trying a different memory card and will see maybe it solves the problem.

10:09 pm - Saturday, October 10, 2009

#223 paul

hi all i have a fuji finepix A345 had it over 3 years always been perfect and just for a week now it was showing ZOOM ERROR lens would not come out however i persisted and i fixed it and the problem was right in front of me it took one simple move without sending it away and cost nil to fix camara is now perfect again thanks to me you know i should set in business to fix your ZOOM ERRORS good luck to you all in finding the most simple solution LOVE MY FUJI

5:53 pm - Sunday, October 11, 2009

#224 paul

if you all bought decent batteries for your fuji and not market crap then poor fuji wouldnt get the blame for your dead camera and it may just stay on longer like mine does i bought good batteries instead of drinking foul beer 7 nights a week

6:07 pm - Sunday, October 11, 2009

#225 Liz

Stumbled on this post as a result of my f440 producing 'zoom error'. Was given it 4 years ago as my 50th birthday present. Camera breaking was awful timing as my first grandchild has just been born, and I have no photos. Took it into a camera shop who said it had done well to last 4 years!!!!! So obviously we are supposed to spend out £150 every 4 years. Won't be buying a fuji again

3:28 pm - Thursday, October 29, 2009

#226 paul

here is what i did to cure my ZOOM ERROR on my A345 fuji finepix as it was jammed and i was going to buy a new one if this next move didnt work i couldnt lose anymore so i gently proggled at the jammed lens edges then held camara and give it a sharp tap on my left hand twice and how why it worked lens came out and been perfect since so saving me money on sending it away im not saying it will work for you hope it does it is odd though but it works now paul

5:10 pm - Saturday, October 31, 2009

#227 Andy

Faulty Finepix E550, just for a change, as with a few others here this camera shuts down as soon as i take a photo, i`ve tried new batteries both rechargeables and AA`s, when i bought the camera i got a decent size memory card so the one that comes in the box with the camera hasn`t been used so i tried that and i`ve tried pulling the lense out and pushing it back in but none of these have worked. Thing is if i turn it on i can spend as long as i like zooming in and out & focusing on differant objects without any problems or fault codes but as soon as i touch the shutter button the thing takes the picture and dies, the camera has had no damage and not much use.
Anyone have any ideas please?

10:12 pm - Friday, November 13, 2009

#228 David

This is a remarkable camera but all over the internet people have expressed annoyance that it freezes after providing just a few shots. It doesn't. The reason for the freezing is that many people do not use the correct batteries. Do not buy this camera because you believe you can power it for normal use by popping in a couple of simple cheap ordinary alkaline AA-sized batteries!

Use only NiMH (size AA) rechargeable batteries at 2000 mAh or higher. The Sanyo Eneloop and Duracell brands are trusted. It is also possible to use NH10 rechargeable batteries, but these batteries, joined in pairs, required a cradle for recharging.

Note well: Fuji makes it clear in the E550 Owner’s Manual that ordinary (alkaline) AA batteries should only be carried around in one’s camera bag just for "a few more shots" should the rechargeables lose power while you are out shooting. In other words, brand new alkaline batteries, fresh out of the pack, can only be expected to provide a "a few more shots" when used in the E550. There is nothing wrong with the camera when after "a few more shots" alkaline batteries no longer allow you to take further shots and the camera "freezes"!

When the NiMH batteries lose their power, discharge them completely using the option on the camera menu, before recharging them - otherwise they will only partly recharge! See page 17 of the Owner’s Manual for details of the camera’s discharge function. Never use any other method of discharging the batteries if they are to be returned to use in the E550.

Even after discharging and then re-charging the NiMH batteries several times in a row, you may still not be able to get the batteries back to a satisfactory length of life - but try the discharge-charge cycle several times before concluding that the batteries have reached the end of their rechargeable lives.

Be aware that once the NiMH batteries have been re-charged, the charge will weaken as time passes, whether they are in or out of the camera and whether used or not. For this reason, discharge and then re-charge the batteries immediately prior to periods when you expect to be using the camera a great deal. Also, you can lessen the natural weakening of the batteries over time, by removing from the camera when the camera is not in use.

