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FujiFilm S5 ProFujifilm have announced the development of the FujiFilm S5 Pro digital SLR, slated for early 2007 introduction. Looking like it’s based on the Nikon D200 body, the FujiFilm S5 Pro features the same Super CCD SR double pixel sensor as the older S3 Pro.

Fujifilm USA Press Release

Valhalla, NY, September 25, 2006 - Confirming the company’s commitment to professional photographers, Fujifilm today announced the development of the much anticipated Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro digital SLR camera. The new Fujifilm S5 Pro is further affirmation of Fujifilm’s goal to achieve professional D-SLR image quality consistent with Fujifilm’s professional film heritage. The Fujifilm S5 Pro carries a number of features that made its predecessor, the FinePix S3 Pro, so popular with wedding, portrait and studio photographers. One is increased dynamic range from the Super CCD SR double pixel technology (6.17 million S-pixels and 6.17 million R-pixels). The new Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro continues this tradition of expanded dynamic range and goes a step further by coupling the new Super CCD SR Pro sensor with Fujifilm’s new RP (Real Photo) Processor Pro for even more outstanding, film-like results. Moreover, the Fujifilm S5 Pro will house the two technologies in a fully digital and durable metal alloy body frame. This opens the door for Fujifilm’s digital imaging technologies to expand into other applications such as outdoor and high endurance commercial photography.

Photokina Update: We now have some product photos live from Photokina 2006 - just click the link below to view them.

Highlight features of the FinePix S5 Pro include:

Image Processing and Quality
  * Real Photo Technology Pro, which combines the Super CCD SR Pro sensor and the RP Processor Pro, allows for the wide dynamic range with smoother tonality from brightest light to darkest shadow. The re-designed new Super CCD SR Pro features an optimized low-pass filter that will reduce the noise and minimize moiré. The newly developed RP Processor Pro features two cycles of noise reduction so photographers can snap pictures at light sensitivities as high as ISO 3200 with less noise than comparable cameras at similar ISOs.

Increased Color and Dynamic Range Control

  * Photographers can choose from six preset ranges for greater creative control over the FinePix S5 Pro’s expanded dynamic range between 100% and 400%,
  * Three new variations of the original film simulation mode have been added (five modes in total) for improved reproduction of natural skin tones.

Face Detection Technology for post image verification

  * At the push of a button, the FinePix S5 Pro’s Face Detection Technology detects up to ten faces in a scene immediately after each image is captured. Photographers can zoom in and confirm facial detail, whether eyes are open or closed, focus and exposure on the FinePix S5 Pro’s LCD monitor.

Other camera functions and features

  * Nikon F-mount compatibility with all Nikkor AF-D/G and the latest AF-S optics
  * RAW+JPEG (4,256 x 2,848 pixels, 3,024 x 2,016 pixels, 2,304 x 1,536 pixels) dual-save mode
  * MAC and PC supported tethered shooting mode via USB 2.0 port and optional HyperUtility software
  * Robust, lightweight magnesium-alloy body
  * Durable shutter unit stands up to approximately 100,000 releases
  * Adoption of high-precision i-TTL flash control
  * 11-point AF sensor for consistent, fast and precise focusing. This is an improvement from the FinePix S3 Pro’s 5-point AF sensor
  * Supports 1/3, ½, and 1 stop lens aperture control
  * Shutter speed 30 sec. to 1/8000 sec., maximum flash sync speed of 1/250 sec.
  * Remark function enables addition of comments to an image file by connecting a special bar code reader to the camera body.
  * 3 levels of custom Function Locking with password protection
  * 2.5 inch LCD with 235,000 pixels with 100% frame coverage featuring color or monochromatic 30 seconds, live view function to check the focusing
  * Li-ion rechargeable battery
  * Compact Flash™ (CF) Card (Type I / II) and Microdrive™ compatible

Optional Accessories
  * LAN Adapter for wireless, high-speed image transfer.
  * New Hyper Utility Software for precise editing control of images taken in CCD-RAW
    14-bit format. Software also enables PC control of the FinePix S5 Pro.
  * Rechargeable Battery
  * Battery Charger
  * AC Power Adapter

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

FujiFilm S5 Pro

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#101 Colin Angus

Hi Nick,
I am still using my S5pro and still have the S3 but the S3 does not hold the battery life like it used to any more.

