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FujiFilm S5 ProFujifilm have announced the development of the FujiFilm S5 Pro digital SLR, slated for early 2007 introduction. Looking like it’s based on the Nikon D200 body, the FujiFilm S5 Pro features the same Super CCD SR double pixel sensor as the older S3 Pro.

Fujifilm USA Press Release

Valhalla, NY, September 25, 2006 - Confirming the company’s commitment to professional photographers, Fujifilm today announced the development of the much anticipated Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro digital SLR camera. The new Fujifilm S5 Pro is further affirmation of Fujifilm’s goal to achieve professional D-SLR image quality consistent with Fujifilm’s professional film heritage. The Fujifilm S5 Pro carries a number of features that made its predecessor, the FinePix S3 Pro, so popular with wedding, portrait and studio photographers. One is increased dynamic range from the Super CCD SR double pixel technology (6.17 million S-pixels and 6.17 million R-pixels). The new Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro continues this tradition of expanded dynamic range and goes a step further by coupling the new Super CCD SR Pro sensor with Fujifilm’s new RP (Real Photo) Processor Pro for even more outstanding, film-like results. Moreover, the Fujifilm S5 Pro will house the two technologies in a fully digital and durable metal alloy body frame. This opens the door for Fujifilm’s digital imaging technologies to expand into other applications such as outdoor and high endurance commercial photography.

Photokina Update: We now have some product photos live from Photokina 2006 - just click the link below to view them.

Highlight features of the FinePix S5 Pro include:

Image Processing and Quality
  * Real Photo Technology Pro, which combines the Super CCD SR Pro sensor and the RP Processor Pro, allows for the wide dynamic range with smoother tonality from brightest light to darkest shadow. The re-designed new Super CCD SR Pro features an optimized low-pass filter that will reduce the noise and minimize moiré. The newly developed RP Processor Pro features two cycles of noise reduction so photographers can snap pictures at light sensitivities as high as ISO 3200 with less noise than comparable cameras at similar ISOs.

Increased Color and Dynamic Range Control

  * Photographers can choose from six preset ranges for greater creative control over the FinePix S5 Pro’s expanded dynamic range between 100% and 400%,
  * Three new variations of the original film simulation mode have been added (five modes in total) for improved reproduction of natural skin tones.

Face Detection Technology for post image verification

  * At the push of a button, the FinePix S5 Pro’s Face Detection Technology detects up to ten faces in a scene immediately after each image is captured. Photographers can zoom in and confirm facial detail, whether eyes are open or closed, focus and exposure on the FinePix S5 Pro’s LCD monitor.

Other camera functions and features

  * Nikon F-mount compatibility with all Nikkor AF-D/G and the latest AF-S optics
  * RAW+JPEG (4,256 x 2,848 pixels, 3,024 x 2,016 pixels, 2,304 x 1,536 pixels) dual-save mode
  * MAC and PC supported tethered shooting mode via USB 2.0 port and optional HyperUtility software
  * Robust, lightweight magnesium-alloy body
  * Durable shutter unit stands up to approximately 100,000 releases
  * Adoption of high-precision i-TTL flash control
  * 11-point AF sensor for consistent, fast and precise focusing. This is an improvement from the FinePix S3 Pro’s 5-point AF sensor
  * Supports 1/3, ½, and 1 stop lens aperture control
  * Shutter speed 30 sec. to 1/8000 sec., maximum flash sync speed of 1/250 sec.
  * Remark function enables addition of comments to an image file by connecting a special bar code reader to the camera body.
  * 3 levels of custom Function Locking with password protection
  * 2.5 inch LCD with 235,000 pixels with 100% frame coverage featuring color or monochromatic 30 seconds, live view function to check the focusing
  * Li-ion rechargeable battery
  * Compact Flash™ (CF) Card (Type I / II) and Microdrive™ compatible

Optional Accessories
  * LAN Adapter for wireless, high-speed image transfer.
  * New Hyper Utility Software for precise editing control of images taken in CCD-RAW
    14-bit format. Software also enables PC control of the FinePix S5 Pro.
  * Rechargeable Battery
  * Battery Charger
  * AC Power Adapter

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

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#1 Zoltán

Not to contradict you Mark, but aren't they saying it's a NEW Super CCD SR sensor?

2:08 pm - Monday, September 25, 2006

#2 Dario

The dpreview site said that the iso went up to 1600 (in the specs).

It looks like a sweet machine, though. Very ballsy that they didn't increase the megapixels. I like it. :)

7:45 pm - Monday, September 25, 2006

#3 photomfa

I have never really been into fuji's proprietary ccd but the face recognition sounds interesting.

12:12 am - Tuesday, September 26, 2006

#4 Mark Goldstein

We now have some product photos live from Photokina 2006...

10:58 am - Friday, September 29, 2006

#5 Dave Perkes

It looks to address the main drawback of the S2and S3 in that the build quality in both cameras was poor. The new one should be a lot better; but Nikon/Fuji do not build as well as Canon.

A huge downside to me is not being able to use AA cells. This can be a major problem if away from reliable electric supply (which I am from time to time) or if charger is damaged or lost. . My S2 will work with almost any battery as does the S3.

I’m not convinced that image quality will be enough to upgrade from S2.

8:00 am - Monday, October 9, 2006

#6 Syed Fasiuddin


For me its a shock i was expecting around atleast 12 effctvie pixel, and fuji came up with same old S3 MP i dont knw y they r calling it S5 its should be call New S3,

11:18 am - Thursday, October 26, 2006

#7 UKEds

Resolution will probably be the equivalent of an eight million pixel conventional DSLR and that's more than enough.
Thankfully, instead of getting involved with the market driven pixel wars they have instead concentrated on the more important issue of dynamic range.
Quality rather than quantity.
It also looks to be a great improvement over the S3.
The S5 could even turn out to be benchmark DSLR so far as image quality is concerned, but we will all have to wait and see.

5:04 pm - Tuesday, January 2, 2007

#8 Steve Lewis

Im keen to no the capacity of the buffer, having tried the S3pro the main problem amonst others was the really slow write to card speed in jpeg as well as RAW. As a Nikon owner (D2xs bodies), I am thinking of switching to Canon mainly to get better results in the high ISO area when doing sport/low light etc.If the S5 is up to task I may not have to loose money buy selling up!

10:58 pm - Sunday, January 7, 2007

#9 Chris Buck

We got our hands on a pre production FUJIFILM S5, tested it, and rated it, it's dam good for the money, its a better bet than the D200, read the review at


Happy hunting,

10:37 am - Monday, January 22, 2007

#10 gerrit

Another photographer considering switching to Canon. Now if you could turn off all in-camera high iso noise reduction in the S5 (the samples I saw don't look good), I might stay with Nikon...

3:16 pm - Sunday, February 25, 2007

#11 ross

one low light photography is better from a nikon not a canon! canon flash systems arent good in comparison to nikon, only the image quality. fuji have done a good jiob, canon quality with nikon flash!
and canon do not build better bodies than nikon! phhhuuu.

i use a nikon d200/d2x + canon 20d+5d and well i wouldnt say any of the canons are a better build than a nikon, smaller, feels plasticy and cheap in comparison!! where did you ever get that idea from? plus nikons can take a drop, a canon would shatter!

5:01 pm - Friday, March 2, 2007

#12 Dave Perkes

The Semi Pro and Pro Canons EOS 5 and EOS1DS are incredibly well built heavy and tough with weather sealing. The S2 and S3s were based on the plastic bodied N90 as was the D100 . The D2X is a tough cookie too but I still reckon the top EOS was better. The D200 or S5pro is a big improvement and is as nearly as good as the mid level Canons; but I still reckon that the embossed lettering on the function buttons will wear in 2 to 3 years use (as on my S2 which is unsaleable for that reason)

As for the entry level Nikons and Canons ; there is little to choose between them in terms of build or image quality.