6:21 pm - Sunday, December 27, 2009

#229 Lenny

@David. Wow, what an arrogant post. So everyone who posts describing how their camera behaves is wrong are they? And their cameras, that previously were fine on a number of different batteries for a number of years, as in my case, after a certain time go through a metamorphosis and turn into buggy, cranky things that turn off after after pushing the shutter button. And do you also think people are so stupid that they stick batteries that are not fully charged in their cameras, that some of us don't actually test the charge. Wow, yet again!

6:30 pm - Saturday, April 24, 2010

#230 David

Lenny, if you were to do the enormous amount of research that I did on this camera, you would be shocked by the vast number of individuals all over the world who have rubbished this camera because it has failed to operate for them on ordinary alkaline batteries.

I would suggest there is nothing arrogant in my posting a message advising such people as to how they can easily escape this particular problem. Rather, I would suggest, by posting so fully on the matter of the correct batteries for the Fujifilm Finepix E550 I may have saved a considerable number of people from flinging this particular camera in the bin.

6:56 pm - Saturday, April 24, 2010

#231 Booney

'Rather, I would suggest, by posting so fully on the matter of the correct batteries for the Fujifilm Finepix E550 I may have saved a considerable number of people from flinging this particular camera in the bin.'

Not me!

I ran mine on Duracell 2650mAh NiMH until the camera decided to stop working.
And yes, I have tried several other NiMH batteries JUST in case it was those at fault.
It was not.


6:27 am - Sunday, April 25, 2010

#232 Mike

Fair warning to anyone considering buying a Fujifilm digital camera, don't do it. I was lucky enough to have not paid for the camera, as I received it as a gift. The camera with FRESH Nimh batteries keeps shutting off. I called Fujifilm tech, and they said it is probably the "power board" and it's 60.00 plus to fix it. I am not paying 60 dollars for something that is a defect with their product. I'ld rather buy a new or used camera from a more reliable company.

11:06 pm - Friday, May 28, 2010

#233 matt

I bought a Finepix E550 in the summer of 2005 - my first digital, after many years mixing SLR and compacts. I intended to move on to a DSLR, after getting used to digital. Six years later, I still havent, mainly because this camera performs so well, and because for a mountain walker, skier and cyclist, camera weight and size are important.

I quickly found that rechargeable batteries rated at 2300nmhours or more were essential, as is carrying several spares. The low battery warning can be ignored for up to 30 shots before the large red 'definitely no more battery' sign comes up.

In the last year a problem has occurred - the LCD screen, and shots taken, have a strong purple cast (not removeable with editors). At first, I cleared it by removing batteries. More recently, I found that turning LCD off (then on) in setup, clears it more effectively.

I am now considering an upgrade, mainly because the same functionality is available in smaller packaging, but I would stress that this has been a very good camera for me, just small enough for
a pocket, rugged enough to survive skiing tumbles while in that pocket.

I've been interested to read about the problems people have had with Fuji. On the whole it looks as though UK consumer rights are the best option, as they apply against the seller, rather than manufacturer. Fuji are still not in the same league as Ryanair though!

My only complaint would concern the counter, which resets after 9999 (three times for me, and a nuisance in file handling). Would it be hard, or "expensive" to count to a larger number, like 100000?

10:28 pm - Sunday, May 30, 2010

#234 Jacob Seal

I have experienced the "Zoom Error" for FujiFilm's new XP10 model 2 weeks after I purchased it. When I informed the FujiFilm representative that many people are reporting "Zoom Errors" he dismissed all of these complaints, telling me that most customers are just upset that "they didn't get what they wanted." Anyone, who experiences a "Zoom Error" please file a complaint through the FTC Consumer Protection Agency: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/.
Also, I will start a Facebook group soon about this so please be on the lookout. Don't let this company rip off other consumers with the "Zoom Error" defect!

8:30 pm - Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#235 Grayscale

How do you turn off the date/time function?

10:54 pm - Saturday, June 26, 2010

#236 Jim

Re. the Fujipix E550, I can't speak highly enough of this little gem. I even dropped it the other day on a marble floor and since then have taken a hundred pictures without any problem. It's a robust and brilliant little camera.