Just recently bought the Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 lens at the Focus on Imaging show. I am loving it.
I feel the next camera will possibly be the Nikon D700 unless things change again.
Fuji say they are not doing any SLR's now.
Take care

12:34 pm - Friday, April 10, 2009

#102 Jeff Vu

Hi Colin.
On the S3 batteries life subject, no batteries last for ever, i do have a lot of rechargeable batts, but i found that Fuji makes some of the best batts.
I used my S3 in my studio for model and glamour shots, i must say that with my Sigma 70-210mm F2.8 HSM gives me extremely razor sharp images. of course i have to use skin soft from PhotoShop CS4.
I am with you , i'm waiting for the Nikon D700 to drop in price, then i will buy 1 too. I only have 7 DSLRs now, i may need the 8th one soon.
Don't forget about the Sony A900, ok?

2:20 pm - Friday, April 10, 2009

#103 Colin Angus

Hi Jeff,
No I know no batteries will last for ever and this is why I always carry loads of fully charged ones around with me when on a job. When the S3 pro was being used a lot it would take about 300-400 odd images b4 I had to change the batts but now I have to change them after about 20 shot's.
I will be sticking with Nikon from now on so will have to earn loads of money or hope someone will buy me a D700 lol. I wish lol

3:24 pm - Friday, April 10, 2009

#104 Kevin du Toit

Hi all, I have both a S3 and a S5, my S3 has over 180000 photos to its name, now thats service, the only problem is that the rubber grips are starting to come lose, but so what its earned its keep.
One thing I have discovered is put good glass on these cameras they dont like non Nikon brands, if you want to see image quality straight off the camera try using the Nikon vr 105mm this will let you understand just how good the CCD is on these cameras, Not many experts really understand the Fuji CCD and the way it works.
Can you imagine a full size CCD in this format it would be mind blowning, and have the rest of the camera world on its head.

At an air show and there was a Canon photographer with a Mk 3 shooting at a very high speed, we started to talk, bottom line was, we came back to my place and compared images, guess what this man was very upset when we were finshed, my photos were less but all sharp and with great color and detail in the high and low light areas, even when we photoshoped his photos we could not get the detail that the Fuji produced straight off the camera, he is in fact a well known arial photographer and his success rate was about 25% as where mine was about 95% it just goes to show that speed is not all it is cracked up to be, you cant do anthing with images that are just not sharp enough and a lack of detail in the high and low light areas. The price of his equipment was almost 10 times more expensive than mine, so if you want a camera that gives you the most bang for your buck, the S5 is the one.

I have more than 1700 weddings to my name and there is no other camera for the job, even the new Nikon D3, the S5 still has the edge when it comes to difficult light conditions, ie, Black skin, white dress, on a white beach, under the midday sun, guess what the S5 copes as if it was a walk in the park.

I just wish Fuji would wakeup and produce a full frame CCD.

I am the founder of the Paarl photographic club which now has 27 S5,s and 25 of these use to be Canon owners, I wounder why they changed, or maybe it was because they were tired of all the editing they had to do to get a resonable image, we with the S5 can shoot it straight off the camera.

The Nikon D700, D3 are the only camers getting close to the extreme Low/high light range of the S5 but I find that there photos are still a little flat straight of the camera.

So for the moment and for the money the S5 for my work is tops.

Good shooting Kevin.

4:57 am - Wednesday, April 15, 2009

#105 Richard Hill

Just discovered this post about the S5 Pro. I have owned/used/compared most dslr makes and the Fuji S5 has better colours, copes with very mixed lighting better, and the morning sunrise: shoot anything against the Fuji in the glaring early morning light of summer and watch the Fuji catch the highlights while everything else clips badly. Underexposure won't fix it. Put simply, the Fuji copes with light better than anything digital. I'm glad I took the plunge and bought mine. And resolution? Increase in-camera sharpening a notch set to 12mp, and is nearly the same level of acuity as my 10mp Pentax.
Take a risk and get one!