4:08 pm - Saturday, March 3, 2007

#13 jim henderson

Couple of points on S5. I have S3 and was concerned about loss of AA battery power but Fuji UK confirm Nikon MB 200 grip can be used with Fuji NP150 battery or six AA. I hope the S5 3200 ISO & noise control will give better options for Aurora photography. The dynamic range of S3 big leap over S2 so expect S5 to be even better. I hope to upgrade.

6:33 pm - Sunday, March 11, 2007

#14 Colin Angus

Hi I have the Fuji S5 pro and I am as are a few other owners having problems with the focusing does anybody else have any problems?

2:52 pm - Monday, March 12, 2007

#15 chema

Hi Colin. I'm about to spend my money on a DSLR of this range so if you could show us some results with your new S5 and maybe some comparisons would be great!.

Focusing problems? could you be more specific? is it an AF problem? did you try with another lens or the same lens on an other body?

The D200 is very well designed at that point and the two are the same so if the problem is only with the Fuji's S5 is it possible that the sensor is not placed at the right place?!?!?!?!?!?!is the only difference with a D200.
If that's the problem, you should SEE the image well focused from the prism and only see the problem in the captured image(?¿). If you don't even see the right focus from the prism then it's maybe a lens or AF problem.

Others are having that problem... wow... please keep posting the end of the story!

9:23 pm - Monday, March 12, 2007

#16 Colin Angus

Posted by Author: Nicholas Nicolaou
Posted on: 06.03.07 - 11:06:13
Before I start I would like to say that I have taken over 3000 shots with 2 S5's and 150 studio photos (at f4- 6.3) as well as carefully setup focus props to make sure focus is set at where its suppose to be and After thouroughly testing both these cameras I have some questions about the s5.

1. The 4 lenses I have Tam 28-75 di, Sig 70-200 apo, Tam 90 di macro and sig 15-30 All to a certain degree focus a little behind to quite alot behind(depending on distance) than the s3 (which focuses almost perfectly, 1/3-1/2 infront of subject and more than that behind - SPOT ON).

THE S5 HOWEVER AND AT WIDE APERTURES f2.8,f4 ETC DOES NOT.....THE FOCUS sweet POINT SEEMS TO BE BEHIND BY ABOUT 1/2" at 1ft and upto 3-5" at 7-10ft (especially with the Tam28-75 at 75mm). Even though the subject matter may be infocus, its only JUST! and everything behind seems better upto a point, however nothing infront seems to be in focus.

2. The noise reduction system I have found always needs to be set at STD NOT ORG as the noise, even at a lower number ISO is more than the S3. I found this very strange. Film like noise but still there even in grey/white areas.

I can go on......but even though the s5 seems a better camera as faster and better colours(when you set them correctly), and the jpegs seem to have less artifacts than the s3.....I still feel that the focusing and less so the noise issues are beginning to be very annoying, this is the second S5 I have and they both show the same. The d200 seems to have slight back focus issues too (of what I have read on the net), and I was wondering If any of you guys/gals who have the S5 (and it helps if you have an s3 can see or test similar findings).

I can either now change my lenses to find some that work ok. WHAT LENSES DO YOU HAVE?? I don't want to change my lenses (If thay are the problem with focusing issues or just the cameras), OR maybe settings are incorrect, but I doubt it as I have tried everything.!!?
As for the noise, is there any good software out there, Man Im going to need alot of post processing???

(PS, sorry If I never got back to any of you who emailed, but I have just got to sort this out, I have even put off a short holiday break until I can get some answers on this) - Im not being fussy and a perfectionist on these issues as some of the images viewed at 100% are terrible.
Be aware that after f5+ it is hard to see some of the focus problems due to the smaller aperture.

Take a look at this.
To contact the author http://www.melidoniphotography.com

10:35 am - Tuesday, March 13, 2007

#17 Pk-photo

Yes I have the S5 ...but I must tell you that the colors are more than well...

I am not a very fan of digital, even if I can see the very good points of it..in photography terms I love more working in Rela and NPS films or Provia and Velvia.

The biggest problem of the S5 is depth of field and problems with the focus in front of the subject that you are focusing, yes this gives you an impressive look to your buck ground area....

Speaking now for settings you must choise Std films settings and Range 400% in all formats choise, and sharpness a little bit hier, BUT the problem IS that you cannot change by the camera anything in camera's setting in other film feeling positions, according to your taste or opinion...but in fuji they say that this will be solven by the PC later on it.
So sharpness you can change it only in Standard mode "film" it is a pitty....

Otherwise I am testing and learning the camera.

Please forgive my mistakes in English which is not my best speaking language....

It is not as fast as Cannon, but the oportunity to work in any lens by Nikon with the flash Nikon this is the top and also colors are more better, but never consider that with this camera, you can go to take pictures in the Olympics....

Nikon never will give you this Colors and also if you want you can try Zeiss lens for Nikon but manually and no in auto focus.

10:37 pm - Tuesday, March 13, 2007

#18 Pk-photo

I am again writting to ask if more users of the Fuji S5 exept Mr Colin Angus have found these problems in focusing ?
I have send email to Fuji representator, but I think that users must gently complain to the compagny...
In any case, the problem is important in any picture, and thre is always well focused, but IN FRONT of the point of focus, towards to the lens in any lens and in any f stop.
I have tried the lenses Tamron 28-75, Nikon 17-35 AFS, Nikon 105 DC, Nikon 80-200, and Sigma 14mm.

8:41 pm - Thursday, March 15, 2007

#19 Colin Angus

Posted by Author: Bernard Cavanagh
Posted on: 14.03.07 - 21:44:32
Nick, I'm using standard on medium hard sharpness but I'm still getting images that are basically out of focus.
The only time the camera shines is with portrait type photography where it softens the skin and gives a nice warm transition in skin tones.
It's not too bad taking product pictures but I won't be keeping it much longer because I think news will leak that there is an issue and I can see the price dropping.
I rang Fuji tech support today and they were completely dismissive. The chap said to email them a couple of images and they would tell me where I'm going wrong which wound me up a little especially when he said they have a 10Mb limit and the fact he sounded particularly disinterested.

I asked if they had anyone else asking the same question about focusing and he said absolutely not so I pointed out he might like to look at Fuji's own website in the DSLR camera section and he went kind of quiet.

If you get any further info please let me know because I'm seriously considering changing because I need 12 Mpixels that are pin sharp for my business and I can't afford to keep the S5 if there isn't a fix.

1:25 am - Friday, March 16, 2007

#20 Colin Angus

Posted by Author: Nicholas Nicolaou
Posted on: 15.03.07 - 01:50:09
Scott and Bernard.