ONE EXTRA THING ABOUT THE BATTERIES for this particular camera. KEEP THEM WARM if you can. They will go a lot further that way. I notice that when I visit a cold country I have to discharge/recharge the batteries more often than I have to do when I visit a hot country, despite taking roughly the same number of pictures in each.

I notice some people on this thread appear not to have thoroughly read the Fujipix E550 Instruction Booklet! You MUST!

1. You must use only NIMH batteries. Others just will not work in this camera. (Brand new alkaline batteries will allow you to take one or two shots only.)

2. When the power in the NIMH batteries runs out, do NOT remove them from the camera, but go through to page 4 in the camera's settings menu and go through the DISCHARGE procedure. Then remove the batteries and recharge them.

3. Keep the NIMH batteries in your charger for at least 36 hours. (I usually give them three full days.)

4. Remember that the batteries will then last longer if they are kept WARM at all times. So try and store your camera, with the batteries in them, somewhere warm wherever you are. In other words, at night-time don't keep your camera in the same room as the Air Conditioning. Obviously don't leave it in direct sunlight. Just use your common sense and keep it (and the batteries) as warm as you can at all times.

I've just returned from a holiday in a hot country and took 634 pictures with the Fujipix E550 and I only changed the two batteries ONCE! (I take all my pictures at 640x480 pixels.)

Good luck.

9:34 am - Sunday, June 27, 2010

#237 Steve

Great thread!

Bought a used E550 on ebay for $XX. But it has the overexposure problem. No zoom error yet. In daylight, all the photos are overexposed by about three or four stops. Most are completely whited out. (BTW, David, the problem is the precisely the same with fully charged Duracell 2650 mAh rechargable NIMH batteries. ) Indoor shots look okay.

Might be willing to sell it for parts.

9:35 pm - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#238 matt

re over exposure - I lost most of an early set overexposed. One of the basic settings was incorrect. I'm sorry, I cant remember what it was (six years ago), but has not recurred.

Last week I dropped mine from from a two metre heightt. I've got the case clicked back together, and it still works, except that the flash no longer pops open. It turns out there is a tiny proprietary screw 'triwing', for which you need a special screwdriver, from ebay. A minor bonus is that Triwing screws are also used in the Sony Wii nunchuck.

10:31 pm - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#239 John

I bought an E550 way back in 2005, just as it was being replace by the E900. I took the bother of reading the manual before using it and have used it according to the instructions.
I've dropped it, knocked it and it even fell down the stairs once albeit in a Tamrac padded case. It's still performing well after several thousand photos taken. It's almost been retired now, I recently bought the missus a Canon Ixus 95 (brilliant little camera)for £95, and bought myself a Fuji S9600 over a year ago, (likewise excellent).

10:33 am - Thursday, July 22, 2010

#240 chris

I've had my e550 for about 4 years now and love it!!However, it has developed a low light/winter fault. All photos taken in low light ( even later afternoon outdoor shots, I'm not talking really low light) are underexposed, the LCD screen just looks black. I don't want to use the flash and the camera used to be able to cope. Its still great in good light. Any thoughts anyone. Is this the end of my E550?

11:29 am - Saturday, February 5, 2011

#241 Paul

Sorry to hear of the fault in your camera. All I can say is that I dropped my six-year-old E550 today while going through security at the airport and I have given it a thorough check and all is well! They really are quite robust. I've had it for about five years now and sometimes I wonder if it is exposing as well as it used to, however this really is not an issue because I have always improved all my pictures by tweaking them in a simple graphical program.

4:22 pm - Sunday, February 6, 2011

#242 chrispearce

Thanks Paul,
Glad your camera survived its fall!!!
Thanks for your reply.
I have tried tweaking but the results haven't been as good as I hoped.
I've also sat in my lounge (low light) trying different Asa- 200 slightly better. I don't like the 400ASA as sometimes it looks grainy.I'm usually shooting in auto mode.I've just tried shooting my dark lounge corner with night time mode and it looks as though that might be the answer. This must point me in the direction of the cause of the fault, exposure not being long enough or aperture not opening enough/ as much as it used to. Mmmm... I'll carry on trying to tweak too!!

10:35 pm - Sunday, February 6, 2011

#243 Paul

Chris, thanks for reminding me about those different settings. I have NEVER played with them. In fact am not even sure what setting I am on. Maybe I should do some experimentation. Might make my photos even better. The E550 remains one great little camera.