4:42 am - Saturday, December 12, 2009

#106 Kevin du Toit

Hi Richard

Happy shooting with your S5, you will discover the more you play and get used to the latitude the S5 offers, the more you will think WHY can't all camera's be built like this.

I shoot very artistic photo,s and the S5 is the only camera that gives me enough latitude to do so, I have tried every other camera on the market Nikon D3x, Canon 1Ds mk3, and they just CAN NOT get the colour and detail in the high/low light areas that the S5 can, push this camera and you will be supprized at what can be done.

As a camera for weddings, this IS the ONLY one, anyone using anything else, is spending hours editing photos to try and get some life into thier photo,s
I live in South Africa and the sun here is very harsh and makes for very difficult wedding photography, try to imagine this, middle of the day, a white dress plus a black suit, blue sky, on a white beach, guess what the S5 comes through with flying colours, and with no editing.

I find the metering system on the camera so good it blows my mind every time I use it in difficult conditions, everyone else packs away thier camera's away, but I carry on shooting, and get great shots.

I have now a group of S5/S3 owners of nearly 50, that go out and push each other to the limit, this teaches them to get the best out of their S5/S3. Because the members that have changed from OTHER makes of camera can't get thier mind around the extreme latitude this camera has.

The general thought that the latitude on the the CCD's is, Canon +/- 7 fstops, Nikon +/- 9-10.3 fstops, Fuji S5 14.3 fstops, after playing with all these camera makes I can believe that these figures are correct.

With this in mind I don't bother to shoot in RAW as I shoot the photo correctly and go to print, WITHOUT editing.

If you love photography, and don't what to spend time editing then buy an S5.

4:33 am - Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#107 Dave Perkes

After 1 1/2 years use, my S5 has been through some tough conditions in Tropical SE Asia. The body is looking tired now; but the image quality still shines.

Although known for its colour I have found this camera excellent for Black and white too. I have produced prints up to 1 metre or more very successfully.

My only complaint about this camera is that of focusing which can be erratic when shooting moving subjects birds etc. It was never designed for this purpose. When used for portraiture and static subjects I have no problems with focus.

As much as I would want to see a full frame version of this camera I do not expect it as it will be expensive to produce with a such limited market.

5:09 am - Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#108 Kevin du Toit

Hi Dave.

You are a 100% right the S5 shoots great black and whites, my trick is that a turn the tone control to its hardest, and the Iso to 800 and then mess like mad with the Fstop, I do this to try to get some of that old hand printed feel, and only 18% grey in the photo, most of the photos I sell in art galleries are done this way, and are normally printed on canvas at A1 size.

Lets now throw a cat in with a mouse and see what happens.

Take 3 similar glasses, fill 2 with water and call them 6 mega pixels, glass 1 is the S pixel glass 2 is the R pixel, now try to pour glass 1 and 2 into glass 3, oops it wont fit will it, but some of the experts, have tried to say that the S5 is only a 6 mega pixel camera, yes sure the Fuji does lump the info from the S&R pixels together but information is information so maybe the camera sould be called a super high resolution 6 mega pixel S5

But its funny how when I shoot with a 6 meg camera it does not come even close to the S5's resolution, and when I shoot with a Nikon D700 (12meg) I have more detail with the S5 in all high/low light area and for me that counts.

I never have focusing problems, I have found that UV filters can upset the focusing system on the S5, I also do not recommend, any other lenses other than good Nikons. On fast moving objects I remove all UV filters, and have a high success rate.