I understand you fully.... I am a great fan of Fuji products, but as for softness and focusing issues, there is a problem in either one or the other. I would be the last person to put a product down and especially a Fuji product, but the S5 is not quite there(read all my previous).
The reviews look promising, but I know they are not as in depth as what I have and others have looked at into the product. I realized this a month ago when I did a photography studio shot, first the softness then the focusing and the slight noise issues( which I will say is not really noise but a very fine spray of particles or something that looks like 'Neat Noise if I can call it that) either way there are some issues here.
I was one of if not the first person to contact Fuji who were dismissive, and blamed my lenses. These same lenses and my friends 28-70,70-200 thousand pound top range lenses still produce medium images. My S3 is better, sharper and I would say less noise(yes less), except colour and speed. Fuji asked me to document everything twice, and I told them that I was suprised that others had not said anything about this at that time (obviously others have now).
What do you do?., This is a unique camera as far as colour, dynamic range is concerned, I only buy Fuji for this, I have seen the D200 and Its alot better on everything else, but not the colour/dyn range.
My time has been wasted, I have spent a month, trying to get things right, I bought one new lens 18-200 Nikon VR and have found problems with the ttl system, what else can go wrong.
This is my second Fuji, and there is no point in trying to get another, I am still testing everything continuously, Do I keep it or what?? I have 2 weddings coming and No time left, THERE NEEDS TO BE FIX, FUJI SHOULD HAVE GOT THIS RIGHT, EWHERE IS HYPERUTILITY - cos until I get that I don't know what to do.
I now atleast know that my lenses are not the problem despite what Fuji says.
- Give us a Fix Fuji, surely after a further 2 years we could have had a camera that was sharper etc...
Lets see some comparison shots you guys/gals who have the s3 and s5 on your own lenses then I can get down to writing to Fuji regarding the whole thing, maybe they can advice us.

Regards Nick.

The above are extracts from Myfuji forums.

1:27 am - Friday, March 16, 2007

#21 Pk-photo

I want to add some remarks, for the S5.
In my tests the camera gives us very nice pictures (thanks to nikon technology) when we use TTL and even better in wireless TTL with two SB800.
Do never try anything exept STANSARD "film" mode and you must try to the Sharpness High (or a less position but never the standard one) and Tone MidHigh or High, to have an acceptable picture with less work in Photoshop.
I am wondering why Fuji invaste so many time and money to developpe a new camera (and the photographers too, for learning it) and after all they arrived, to give us a camera which is so unexeptable....But I say this even if I am fun for Fujifilms only...it is a pitty, for them but more for us.

As speaking for the D200 many problems there too....

1:34 pm - Saturday, March 17, 2007

#22 Pk-photo

They have un update for S5


9:21 pm - Monday, March 19, 2007

#23 AC

Plus, I read that some users found the S5 too slow writing RAW files. Not good. Then there's the fact that if you set it to "ISO Auto" you only have a range of 200-1600 ISO. Not 100-1600 as in the D200. Why? Then there's the fact that it can only give you 3fps vs 5fps on the D200.

While the S5 might possibly offer better picture quality I think the D200 is more flexible in more shooting situations.

6:17 am - Wednesday, March 21, 2007

#24 Dave Perkes

S5 speed
I am weighing up the image quality versus speed issue too and am coming to the conclusion that given the harsh lighting environment where I live, the extra dynamic range will be more important than the write speed.

I was planning to buy a D200 to complement my Fuji S2 (which I believe to be even slower using RAW than the S5).

There have been a few occasions when the Fuji is not fast enough; but as I am not a sport photographer. Portrait, Life, Landscape, Architecture and some Wildlife is my main subjects. Quality and dynamic range is more important than pixel count.

I can produce good 16x 12 prints (even cropped to 50%) on my S2.

It all comes down to subject matter If you want speed use Canon or Nikon or for dynamic range and colour go for Fuji.

4:45 pm - Wednesday, March 21, 2007

#25 AC

I agree with you Dave (Perkes). I suppose if we could afford it we would have a S5 for portrait, landscape and architecture. And maybe a Canon 1DM3 for action photography. But I'm not one of those people. And must choose one. Which sort of makes me lean more towards the D200 as I do like to shoot sports and dance. In addition to portraits, landscapes and architecture.

But the abilities of the S5 does intrigue me. RAW file write speed aside. That and it can do at least 3fps. Which should be somewhat useful for casual sports photography. Assuming you're not a working sports photographer. Which I'm not. Just an enthusiastic hobbyist. :)

So who knows. Should I go with a S5? D200? Wait for the D200x? Canon 40D? :) Decisions... I'm in no really hurry. So maybe I will wait a few more months and see what Canon and Nikon brings to the market.

5:26 pm - Wednesday, March 21, 2007

#26 Colin

I was speaking to a Fuji rep two days ago and he said that the Fuji S5 pro is exactly the same as the Nikon D200 apart from the processor and the sensor.

I was shooting with my S5 using a Tamron 28-75mm last night to find that it was very soft compared to a shot I did last year with the S3 pro. So I will compare again tonight using Nikon lens's. if you would like to see any images then go to flickr and look for Fuji S5. Colin

5:57 pm - Wednesday, March 21, 2007

#27 AC

Being that the processors are not the same that just might account for the S5's slow RAW file write speed. But again I'm just going by what I've heard other S5 owners said on pbase.com and YouTube.

When they finally do a review on the S5 (e.g. http://www.dpreview.com) then we can see how similar it is to the D200 in performance. Though, the S5 might still come out ahead as far as dynamic range and how clean pics are at high ISO.

Do you not find your S5 slow writing RAW files? Curious.

2:06 am - Thursday, March 22, 2007

#28 Pk-photo

Every day I make tests with my S5 and I think that it seriouselly a very good camera when you don't work and need to take pictures in car's competition...

According to the french test on Reports Photo they would like to see a better job in pictures with 12MP ...so as I see the better quality in working with is RAW + Fine (or Norm) in M, because the results in L didn't make me happy.

TTL flash systeme with several SB works perfectly !!!! And you can find many excellant results when you change the settings in Film simulation exept the standard mode.

but I stil believe that some times front focus effect is in the pictures....specially with wide lens

12:48 pm - Thursday, March 22, 2007

#29 Jim Henderson

Reading with interest various experiences with the S5. I got mine yesterday and have taken a few quick comparisons with my S3 and initial impressions are favourable.

Set up as F2 RAW files. Using the MB200 Battery Grip with two NP150 batteries (supposed to get 1600images) but can use the 6 AA as backup. Lens was Nikon 18-70mm and hand held on old gate post at around 34mm focal length, f9 on S5 with shutter speed of 1/55 at ISO100. I had almost identical images and gut feeling was S5 fractionally sharper but darker than S3. Photoshop adjustments (unsharp mask and levels) meant almost indiscernible difference and both focussed OK. Also took one of stone wall and both OK and almost identical in quality.

S5 wrote RAW file at half speed of S3 – Kingston Elite so slow compact flash card, approx 5 seconds as against 10 seconds. S5 shutter is noticeably sharper and louder than S3 but optical viewer much sharper and brighter and the LCD much larger on S5.

Incidentally opened the S5 RAW files in latest Photoshop plug in and no difference in the time between the S3 and S5 files. Hyper Utility2 (that I used with S3) will certainly view the S5 but I never use it for working RAW files; prefer Photoshop.

Still a lot to learn and I will be doing many more comparative tests and if I find anything worth reporting will let you know.

7:22 pm - Thursday, March 22, 2007

#30 AC

Just read an article about the performance of the D200 by Ken Rockwell (http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d200/d200-high-speed.htm). And according to him write speed isn't important to a photographer. News to me. But what he said does make sense. Take a peek at the article. Good read.

And based on his testing of various memory cards it looks like the write speeds might be similar. Though, he tested RAW+JPG 1 file each, write speeds.

Can some one with a S5 test how long it takes to write one RAW+JPG file simultaneously. Just for curiosity sake.


2:28 am - Friday, March 23, 2007

#31 Jim Henderson

On S5, I have just checked and the RAW=FineJPEG took about 6 secs as against the 5 Secs for RAW alone. Using an Elite Pro so probably one of slowest cards around. For those interested in my previous item, I had the S5 set to Single Servo and single area Af settings.