5:44 am - Monday, February 7, 2011

#244 monty

Had a zoom error problem with my 550 too , thanx to th e"twist to click" method it worked !! For me anyway!!

Many thanks for the advice, where would we be without a forum ;-)

12:02 pm - Sunday, May 1, 2011

#245 Jacob

To anyone who is upset about Fuji Film's refusal to acknowledge design flaws of its cameras, please join the following group on Facebook (maybe they will get the message after realizing how it affects their bottomline): http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=107506622632530

5:48 pm - Sunday, May 1, 2011

#246 Fredilys

I purchased a f550 two weeks ago, the CD software did not work, the first photos taken were at a Royal Wedding street party, irreplacable and the results were terrible, full of vertical streaks on each image. Camera returned to supplier for refund. DO NOT TOUCH WITH A TWENTY FOOT BARGE POLE!

3:09 pm - Sunday, May 8, 2011

#247 David

All of photographs in the Thessaloniki 2011 album on the following page have been taken with a six-years-old Fujifilm Finepix E550.

3:18 pm - Sunday, May 8, 2011

#248 David

Click on "David", above, or go to the following page:


3:54 pm - Sunday, May 8, 2011

#249 chrispearce

I was so sorry to read Fredily's comments and can imagine how annoying and disappointing it must have been to have your photos ruined especially as it was of a one- off event. As these E500 cameras are no longer made, Yours must have been bought second hand so I think the fault must lie with the supplier who had not checked the camera out before selling it to you.Poor!!
I loved looking at David's photos especially the glass jars on shelves and the selection of foods.
My beloevd E550 which has taken many wonderful photos for me finally developed the low light fault and in spite of using different tequeniques, after shooting tweaking, I have succumbed to buying the next model up the E900 (£50 ebay) with 9m megapixels instead of 6m. I have been using the two in tandem but the 'new' camera is more reliable so my e550 may be going into retirement.

7:51 pm - Sunday, May 8, 2011

#250 emmanuel taviah

fujifilm digital camera E550 battery runs down within a short time putting it inside the camera.just want to know the cause the appropriate battery to use.

10:58 am - Thursday, June 9, 2011

#251 Jim


1. You must use only NIMH batteries. Others just will not work in this camera. (Brand new alkaline batteries will allow you to take one or two shots only.)

2. When the power in the NIMH batteries runs out, do NOT remove them from the camera, but go through to page 4 in the camera's settings menu and go through the DISCHARGE procedure. Then remove the batteries and recharge them.

3. Keep the NIMH batteries in your charger for at least 36 hours. (I usually give them three full days.)

4. Remember that the batteries will then last longer if they are kept WARM at all times. So try and store your camera, with the batteries in them, somewhere warm wherever you are. In other words, at night-time don't keep your camera in the same room as the Air Conditioning. Obviously don't leave it in direct sunlight. Just use your common sense and keep it (and the batteries) as warm as you can at all times.

1:22 pm - Thursday, June 9, 2011

#252 guy

i was having the issue of my e550 dying as soon as i tried to take a pic even though the batteries were freshly charged.
I cleared my card and reset the camera and now it is working again.
just fyi in case you haven't tried that combination.

9:33 am - Friday, July 15, 2011

#253 Jim

Guy, thanks for that contribution!

In case I ever need to use that strategy of yours, can you just tell me (in a few words) how you "cleared" your card and reset the camera.

Many thanks.

11:49 am - Friday, July 15, 2011

#254 guy

jim - see post 42 to format the card (thanks mark).
the reset is in screen 4 of the setup menu.

7:50 am - Sunday, July 17, 2011

#255 Jim

Thanks, Guy.

12:12 pm - Sunday, July 17, 2011

#256 Margaret dickinson

I have a fuji fineix E550 n put in brand new Duracell rechargeable stay charged batteries, dx1500NiMH 2000 mAh. The camera won't turn on the batteries r new n the lense is ou n won't go in, anyone have ant suggestions to get the zoom lens to go back in the camera n have camera go back on

4:20 pm - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#257 David

Margaret, recently I went on a trip and forgot to take my back-up pair of rechargeable batteries. Hence, when the pair which were already in my camera ran out of power and I wanted to keep taking photos and not wait for the used pair to charge up, I bought a new pair of quality rechargeables of the required type. Although the packaging stated that this new pair were "ready to go", once I had ripped open the packaging and put them in the camera it was immediately clear that this was untrue. I put them in the recharger for three days, and then they worked fine.