Make sure you have the latest firmware update, I think it is 1.12

regards Kevin

9:36 am - Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#109 Richard Hill

Hello Kevin and Dave,

Thanks for your response Kevin. I live further south than you, in Tasmania Australia, and the light can also be mixed from soft to extremely bright, depending on the season.
The S5 is amazing and works in any light. It is so powerful in high contrast situations that I shoot landscapes and family stuff without hesitation. The great colours are a bonus on top of the latitude.
Regarding 6mp or 12mp questions, the S5 has 6 million photosites arranged in an hexagonal, I believe, pattern which boosts vertical and horizontal resolution at the expense of diagonal, according to Thom Hogan's review. He says his S5 seems like an 8/9 mp model in actual use.
I find in test shots that is almost equal to my 10mp Pentax K200D.
However, its high tonal range and contrasr makes detail easier to see and differentiate, not just resolve. The s and r pixels share the same photosite, and receive the same light, but the shape of each site increases resolution, as stated.
Anyway, enjoy photography with this great camera. The increased tonal range and contrast remind me of Agfa slide film I shot many years ago: not sharp in a black and white resolution chart sense, but differentiating visual information with contrast and tonal range.


11:49 am - Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#110 Kevin du Toit

Hi Richard / Dave

Richards explanation of the pixel system on the S5 is the excepted one and I do beleave it is as correct as we are going to get, without Fuji's direct input. You guys should try and get a little program S7raw, it can split the S&R pixels and you then can see what each set of pixels is doing. It is amazing, the camera is almost doing a 2 image HDR.

I must say this, comming also from the good old days of film the S5 is as close to film as I can get in a digital system.

Bottom line is, it's a camera that I love above all of my other so-called better cameras.

When I am sitting with some of my club members and we are compairing images from the days shoot, they always say I have an unfair advantage.

You can go and look at some of my images if you like in the gallery section of http://www.paarlphotographic.co.za take notice that the images are all shot with Fuji products from compacts to S3/S5 and 95%is sraight off the camera. Also I do not show my art gallery images as it's not long and someone has copied me.

Have you guys a web site that I might see what you are doing with that great, tremdous, fantastic, S5

PS. forgive any spelling mistakes but English is not my first language.

Good shooting Kevin

4:50 pm - Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#111 Tony Rees

Hi all,

I have had an S5 for 2 years now, maybe 3. Jeff Vu, can correct me if I have it wrong as he has a better memory than me. Don't you Jeff. :-)))

Ok, I have a D300 as well, my only problem with the S5 is focusing action shots, the Nikon does this very well.

I fly a lot and cabin baggage is only 10Kg, with my laptop for downloading the pics and work use, I have no spare weight to carry both. So the S5 rarely ever gets used.It is fantastic for portraits, but as I do this not often, and mainly go for candid instant shots. The S5 does not do this for me, sadly as it is the best in every other way.

I did read above, about removing the UV filter for focusing and will try it and see what happens.I use the same lenses on both cameras, Nikon VX lenses as recomended by both Fuji and Nikon.

I paid a lot of money for the Fuji and would love to get my monies worth from it,sadly it has spent most of its 2 years gathering dust under my bed.

For the moment I have no use for it as it does not do what the D300 does for me. But I did notice that Jeff's S5 seems to have some differences to mine in the photo's he sent me of it. So maybe the USA cams are a little different to EU ones.

Anyway I found these comments of interest, so thanks guys.

Best wishes all,

Tony in Bulgaria and very bright sunshine...:-(((

7:39 pm - Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#112 Dave Perkes

I've Been a Fuji enthusiast from my film days and have uses a S2 Pro since 2003 and the S5 from 2007
http://www.peaceofangkorweb.com has images from Cambodia nearly all with S2 and S5

http://www.peaceofasia.com withe Asia shots
Mostly Fuji film and later with S@ and S5