10:38 am - Friday, March 23, 2007

#32 AC

Thanks Jim. Well then it means that the S5 isn't "slow" writing RAW files (or RAW+FineJPG) compared to the Nikon D200. Or slow at all. Knowing that you used "one of the slowest cards around". :)

I guess I will add the S5 to my list of possible DSLRs. But I am still waiting to on the D200x and the Canon 40D. Both of which should be available this year.

Have a good weekend!

4:46 pm - Friday, March 23, 2007

#33 Pk-photo

The must in this camera for the users is to work in Row always to be able to change as you whish the final picture, in any settings of the camera by your Pc screen, thing that give us more things to do...

I would like to know if someone of the users find a way in the settings to give a solution in the pictures taken often soft by the camera, and which position of Sharpnes, Tone, and Color you believe that it is the best, personnally in architect photography found that Sharpnes and Tone both in "HARD", give better results than in mormal sett up, but stil don't know what to do with people...
Also I found out that some times the immage views goog and focus in camera's LCD back screen, but when you magke biger the picture in your PC looks sometimes or many times out of focus and sharpnes.

So I come here to ask if anybody has found a solution in settings, to help us? Thanks.

4:30 pm - Saturday, March 24, 2007

#34 Fuji SLR Owner

I've owned both a Fujifilm S2, S3 and now a D200. I'm looking forward to buying an S5 to compare it to the other models. I loved the S3's color and portrait capabilities but the D200 body should really make this a great camera.

You can check out all the latest reviews of the S5 here: http://www.noendpress.com/pvachier/cameras/fuji_S5.php

2:05 pm - Wednesday, March 28, 2007

#35 Colin

I had a go at shooting last night using 3200 and I cant see any noise at all. So far I am pleased.

2:53 pm - Wednesday, March 28, 2007

#36 Andrew Scott

I have noticed front focusing to with all of my lenses, I am going to call Fuji Tomorrow after some more testing. The 70-200 VR f2.8 seems to work ok.

Tamron have told me the tamron lenses may need their chips updating. They should reply to me tomorrow.



11:11 pm - Thursday, March 29, 2007

#37 Pk-photo

Yes there is a effect of wrong focus in depending on which lens you are using it...
In my tests with 17-45 AFS f2,8 there is a small front focus effect....things are going bad if you use Tamron 28-75 f2,8 at 2.8 fstop where you will see a back focus effect. And to not be in misunderstandig position, when I say "front focus" I mean that the lens combinated to the S5 focus more closer to the selected point of focus towards to the direction to the camera, and back focus when the focus is more easy to be seen back of the point of focus oposite to the lens direction...

Other important is that Fuji "knows" which lenses are good but when you ask them they say nothing to help you....

Oh this story for the chips is confirmated ? And if you use this lens after in film camera Nikon what results do we have?

6:01 pm - Friday, March 30, 2007

#38 Pk-photo

So as photographer and working with Fuji S5 I was trying to make a test in the same subject distence and differant focal length and to f2.8, f4, f 5.6 in 28mm, 70mm both in digital and film, with S5, F90x (my F5 is in service) and all the pictures by the F90x in film are focus perfectly in the area where I tried and all the pictures by the S5 and the same lens Tamron 28-75 f2.8 are ALL with out of focus, specially the camera and the lens focused beside the area point and all the pictures in f28 are OUT of focus....

So according to others who have already mentioned, my opinion is that there is a PROBLEM in which LENS with this camera....

Mr Fuji maybe should give us a list of which lenses are working with this camera....

7:33 am - Saturday, March 31, 2007

#39 Colin

I was out in North Wales England at the weekend on the Horseshoe Pass so I set my camera up on my tripod facing towards the bend going towards the Ponderosa Cafe. It was set to Dynamic-area AF and Matrix metering Continuous-servo AF and just about all the shot's of the motorbikes were out of focus the S5 had focused on the the background so that was nice and sharp but my main subjects were not. Just what am I doing wrong? I was using my Nikon 28-200mm lens.

12:35 pm - Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#40 Pk-photo

You should make a control by your self of the systems of focusing of the camera...if you want to give me one email I will send you the way to do it...

I did had the same problemes as you...and I found out a way to make understand the repairs service of Fuji to help us. I have already call to Fuji and they wait the pictures and the camera.

2:46 pm - Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#41 Colin

Take a look at my Flickr pages http://flickr.com/photos/38245530@N00/

3:00 pm - Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#42 Dave Perkes

It looks to me as though the moving vehicles are out of focus through subject movement. The road under the bikes look sharp.

3:24 pm - Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#43 Colin

So would you class this as back focusing or would you say it is down to me using to slow a shutter speed?

3:38 pm - Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#44 Pk-photo

I wanted to contact you Collin but your site don't allows to email you directly...

Yes I saw the pictures, with your problem and I think that the problem must been betwenn the chips who allows communication from the lens to the camera, and the camera canot see the moving target to your direction.

I did had the same problem (at least) with F5, they could not find easily a solution...

4:53 pm - Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#45 Colin

You can contact me on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

5:28 pm - Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#46 Atomix

Some high iso sample links, take a look at:

1:35 pm - Tuesday, April 24, 2007

#47 mario46

The Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro Digital SLR Camera is a good value digital SLR camera with an impressive feature set. To get a more detailed understanding about the product, one is advised to visit this site, http://www.smartratings.com/review/photography/digital_cameras/1028 , where a compilation of expert reviews about the camera are aggregated. Hope this helps.

4:26 am - Friday, July 6, 2007

#48 Pk-photo

I use the S5, but I canot totally agree with mario46, and if you go to read the recent comparative test between S5, D200, 30D in dpreview you will see why only, for some kind of photography, may be it is a "good" camera....
Otherwise I have two S5 and I have never in my photography life so many problems wiht a camera like this one, the first isn't working and I send it back with front and back focusing problems.
And in the link, that you mentioned you should know that all the test in French photography magasins (chasseur d'immages + reponses photo) never evaluated this camera as the best choise....why ? And these people they are vrey hard working when they planed a test.
Yes only for some type of photography the S5 is very good, and for other also exellant, but with many problems in after sales services...I wait from March to have a solution in my first S5.....
So it can be sometimes the S5 a good camera for the photographer, but you should take care that this is with a very low value for the money that you have to pay for it.(this is only a personal opinion, may be for others is an excellant camera ! why not?)

2:08 pm - Friday, July 6, 2007


I have used Fuji S2 & S3 PRO for over 3 yrs now, i love the result image Fuji puts out, much better than any DSLRs i've own before. People are talking about Fujis are good for weddings and portraits, to me if its good for weddings and portraits its good for the rest, Fuji is not faster shooting than Canon or Nikon, but in the end the results that counts, look for samples here. it tells everything about Fuji DSLRs.
If your goal is to shoot 5 frames per second everyday then buy Canon or Nikon. If you care about image quality then buy Fujis. I've shot in 3fps with my Fujis many
times in fine JPG mode without any problem. i've sold all my Canon and Nikon gears and switched to Fujis and Sony for much better end results, im selling prints, i dont sell speed.
You can see why i switched, the reasons are here in this gentlman page.
To see is to beleive, i had a chance to compared both of my Fuji s2 & S3 vs Nikon D50 on the same lens, the results are very easy to pick pretty much the same as these samples you see here on the 2 links above. Fujis rules.
I bought Nikon D50 because many reviews gave it a 5 star and Kent Rockwell said he cant tell the diff between D2X and D50 in images quality, thats a BS, D50 is noway near the quality of Fujis. If D50 images look the same as D2X then shame on NIKON, D50 is just a beginner camera, it does beginner stuff. Kent Rockwell said that so may be he can get free lunch from Nikon.
If you want Nikon, buy Sony A100 for more advance CCD than Nikon gets, you should know that Sony made CCD for all Nikon DSLRs. Plus you get Anti Shake in body ( thats means any lens will be stabilized)never worried about buy Nikon over price VR lenses ever again.
In additional, Fujis and Sony produce much better colors , sharpness, details contrast, more neutral, truer and more pleasing colors,and most of all the extend dynamic range, with very smoot details, not as Nikon always seems to blow hilite details.
my 2 centz.