Of course I was furious to miss out on being able to take photos for three days, but it was partly my fault for forgetting to take a charged-up backup set away with me, and, of course, while the new batteries probably left the factory charged-up, who knows how long they had been sitting on the shelf in that shop in which I bought them!

I hope this helps.

4:54 pm - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#258 Les

Depressing the shutter button on my FujiFilm FinePix E550 causes it to turn off. When I turn it back on again there is no image. can anyone give me advice as to what the problem is

11:17 am - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#259 David

Les, I know this may sound simple, but are you totally sure your problem is not caused by lack of power? (My camera behaves similarly when batteries don't offer sufficient power.) Just to be sure, take the batteries out and use the lead that enables you to run the camera from the mains electricity. If the camera still behaves improperly when connected to the mains, then there is a problem.

9:42 pm - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#260 Les

David. thanks for the response. I have tried various batteries. will look into the option of trying the power cord and see what the outcome is. I have always been under the impression it is due to a component failure dragging the power down in the operation of taking the picture.

6:28 am - Thursday, July 11, 2013

#261 Meaghan

I have a Fujifilm Finepix camera but I'm really inexperienced. I've never once backed up my camera on a computer and it's come to bite me in the butt. I had about one thousand pictures on there but Friday afternoon they all got erased. Here's the catch. I didn't realize until Sunday and I've taken about 100 pictures since them. Is there hope of retrieving ANY of my pictures. Please tell me good news. I have irreplaceable memories on there.

I have a MacBook and I'm not sure how to get the memory card into my computer.

2:07 am - Monday, July 15, 2013

#262 David

Meaghan, it's a pity the pictures on your camera "got erased". Now when files get deleted from a computer there's sometimes a chance of retrieving them. It depends on how effectively they were deleted. But in this case we're talking about a chip on your camera. So your only hope is that ghosts of the files are still on your chip and that certain software programs will show them up and allow you to reinstate them. This is an operation that would have to be conducted while your camera is attached to your computer, the computer treating your camera as an external storage device.

You need to spend time googling for an expert forum where expert users can advise you on programs that may help you see if there are any traces of your files on your camera chip. Some of these programs are free and some cost. Be careful which programs you download and use.

Good luck. And more than anything else: learn from this experience. When you get back home after a photo session, always transfer your pics to your computer, and then at some later time burn them to a CD-Rom. Only then will they be truly safe.

9:28 am - Monday, July 15, 2013

#263 Mark

My E550 stopped working a long time ago, I long since moved on to a different Fuji camera. I been cleaning up and came across this camera figured I see if I could get it working today. I think trying different batteries is a basic thing. This started out of the blue for me and I was using Energizer 2500 mAh batteries and they always worked. Just one day it stopped taking pictures and powering off. I think it's the power board. However this is 2014 who is using the camera still....LOL I bought it new back when it came out for $550, it served me well so no complaints. This camera lacks so many option of much cheaper cameras now i would be surprised if people were still using it, heck I'm surprised there are people from 2010 complaining...LOL Heck my cell phone takes just as good of picture, better video, and does a lot more then this camera can do. It was a nice camera back in like 2004-2005 when I got it but technology has come a LONG way.

4:10 pm - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#264 Chas

I bought my E550 in 2005 and it's still working utterly brilliantly, never giving me a problem. I treat it with respect, follow every advice given in the manual, and remain delighted with it. The quality of its images is superb, it's simple to operate, and one of things I like most about it is its ergonomic shape: brilliant for walking around and having it at the ready in just one hand while knowing there's no chance of its slipping from my grip because of the splendid shape. I'll stick with this little gem of a camera until it comes to the end of its mechanical life - which by current signs is nowhere near! Nine years old, used regularly, and still performing brilliantly! Love it.

6:43 pm - Tuesday, August 19, 2014