4:03 am - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#113 Kevin du Toit

Hi Tony

There are a few reasons for what you think is slow focusing.
Does your S5 have the latest firmware, I think the latest is 1.12 I do know there was some issues with back focusing on the S5, but 99% of these were with what I call no-name lenses, ie Sigma, Tokina, Tameron etc.
Are you using Continuous-servo focusing if so, set the focusing time to short, this can be done in your setup menu.
I have said that the UV filter can interfere, if you must use a UV then buy proper Nikon ones, expensive as they may be.
Try using a different focusing mode, read your book on focusing modes, there is one for eratic moving subjects. Pg 55 Dynamic-area AF.
One of the biggest problems I have seen with most S5 owners is that they are moving when trying to focus on something, this does have an effect on the focusing time, learn to freeze when shooting.
The camera is more that good enough to shoot fast moving action, I regarly shoot air shows,(600km/ph) and model aircraft, moving a around 300km/ph (180mph)and my success rate is about 95%.
I use these lenses a lot for this type of thing, all Nikon 18-200 VRII, 70-300 VRII, 200-400 VRII the last lense being the fastest I have, but the others do a great job as well. I have found the S5 better for this type of photography because of the D-range, and difficult light conditions, yes it can't do 5 or 6 frames per second but what I do get is great and very usable.
You do of course know that any camera does not like to focus on areas where there is no contrast for it to lock on to.

I have about 40+ friends that have moved from highend other camera makes, and not one of them has complained about the focus, infact they say that their photos on average are for shaper than before.

Regards Kevin

5:54 am - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#114 Kevin du Toit

Hi Dave

You all should go and look at Daves photos, shot under difficult lighting conditions, they are GREAT,I must say Dave can do his thing, With a little help from Fuji.

Nice one Kevin

6:10 am - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#115 Colin Angus

Hi all,
Yes I still have and use my S3 and my S5. They are both superb with low light photography and the images are very vibrant well to me they are!!
I recently thought my S3 pro was failing on me as I was only able to take about 2 shot's and the batteries would show as being dead. But on talking to Duncan from the Liverpool branch at Calumet UK, he said to buy new batteries which I did, to my surprise the camera works great again without any batterie problems whatsoever.
If you take a look at my Flickr pages http://www.flickr.com/photos/digitalman1/ you can see most of my work is strait from the camera.

9:42 am - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#116 Kevin du Toit

Hi guys

Try using the new batteries from Hahnel called Synergy,they do not suffer fron the lack of regular charging or tempreture failers common to the normal rechargables and will have still 80% of their charge after 6 months of no usage.

They work very well and are great in Nikon flash systems, I always get more out of them than recharables with a much higher rating.

Recommended Kevin

9:16 pm - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#117 Kevin du Toit

Hi all

I see that Angus has not learn't that there is only one trypod , he complains about some his shots been blurd, well the answer is simple, we find in South Africa, the Manfrotto 055pro-b to be the best we can get, add a 322 head to that and you have it all.

regards Kevin

9:30 pm - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#118 Colin Angus

Hey Kevin I have not said about my images being blurred for quite some time now perhaps over a year now.

I have 2 tripods the first one is the manfrotto 190 ProB with 141RC head. My second tripod is the Manfrotto 055XPROB with the 322RC2 head on it.

10:50 pm - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#119 Kevin du Toit

Sorry Colin

Some how I had the wrong end of the stick, you have great legs, Manfrotto I mean.

I really like you'r images, great work, the one that sticks in my mind is "Clean them or lose them" only the Fuji will handle the subtil changes in the red.

Try those Synergy batteries from Hahnel, I go away to ares where I dont have the chance to charge my battries often, and these batteries just do the thing with my S3.

Regards Kevin

6:26 am - Thursday, December 17, 2009

#120 Colin Angus

Good morning Kevin,
Thanks for liking my legs it's not every day I have someone saying that to me lol.

I bought Calumets own batteries that are working great so far. But I am now wondering how much I might get for my S3 Pro as I am thinking of selling it so the money can go towards a D700. I mostly use my S5 for all my work these days and use the S3 as a backup body.

9:37 am - Thursday, December 17, 2009

#121 Colin Angus

The D700 will cost about £1840 come January. VAT plus a price hike.

2:57 pm - Thursday, December 17, 2009

#122 Kevin du Toit

Hi Colin

I have played with the D700 as I was also looking at this for myself, it is a good camera but does not impress me enough to go and buy one, it does not get near to the Fuji's colour, or the lattitude of the Fuji's CCD of +/-14 fstops the D700 sits at about 10 fstops, I hate to edit photos to correct colour, I have been spoilt by the S3/5 getting it right, so my personal feeling is there just isn't enough reason the buy the D700.