4:21 pm - Saturday, August 18, 2007

#50 Colin

I am still using the Fuji S5 Pro, but it is a camera you have to work hard with. When on a shoot you just cant afford to relax or all will go bad...

1:44 am - Monday, November 5, 2007

#51 Colin

I forgot to say that I downloaded some test charts to check my lens's. I tested my Nikon 18-35mm 28-200mm and a Tamron 28-75mm. The Tamron was the best of the bunch. So as a result of this test I relised that the camera must be working ok. It is worth testing all your lens's.

1:49 am - Monday, November 5, 2007

#52 nicholas nicolaou

One fuji s5 focuses unpredictable on different lenses (no human error here)
Another focuses slight front on a few lenses and the majority of other lenses - back focus.
two other fuji s5's later both focus back on all lenses and some slightly better than others, you need to bring the aperture past 5.6 on any lens to get focus some on the subject only a touch and then lots of focus behind.

There is a problem and its of quality issues as far as I am concerned, I am soooo angry and frustrated that I can't get hold of a good copy _ I have a vast collection of lenses, anyone interested ??
18-200 VR nikon
28-70 Nikon AF-S 2.8
sigma 70-200 apo f2.8 (and extension x2 and x3)
tamron 28-75 f2.8
sigma 15-30mm wide
50mm f1.4nikon
Get in touch for more info or on the problems with the s5
If you have a good copy - Your lucky thats all I can say (I wish I had one).

9:02 pm - Monday, November 5, 2007

#53 nicholas nicolaou

sorry email:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


9:07 pm - Monday, November 5, 2007

#54 Colin

Hi Nick it's me Colin from MyFuji. How did your wedding shoot go?

11:38 pm - Monday, November 5, 2007

#55 Pk-photo

The problems that I found unsing the S5 are :
1) Front and back focus, depending with the lens you are using.
Even when I wanted to buy the Tamron 17-50 I tried 4 of them to find one without focusing problems. After all, I tried also the combo Sb800 and lens were some of them did had communication problems in flash esposure.
2) Generally some times the Sb800 may flash without pressing any part of the camera. This is a Nikon problem with the Sb800. I send my two Sb800 4 times to Nikon to fic the problem.
3) Finally Fuji has not a service as Nikon or Canon, and they did not repaired my first S5 with problems in focusing and after all they returned back my money.

So I wait to see the results with D3 and D300.

8:29 am - Saturday, November 10, 2007

#56 Michael

I recently purchased the fujifilm S5 pro and much to my dismay my nikon lenses arent compatible!! I just wanted to post what has gone down thus far to try and help others who may be struggling with this issue!

I purchased the S5 for one reason only. skin tones! great portrait camera. being a nikon man I have plenty of nikon lenses so that added to my decision. after shooting several portraits, clients started coming back to me saying that their images upon blowing them up were out of focus! and sure enough they were! long story short.. 50% or more of the images i had shot were out of focus! I called fujifilm. they couldnt have been more rude or more dismissive!! I called and called and called again until I was put in touch with someone who at this moment is trying to see what to do. key word 'trying'. seems fujifilm's customer service lacks any sort of .. well.. customer service!!

My first call to fujifulm I was told by a technician to change my metering from spot to matrix. I told him that it was a FOCUSING issue not a metering issue, he assured me that would help. umm ok. so i did. guess what? didnt help. my next call was to tell that man that he was mistaken. someone else answered. he was just downright rude. told me i was an idiot. yes.. fujifilm told me i was an idiot for changing the metering to help focusing! lol i kid you not. i was then put in touch with someone else, he told me that i should use a higher fstop and shutter speed. !! i said wait a sec are you telling me that i cant use an f5.6 at 125th because it wont be sharp and that the only way to get a sharper image is to change the fstop????? his reply.. "well, our guy had to." need i say more? anyway.. i decided to do my own research.. this is what i found..

older autofocus lenses do not work with the S5Pro. BUT, sometimes they do. it depends upon the lens. so for example MY 80-200 doesnt work , but apparently fujifilm's in-house photographer's 80-200 DOES ( as long as his shutter speed is at a 250th and fstop are at a 8.0 or higher. go figure. i went to my local camera store to find out what was what.. we tried a half a dozen lenses, shot some pics and viewed. the ONLY lenses that worked or I should say gave sharp images were the brand new lenses designed for the digital age. no older nikon lenses worked. NONE.
so my dilemma, give the camera back or buy a new lenses. I will report back when all of this MESS is finished.
I hope this has been helpful to SOMEONE!

8:37 pm - Thursday, November 15, 2007

#57 Colin

Hi Michael,
What a bad story about Fuji. When I sent my Fuji S3 in for sensor cleaning the camera came back with screws missing and hanging out on the CF flap. They gave me another camera but nothing else..
I hope you get sorted soon.

1:05 am - Friday, November 16, 2007

#58 Pk-photo

Fuji's service in Germany never answered anything for a problematic S5 in focusing that I send them...
So I wish you good luck with Fuji, but I don't trust them any more for my next diggital camera....
So next time you and I should think better what to buy.
Go to the internet and learn by the sites who are speaking about the front and back foucing problems.

4:44 pm - Friday, November 16, 2007

#59 Michael

The saga continues... Fuji asked that I send the camera in so that THEY could inspect it. They didnt trust the company that THEY asked me to bring it to! Wait it gets better.. when I asked for a loaner camera, I was told that they will 'check to see if they have one'!! CHECK TO SEE IF THE HAVE ONE!! How ridiculous is that!?

so far NO fujifilm executive has answered one of my calls.

5:27 pm - Friday, November 16, 2007

#60 Colin

Hey they cant be that bad as when I sent my S3 in for cleaning they lent me a camera lol

6:30 pm - Friday, November 16, 2007

#61 Mark Goldstein

(Posted on behalf of JV)

So sad to hear all the problems you have with Fuji S5.
I dont know why S5 is diff than S2 & S3 as far as focusing?. Did you buy it new?, must be a bad copy or it has been dropped?
I personally love my S2 & S3, with no problem at all..Infact i sold all my Canon and Nikon gear and keep Fujis.
Good luck.

12:47 pm - Sunday, November 18, 2007

#62 KOOL100VR4


2:58 pm - Sunday, November 18, 2007

#63 nicholas nicolaou

Mark yes S2 S3 fine cameras well atleast consistant on focusing and you can make a decision as to what is going on front/back focusing on some occaisionally, but at least you can swap, buy new lenses that work consistantly. BUT the fuji s5 - INCONSISTANT, most lenses inaccurate unless you go up on your aperture that is, and even then this is not helpfull for any style of photography really !!

Disappointed as I have tried 3 different cameras and 1 swapped out and a couple from retailers - All different apart from 2 which consistantly back focused.

I ll keep in touch with any positives/ negatives on my current repair.