As for the S3 (My one has 180 000 shots) I will never sell mine, but here in South Africa, second hands are getting about R4000, but we don't get many on the second hand market at all.

My feeling is stay with what you have. I have heard rumors of Fuji bringing out somthing to replace the S5, but they are playing games with the competition.

Regards Kevin with not so nice legs.

6:01 pm - Thursday, December 17, 2009

#123 JEFF VU

Hi all and my friend Tony too.
I have all 3 Fujis s2,3 and S5. All are very good cameras to me..Especially the S5..I now have 11 digital cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, well! i sold all 3 of my Canon digital cameras awhile back. S5 has a lot of settings on AF, you will need to learned all of the features on AF function that you desired.
On the battery subject!, well i bought a fuji brand on Ebay and its been very good to me.
I do use Sigma and Tamron lenses, never had any problem with AF at all, infact they gave me very sharp images, i'm very happy with it, the rest is in Photoshop.
Indeed, to make a long story short,i agreed with all the comments on Fuji outdo the rest..in IQ..NO doubt. Fuji gives you smooth, details contrast, gorgeous color, most of all the Extend dynamic range..Which i have not found on any other camera. i repeat , i never said other cameras are bad..Some of them are very good but Fuji will give you the result products prettier.
I dont buy camera for its name,look, feel or built..I want the end results that count.

6:29 pm - Thursday, December 17, 2009

#124 Kevin du Toit

Hi Jeff

Sorry Canon owners I just could not resist.

Yes the end result no matter how Fuji does it,
is always great.

Lets hope they have something special in store for us loyal Fuji Owners

Regards Kevin

7:35 pm - Thursday, December 17, 2009

#125 Jeff Vu

Ok, i saw Fuji is joining the Four third format now as we speaking with thier new series of range finder cameras, of course with Fuji new super sensor again.
Sometbing to look for.
I am interested in it, will see soon

8:42 pm - Thursday, December 17, 2009

#126 Kevin du Toit

New Flash

Hi all.

I was at my trusted camera shop, and the owner who has been in the camera world for the last 40 years, let me know that Nikon are refusing to let Fuji use their D300 body for Fuji's new SLR,(I gather this info came from Fuji S.A.)

2 ways we can read this, Nikon is dumb and don't want to sell more of their lenses, flashes, etc. Or they are very afraid of what Fuji has come up with.

Nikon are now staring to make some big mistakes, 1 is the unreliable SB900 flash and now this thing with Fuji, why can't these 2 work as a team, and become the leading camera suppliers.

It will be a sad day if Fuji has to use some other mount.

Could you guys do some digging around to see if this is the case.

Regards Kevin

4:30 pm - Friday, December 18, 2009

#127 JEFF VU

Hi all and my friend Tony Rees too.
I found this helpful link for all Fuji S5 pro firmware upgrade its free....
Read and upgrade your S5 if you have not done so..


7:21 pm - Friday, December 18, 2009

#128 Nicholas Nicolaou

Thanks for the upgrade info Jeff.
It seems to not have made a huge difference on my camera from what I have noticed from a few shots I took today, however mine has been adjusted by Fuji for focusing issues in the past - so I will go out and give it a try in the next few days- hope the upgrade has not adjusted the focus problems I had in the past though.

Regards Nicholas,
"Keep shooting them Pix"

2:58 am - Monday, December 21, 2009


To all..
I've found that S5 does not lock AF when you just hold down the trigger release, you must use your thumb and lock the AE-L/AF-L button at the same time as the trigger release to ensure the AF lock on subject before you move the camera to compose or frame an image.
I think some people did not know this, so let say they aimed and AF at a person eyes, hold down the trigger release to lock AF, but right after that they moved the camera to compose, in this case the AF will lock at different spot and not the eyes no more.
Especially if the person used multiple AF spots.
So i use the single center spot AF, then i hold down the trigger release half way then use my thumb to lock AE-L/AF-L button at the same time, you will see the solid red dot in view finder stay still, meaning AF is lock at the 1st spot i want in focus, while hold down both buttons then i compose my frame afterward.
All this is in owner manual on page 61-62.

Watch out when you use multiple AF spots and try to shoot a model, if you dont have the right AF lock, it will focus on the back ground instead of the model's eyes.
IT's not the camera, lens or filter, its the man behind the camera most of the time..
Hint!, S5 is an older Nikon body model.
Now days, most all cameras has AF lock when you just hold down the trigger release halfway.

3:09 pm - Monday, December 21, 2009

#130 Richard Hill

Hello fellow S5 Owners,

In all the talk by some dslr photographers about resolution it's easy to forget that colour photography is all about colour!
The Fuji has that in bucketloads, more than any other dslr I've used.

Merry Xmas and happy photography.


6:27 pm - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

#131 Kevin du Toit

Ho Ho Ho Fuji owners

Richard is right Fuji does have good colour, but the best of all, set correctly the colour is true to life, or you also have the choice of making the colour POP! What more could you ask for.

Father Xmas came early for me and brought me a Tokina 11-16 F2.8 Dx lens, I have been playing with it all day and all I can say is WOW it works great for a non Nikon lense on the S5, If you don't have one - borrow, beg, steal one and try it.

Merry Xmas to you and all those dear to you.


7:22 pm - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

#132 Dave Perkes

Now that Fuji have stopped making the S5 I ended up buying Nikons D300s for a 2nd camera body to replace my old Fuji S2 Pro and to use for Wildlife photography.
Colours and Low light performance on the Nikon D300s were initially disappointing;but I'm getting used to them now. The S5 is well ahead on low light photography; D300 colors go flat at High ISOs.
The D3/D700 is much better in low light as FX format; however I do not like the colours enough to want to buy one.
Ive been pleasantly surprised how well the D300 handles highlights using Nikons D Lighting set up; however images are still too contrasty.
Focusing and speed (8FPS with battery grip) is excellent especially for moving birds. It has made me a bit frustrated with the Fuji focusing; but for any critical portrait or low light stage shots as I did last week Its briliant/ 60% of my selected images of a stage shoot were on the Fuji and yet I took twice as many on the Nikon.

Please Fuji If you ever bring out a FX Fuji based on the D700 body;I'll want one.
( think it will cost big money though)

7:07 am - Friday, May 21, 2010

#133 JEFF VU

Well, i'm not surprise!!..But its kind of old news now..
Fuji and Sony is now leading in small cameras with stunning technology..I think in the near future all cameras will be small body pocket size.
Look here.

and here

Yes, strangely, but we have to accept new tech, small cameras is in...big DSLRs will soon be obsoleted.
Watch out for this two big boys in action and compete for future camera tech..

12:59 pm - Friday, May 21, 2010

#134 ColinAngus

Hi all,
My S3 Pro is now up for sale with box and most of the stuff that came with it. Sensible offers please.

I have now bought the Nikon D700. As has been said b4 it is not as good for colour as Fuji but it's ISO is amazing...

6:50 pm - Sunday, August 29, 2010

#135 Photoman

Is anyone having problems with the Fuji S5 Pro images having small spots that look like a hole in a neg? Is this dust?

4:47 pm - Friday, June 10, 2011

#136 Colins Photography

Heyup guys just sold my Fuji s3 on Ebay. I lost out badly to folk advertising their Fujis to cheaply.

10:58 am - Saturday, June 11, 2011

#137 Jim Henderson

Re Spots on Fuji.
Dust marks tend to be small dark round blobs at 100% and can be removed so you can test to see it they are not fixed. CDD can start to deteriorate and I had that on my S2 and they were small white dots were a pixel had failed or occasionally small pale circles rather is of spot of water. Hope this helps to identify your problem. For practical purposes all can be removed using Spot Healing Tool.
I have stored my S5 and use a Nikon D700 with 16-35mm f4 and love it. Happy with colours although the Fuji's were always great and just cannot wait for next Aurora displays over Scotland to try out the high end ISO capability.
Crooktee.com has my recent work on view.

11:13 am - Saturday, June 11, 2011

#138 Richard Hill

The new Fuji X100 seems to be making waves with the likes of Ken Rockwell. Good news for Fuji.