1:05 pm - Monday, November 19, 2007

#64 Mark Goldstein

(Posted on behalf of JV)
Ok, i hear you on the S5 focus issues, what i usually do on focus is that i trigger the shutter release a few times before i shoot it, that would asures the camera time to AF it right, i do that on all my Dslrs, thats why i dont have problems with AF. Besides you look through the view finder and make sure your main target focus is dead on before you shoot too, another word dont trust AF all the time. Dont expect the AF to be perfect at all time..another option is to use smallest focus point on camera. Oh! one more important point too is that you should set the lock AF in camera too, perhaps you must have left the AF setting at continous AF, meanning the AF will change during your frame your shots, you should see the AF dot is ON( locked)on the spot you want to be on focus in your veiwfinder, then hold down the shutter release half way to keep AF lock on that target, then frame your shot after that, it should helps.
Im planning on buy Fuji S5 as soon as the price drop below 1,000$ mark, and i sure hope that i dont run into that AF issues..
Reason is here..

I would like to buy the Sony A700 too..


3:10 pm - Monday, November 19, 2007

#65 Pk-photo

The link that is there from think camera, is a very old one, and when you see this, you think that the S5 is an excellant camera...
But this is only when, you have a camera who is able to focus with the 11 focusing points, (because some times the down one never focus...well in some models that I tried of the S5- ti see if they can focus well and I tried until now 5 differant S5) and if you don't have "communications" problems between the lens that you are using and the camera, additionaly with or without the flash.
The good thing is that in post processing you can do miracles if you work in Raw with Hyper-Utility3.

5:37 pm - Monday, November 19, 2007

#66 nicholas nicolaou

Colin, it went ok'ish just had to keep the aperture intact, and didn't get some shots that I wanted to get with background blur, but got some good shots with my 28-70 af-s which seems to work well at 5.6 and above.
Hope your keeping well mate, keep in touch.

Regards Nick.

2:55 am - Thursday, November 22, 2007

#67 Colin

I am now wondering what is a good camera to buy when I need to!!! I do have a bias towards Nikon as I have there lens's..

Cheers Nick.

11:59 pm - Thursday, November 22, 2007

#68 Warren

The choice is obvious: get the D3!

12:39 am - Sunday, December 9, 2007

#69 JV

The new Nikon D3 is probably the best Nikon ever made, due to all new FF sensor, i saw a few samples from pros at high iso, look very impressived..But the body is too big for today's taste, besides the price is way too high, not everyone can afford it,im waiting for a break through sensor with small body DSLR, dont matter what company it is...perhaps Sony will follow with a break thru camera..

1:19 am - Sunday, December 9, 2007

#70 Pk-photo

The D3 is a good choise, but very expensive, and the Dynamic Range of Fuji stil gives good pictures...exept of some cases that D300 is better !! If you can, wait to see if Nikon si going to made another FF in smaller body, as Canon with 5D, or if Fuji will answer with another body.

9:32 pm - Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#71 Michael

This is a followup: I just heard from FujiFilm regarding my camera that was sent back to me with no note, no letter..nothing. I called them as soon as I tested it. Apparently, there WAS a focusing issue.. and they corrected it. But, and heres the kicker, I received an email this morning claiming that they couldn't find anything wrong with the camera. SO, the technician I spoke to told me there was and the marketing manager told me there wasn't. hmm interesting no? Heres the bottom line.. suddenly my camera is focusing PROPERLY now.
I like this camera and I give the skin tones an A+ but the customer service fails miserably!!!

7:02 pm - Wednesday, December 12, 2007

#72 Stan Glass

I have a Nikon D2x, D200, S5 and they all have a back focusing problem with the nikon 17-35, 28-70 2.8's, but with the 17-55 DX 2.8 and 12-24 DX 4.0 not a problem, I think that the lens is not corrected for the digital like the digital DX lenses are.
I get lousy results with the non DX lenses on all of these cameras but on the F5 and F6 film cameras Tack sharp.

I do not know what the deal is since the Film lenses should be using the center sweet spot of the lens

6:53 am - Friday, December 14, 2007

#73 Michael Stevens

Fujifilm will loan any PhotoLynx customer or prospect a Fujifilm S5 Pro Camera and barcode reader for 2 weeks to try out the camera. Along with this offer, PhotoLynx is offering a free 2 week trial of their software for testing with the Fujifilm s5 Pro Camera. PhotoLynx, combined with the FujiFilm S5 Pro camera makes identifying your images and creating a database of those images quick and simple. Contact Michael Stevens from PhotoLynx at 1-760-782-9000 or by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to take advantage of this offer.

5:30 am - Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#74 Tony

Hi to all concerend on this page. Well I have read and tried to inwardly digest all that has been said here. I too like many others here am trying to find out the best average camera. As I want to buy one. Between Nikon D3, D300 and Fuji S5. I think I am more confused now than when I started to read all this. But I have to say thank you to all of you who have contributed to this, as I found different bits quite interesting and I hope helpful. I do not have any old Nikon lenses to use so will be buying new digital type Nikon lenses VR and DX Have bought one already and as yet do not have a camera to put it on. Cost is not an issue for me, as this camera I buy will probaly be the last big and expensive camera I shall buy. Having bought many different film cameras in the past. I came here to see which camera I should go and buy, I still do not know which is the best one for me. But do understand the differences between D3 and S5. But now I am concerned over focusing, maybe I shall be ok as my lenses will be the new digital ones. I will get the chance to test a S5 out, before I buy so the chap at Fuji here in Bulgaria has told me, in the next few days. Fingers crossed and everything else as well. ok, if anyone wants to contact me; is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Best wishes to you all, I do hope you all get your problems sorted and I will keep an eye on this page to see what other comments come here. Bye for now, Tony

5:03 pm - Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#75 Barbie

Hi, I have owned all the Fuji S range from S1 to S5 and have seen continuing improvements all along the way. I love the Fuji S5. It is far more robust, the improved D range comes into its own. It doesn't need more megapixels, this was never an issue before so why fix something that ain't broke. Re: Focusing, I do now set the sharpness on med hard more as a matter of course as after reading the said problems I became paranoid. But in reality I don't see this as an issue. Noise is less apparant than ever before even when printing to A3 size as is my norm.

2:20 pm - Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#76 Tony

Hi again from Tony, thank you to all that have come back to me and given me some good advice and help. Well I thought you just might like to know I have committed my self to buying S5, I have bought it and now have to go the UK to collect it and the lenses. I am also going to buy A D300 as wel then hopefully I have all aces covered so to speak. Thanks again, was really appreciated.

Tony Rees

3:01 pm - Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#77 john frantz

I have focus issues too, but none that are described earlier on this site. I recently shot some grip and grins and the right side of the frame was pretty sharp, but the left side of the frame was very soft. I can understand an image being in focus or out of focus, but half focused and half focused??? This isn't a 4 x 5 camera with adjustable planes. anybody out there have any ideas on this problem?

4:08 pm - Saturday, January 26, 2008

#78 Tony

Hi again everyone,
Well I did it I went and bought both S5 and D300. I have to learn how to use them now, but so far only problem I have is in raw mode, getting programs to read the RAF of Fuji and the NEF of NIkon. I have photoshop7 and it will not read either. My lenses seem to focus ok, but I do have genuine Nikon lenses. I Did find something strange on the D300 though, the focusing on the viewfinder is unbelievably difficult to get right.the knob is so hard to move, even with my long finger nails.

Best wishes to all


4:39 pm - Saturday, January 26, 2008

#79 john frantz

Photoshop 7 doesn't read RAF's. Photoshop's latest version CS3 does though and it converts the RAF to .tif with some nice manipulations. You can also use the Hyperutility software (if you bought it legally)that comes with the camera, but I found that to be a pain in the behind compared to CS3. The Hyperutility is more sophisticated in its process of converting RAF to .tif or .jpg.