Meanwhile, nothing I have used recently has the same magic colour of my S5 Pro. I'm glad I took the plunge and bought it 3 years ago.

Happy photography.


11:25 am - Saturday, June 11, 2011

#139 Dave Perkes

My S5 is worn out and I want another. Sadly thats not possible to get new and used prices seem excessively high.
The Fuji X100 looks interesting. Ken Rockwell slagged off the S5 when it came out in comparison to the Nikon D200. Its interesting that he likes the X100; however I do not give his opinions much credibility. After following his advice on D200; i did not like the results at all.

5:34 pm - Saturday, June 11, 2011

#140 Jeff vu

Well, i still have my all 3 Fuji S2, S3, S5 today, in fact i just used S3 and S5 in my Studio shoot last week, when it comes to Studio shoot i trust Fuji S Cameras, that's hasn't changed, i had sold all my Sony gear and bought the new Pentax DSLR, KR-, been very happy with it.
Now, as far as Kent Rockwell, forget about him, hes an idiot, he is a Nikon slave, he eats, sleeps and thinks Nikon....He does not realized that Nikon is so far behind in technology, still don't have Image Stabilizer build in body, still don't have HDR build in Body, Nikon is still uses IS in lens which is an old fashion Technology and a ripped off in price....

6:53 pm - Saturday, June 11, 2011

#141 Richard Hill

perhaps you can pick up an S5 on eBay. They come up from time to time in Australia on that site.
Jeff: glad to hear you're happy with the Pentax Kr.
I have most of my other dslr investment, including many lenses, in this brand. Try the 'Natural' setting as well as the default 'Bright.' Also, default sharpness is softer, and can be turned up.
Metz make cheaper alternative flashes that are good if you don't want to shell out for the two top Pentax flashes. The latter are very good, I must say.
Good luck.
But for skin tones and landscape dynamic range, the S5 is unbeaten.

9:47 pm - Saturday, June 11, 2011

#142 Andrew beck

was using my s5 pro yesterday on a shoot was working fine .Then Err came up and have a black sceen when shot is taken and no images .but lcd sceen is fine .has anyone else had this fault


5:55 am - Saturday, July 23, 2011

#143 Tony Rees

Well I have to admit, I am glad to see it was not me that was the problem focusing with the S5, after 3 years, I still have it, but it gains more dust than use as I am out side with cameras and not in a studio. For me a sad waste of money. My D300, which I bought at the same time, is my heaven and gets used constantly, in everything I do, even portraits. I feel sorry for all those of us who wasted money buying a camera that was hyped as an all rounder and it is only a studio camera. A D300 can even match it in the studio, given a little time playing with the settings. But at least on here people have the chance to find out how bad a camera it is.

So thank you all for your very interesting comments. Please keep them coming as it might be just possible someone can come up with an answer for us all to be able to use all that wasted money making some useful photos with. After I bought it, I tried to sell it and could only give it away and I bought mine 1 month after they were first released in the UK.

Another comment, I noticed that my UK S5 camera was much different to my US friend, Jeff VU's camera, going on the pic's he sent me, of his one. So I am guessing that there are different spec cameras for the different markets. How about us all compairing our (loved one) here, so we can see how many differences there are for the different world markets. I think location, or market has a big difference to the quality of photos from S5. Would love to know how true it was, or not.

10:01 am - Saturday, July 23, 2011

#144 JEFF VU

To Andrew.
The issue that you have with S5 after shots and the screen went black is because your batteries were weak or expired, S5 is sensitives as far as batteries, batts need to be all new and fully charged.
To all others S5 users, including my friend TONY.
I used my S5 last month in my studio, pics came out still perfect, nothing was wrong with it. I repeat, you must hold the focus LOCK button with your right thumb on backside of trigger release., ok!!!! Then all your focus will be dead on..I lock AF on the model eyes at most of the times.
S5 is an older camera now, but its pics quality are still best by far. My brother had to agreed with me, and he sold his D300 and replaced with D3000.
I now playing with my new PEntax camera, for speed and high Iso.

2:21 pm - Saturday, July 23, 2011