5:05 pm - Saturday, January 26, 2008


hI Tony again.
1st, congrats on the 2 dslrs you've just bought.
You will need to read the entire manual to know how to use both cameras,the disk software comes with it should leads you to convert raw files. But with S5 the jepg should do well too..IT should take you about 2-3 months before you feel comfortable with both cams..Both are great cameras, its all in the shooter know how to use it..so read, read, read!!
Shoot both cams on same subjects, same settings and let us know what you think the differences are , ok?
Good luck.

5:14 pm - Saturday, January 26, 2008

#81 Tony

Hi again,
Thanks Jeff and John, most appreciated. Jeff, have you seen the manual with D300, it is a book, not a manual, will take me forever to read it and inwardly digest. But I will try. I have been having a go at both books. Thank god the S5 is only a manual, not a book. Thanks for your congratts.Thank you for telling me it will take me 3 months to feel good with the cameras, :-))))) Have to admit, they do feel good in my hands, they feel as though they belong there. I will do as you suggest Jeff, I have been trying to do that so far, getting the same pics on both cameras and then I can share them with you lot here, :-)))
best wishes to you all, cheers from Bulgaria


6:22 pm - Saturday, January 26, 2008

#82 Tony

Hi again, people,
Well I am sorry to say it would seem there is no contest.I will try a test on a human subject and see how that makes out. But for now the D300 is all over the S5. The S5 can not match the D300 in anyway, so far. Not even for accurate colour balance. On the S5 it is washed out, on the D300 is more accurate to original colours. I have to say I am very disappointed in my results, I am sad to say the S5 so far does not live up to it's hype.If anyone would like to see the photos, I am and will be happy to send them copies. It does look like I shall be selling the S5 shortly. Just thought I pass this on to you all.


10:01 pm - Saturday, January 26, 2008

#83 Tony

Hi again from Tony,
I'd like to add a little bit to my last comment. Using the same lenses on both cameras, the D300 focuses to a finer amount and further in, than the S5. As you enlarge the pics, the S5 is slightly blurred as you go in and the D300 goes much farther in, in clear focus. I still want to try both out on faces, but need a face to try on, for now not done that. Maybe there is a way to alter the focusing on the S5 but I don't know how, if there is. I tried to do it manually and got no better results than on auto.I even used my reading glasses, as I thought these might make a difference, no such luck. So any comments from anyone ???????


12:58 pm - Sunday, January 27, 2008

#84 Mark Goldstein

(Posted on behalf of JEFFVU)

So sorry to hear about your S5 vs D300.
About image quality my Fuji out do my brother D300 in everyway, he is using D300 with Nikon 18-200mm VR lenses, i use my Fuji with Sigma f2.8, i never had any problem with focusing. My Fuji gave me much better contrast and details plus better sharpness, colors are much truer with my Fuji.
You need to read the entire manual, and make sure you know all the features, set your contrast, tone and sharpness to where you wanted..use the metering corectly too..Usually its not the camera, most likely its the human errors.
The big differences is the Fuji Super CCD vs D300.
Its takes time to know the camera, dont be so rush of selling it.

2:50 am - Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#85 Tony

Hi to all again,from Tony,
Well I have to eat humble pie here. When I wrote before I did not have software on my computers to read the new raw formats. So my comments were given on what I could see in the monitors, on the backs of the cameras.

I have to say that all is different once I had the photos on computers. On my 2 cameras, they give the same results in photos, except that there is a few small differences. I have to add that I was trying the cameras out in default settings. As still have not mastered the manuals properly.

Ok, I used 18-200 and 55-200 vr dx Nikon lenses, I swapped the lenses to both cameras to get exact results from each. The 18-200 is the best of the 2 lenses, on both cameras, over the whole of the range. I tested more the 200 part, as that is where I had problems on old film camras in telephoto mode.

All my tests were done in auto P mode on both. My reason was this setting should be as near as possible the same on both as they are both built by the builders of Nikon on the same assembly lines, well next to each other anyway.

Ok the sensors are different I know. I was trying to achieve the same bench mark as possible on both to be fair to both cameras. This would give the most accurate of comparisons that I could get.(my reasoning).

The differences are that the S5 has a pink hue in all photos, including daylight. The whites are perfect on the D300, yes you can adjust the white balance on both. But I was trying everything out in standard mode on both, without giving any adjustments. The D300 focuses finer, but you can only see this when you enlarge to the maximum.

The problem I have with the S5 is I can not focus accurately from view finder, I can't see it clearly, and the monitor shows it slightly blurred. But on the D300 no problems at all. I have found the D300 easier for me to use to see what I am getting. Yes there are small problems on both in auto mode, but that is me using them.

Once I went to S and A settings these problems went on both.I am trying to objective and not biased to both cameras. I have for years been a Fuji man, and this is my first Nikon. But The D300 shows me what I have exactly, before I go to computer, The S5 fails for me in this.

They both give me identical pic's except S5 is pinker. That said there is no real descernable difference, until you blow up to maximum and d300 goes farther in. Looking at the photos I could say they are the same camera. Just that the D300 shows me what I have accurately on site and away from the computer.

May be I have a fault on my S5, I don't know. But I have to say I feel better using the D300. My opinion is they are exactly the same camera, with 2 different names. Using the photos as a judge, there is nothing different between then. Neither one is any better, there is only the pink balance in standard setting.

I have looked very deeply at photos from both cameras. The same subject in the same pose and position, only seconds in time, is a difference between them. I would love for somebody else to see these and tell me where the differences are, because I can't see them.

Maybe I need new glasses, I don't know, but I can say I am very fussy and particular and want perfect results, with out any questions, that is why I bought these cameras in the first place.

Thank you all, for your comments and views. If any of you want to write to me directly, my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Best wishes to you all

8:31 am - Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#86 Colin

Hi Tony,

To do a proper test you need to use the manual part of the camera not auto as things can and do change.

Take a look at my Flickr pages as most of my shots have been taken with a S5 and a S3.

8:56 am - Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#87 Colin

Click my name the one that is underlined and it will take you to my Flickr pages.

8:58 am - Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#88 Colin

Here you will see all my shots from Fuji camera's

11:30 pm - Friday, February 1, 2008

#89 Tony

Hi again,
Thanks Colin, But I have to say yes your photos are great, but I can't get to see them emlarged to see the pixel detail.

Both the D300 and the S5 do identical photos and I personally like the colours of the D300 as they are nearer to the original colours of subjects. I have done comparison test on both cameras on same subject matter in same position with same lenses and on defaults on both cameras, the Nikon D300 came out best.

After tweaking both cameras there is no difference to see till you enlarge the pics, then the D300 enlarges more in detail, the S5 goes blurred. But that is as you get to seeing the pixles. The D300 will go 2 enlargemants more than the S5 pro will do.

I have read both the manuals and have to say the D300 is by far a better and more in depth manual. Once you have done that you can use the S5 just as good, there are only a few small points in the Fuji manual that you need to read that are not in the D300 book, and I say book as the D300 is a book not a manual, like the S5 pro is.

I have spent the last few nights and early mornings reading the manuals and playing with the settings of both cameras. The menu on the D300 is better than on the S5 as well. For me the D300 is at the moment the better camera and does give me more exact colours.

I am fussy and want my photos to show exactly how it is, not how I would like it to look. To me the colours of the S5 are washed out and too dark.

Saying that I think that both cameras are evenly matched, till you go into detail, then the D300 wins. But I will go on testing both and if I do find that the Fuji comes out on top I will say so.

I am not interested in the latest technology, All I want is perfect photos and I get the best I can from the D300. To me softer edges means burred pics and I prefer my pics to be sharp and in focus. I like my subjects to stand out from the background like they are 3D images. For me that is a perfect photo,as it is near to real life situations

I want people who see my photos, to want to reach out and touch them as though the subject was real and not a flat photo. I want my pics to jump out and say here I am touch me. My little and cheap Fuji S7000 does that easily. So I expect it more so on much more expensive cameras.

Sorry folks, is my opinion, thanks to all who have given me advice and much help in doing this, I owe a lot to some of you reading this for your help.

Best wishes to all,


8:20 am - Saturday, February 2, 2008

#90 pkphoto

About Fuji I have to telle you that from May 2007 until August 2007 the departement of Fuji in Germany which seems to be very professional (!!!) could not find out where are the problems of a very bad and problematic camera S5 that they received to repair...

Finnally they returned my money back, THANS a lott Fuji-Greece. But even I like more the colors from the S5 -specially when I work with the colormeter Kenko and in Raw with Hyper Utility to take Tiff 16bit and rework in Corell-12 yes the pictures are fantastic....but no one can repair my camera or even a ceck after thousands of pictures.....
Nice colors but no after sales service in Europpe as Nikon.....in this domain Nikon is always the top.

So if I want to stay in Fuji I don't know what to do... lets see in next Photokina.

6:54 pm - Thursday, February 21, 2008

#91 Colin

Yes I also feel that Fuji do not offer any proper support so I think I will be looking at Nikon as my next camera.

It's a shame really as the S3 and the S5 are both great camera's.

7:13 pm - Thursday, February 21, 2008

#92 pkphoto

I agree with you, but there is a BIG but...
a) That I am used now to work only with film simulations, in RAW, where I can take results that even in D300 I may be could not have them...in color.
b) And when I tried the D300 yes I have seen a better sharpness but not at all the same color....specially in skin.
c) The only thing that I don't like in the S5, is that for to take the most of the quality that this camera offers to me, I need a lot of time in post proccessing, as the jpg out of the camera are usefull only for digital contacts to me... The quality that I can have it, is only in RAW, and then by a processing way which any photographer can decide to follow upon his need.

I would like a Full frame S5, but may be this is not possible....or a smaller D3 because, the D3's price is out of question for a 12MP camera in Full frame and 5MP in DX format...so much money...!!! The most of us, who like Fuji colors, will wait until next Photokina.

8:29 pm - Thursday, February 21, 2008

#93 Colin

I am going to Focus on Imaging next week at the NEC Birmingham so I will have a good look around to see what to buy.

8:35 pm - Thursday, February 21, 2008

#94 Jonathan

I have read all the posts above with great interest, but also concern, i have just ordered an S5 and wonder if im likely to run into the same focusing issues that other users here seem to have. I am a long time fuji user, s1, s2, s3 and found the camera's to be very accurate colour - esp skintones, but on my s3 i had the same focusing issues that seems to be with the S5, i would take two identical shots (studio environment) and one would be sharp and well exposed, the other, slightly out of focus, as good a camera as it was, it was a bit hit n' miss... i really hope i don't have the same issue with the S5 as the only way i could really tell focusing properly, was to blow it up on the pc, and this is not always practical for me. Considering the price range of this camera yet, it really is poor of Fuji to not have addressed this issue. I haven't read that the D200 has any similar issues so therefore it can't be the body?

3:57 am - Sunday, May 18, 2008

#95 Tony Rees

Hi to Jonathan,
sorry to tell you but if your new S5 is anything like mine, then you will be having the same problems. It is very hit and miss and only really shows it self in the blow ups. It is so slow to focus and it is impossible to get any fast action instant shots. Bye the time it focuses, your shot has gone. I'm not impressed and selling my S5. I have at the same time a D300. It is perfect, but there is a very small drop on skin tone colour, but I can live with it. it is far superior to the S5, I'm sorry to say. No it is not the body, only Fuji electronics that is the problem. But what and how, I have no idea. I can't get constant focused photos with the S5 does not matter how hard I try. I've given up trying now, it is a total waste of money. But I love my D300. One extra point, I have a S7000 Fuji and that gives me better photos than the S5 does.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Tony Rees

4:41 pm - Sunday, May 18, 2008

#96 Dave Perkes

have some observations on the S5 which after 10 months use which may be of value.

1) As a portrait camera it is second to none for colour tone and pleasing results
2) For low light photography the lack of image noise and consistent colour up to 1600 ISO is nothing short of breathtaking!
3) For high contrast subjects; I have nothing but praise for how this camera handles difficult lighting situations with ease.
4) Landscapes with clouds and water are handles with exceptional tonality with little highlight burn out even with sun reflected on water
5) Sunsets (and sunrises) are rendered in a subtle way that few digital cameras could approach.
6) Focusing on static subjects using Nikon AFS lenses is good.
7) JPEG files are so good that RAW is an irrelevance
Now before you think I am a Fuji Sales rep consider the following!
8) RAW files are so difficult to manage and use that I’d just forget about it
9) The Film simulation modes are a total waste of time; there is no practical purpose that I can see in using them.
10) Focussing on moving subjects like birds is a major annoyance; its is little better than the S2 in that respect even my Nikon AFS 70-200 F2.8 hunts and miss-focuses on moving subjects
11) As a wild life or sport camera it is neither fast enough or focuses well.
12) For fine detail it does not have enough resolution for critical use.
13) Its not a user friendly camera but rewards those who come to teems with its limitations.
14) While built quality appears good; the Nikon produced body showed signs of wear and corrosion after 5 months use.
My overall feelings about this rather controversial camera is that for Portraiture, high contrast and low light photography it is excellent. If you use it for sport; and wildlife the you have the wrong tool!
I will be trying out a D300 soon and will be looking to buy one for nature photography.

5:55 pm - Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#97 claire lim

Thanks goodness,I thought I was going mad... either that or my eyesight was failing or my hands become less steady. I have tried everything but still can't get the damn thing to focus properly. I love this camera for it's colour and tone but what's the good of an unsharp picture to a portrait photographer !

7:32 pm - Thursday, June 19, 2008

#98 Jonathan

Well, i have my fuji S5 now for about a month and I must say that i am very pleased with the results in the studio. I'm using a nikon 85mm F1.8D lens and the camera seems to like it because I have had not experienced any problems with focusing (yet!). This camera provides for little use outside of the studio except when taking stationary subjects. I have tried Raw and have noticed a subtle difference in colour but certainly nothing to make it worthwhile using RAW consistently.
For inside the studio, camera is a gem. For outside the studio, its limited to static scenery or people shots. For colour and jpg quality, I reckon, you can't go much better at this camera level.

11:53 pm - Thursday, June 19, 2008

#99 pkphoto

So after all this time....I am sad to see that I am not the only one who did had problems with Fuji S5, in focusing problems...and not only in this site..

If you do have a good copy of this camera, as I do now, colors are fantastic, but ONLY if you are using Raw files and Huper Utility in Post Processing.

Now for the most of the time and after thousands of pictures, I only work with Raw files and Film Simulation modes. But I am waiting to see in Photokina what Nikon will finaly will present us in Full Frame, and Fuji ? We will see if they will stay in the game of DSLR...nobody knows...

9:23 pm - Tuesday, June 24, 2008

#100 Nicholas Nicolaou

After reviewing both Fuji and Nikon cameras I have to say despite some of the issues I had with the Fuji S5 I still prefer the dynamic range of the fuji cameras but all other aspects of capture go with the latest Nikons, D3, D700 and I am afraid to say that also now includes the colour of skin tones, which Fuji always had the edge.

You can view some of my collection of photos over the years at: http://www.photographersforyou.co.uk
All wedding photos are mostly with Nikon cameras and most nature photography with my Fuji cameras from the past.


4:07 am - Friday, April 10, 2009