FujiFilm S5 Pro Review

July 21, 2007 | Mark Goldstein | PhotographyBLOG | 4 Comments | |

FujiFilm S5 ProThe FujiFilm S5 Pro is a very specific DSLR camera targeted squarely at wedding, portrait and studio photographers. The S5 Pro offers an expanded dynamic range of up to 400% via the double pixel technology (6.17 million S-pixels and 6.17 million R-pixels) of the camera’s Super CCD SR Pro sensor. A fastest ISO sensitivity of 3200, three new Film Simulation Modes for varying skin tones. and Face Detection are also available. The Fujifilm S5 Pro is based on the Nikon D200 and inherits almost all of that DSLR’s feature set. Does the FujiFilm S5 Pro have what it takes to compete against the likes of the Nikon D200 and Canon EOS 30D? Gavin Stoker finds out.

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#1 Adrian

Sorry, how is CA handling a camera dependent characteristic? Why would you include that in a DSLR review without mentioning the lens used? AFAIK, CA would be dependent on the lens aperture, elements and coating.


8:14 am - Monday, July 23, 2007

#2 oijwef

''Still, this gave us an opportunity to test the Fujifilm S5 Pro's self cleaning functionality (it immediately solved the problem as it happens)''

Huh? the CCD cleaning menu simply flips up the mirror so you can clean it yourself so if it solved your problem it's a miracle.

And yes, as the poster above mentions CA is a lens, not camera issue.

Oh and can you explain how a low pass filter can reduce moire and noise? surely one is an optical issue and the other is electronic?

9:38 am - Tuesday, August 14, 2007

#3 james bird

As a photographer/lecturer that took up photography in 1959 and I have been in retail and would consider after 52 years of film very carefully before going Digital. When I did it was the S5Pro I choose I still have my Nikon F5 together with a Hasselblad 501cm as reserves. I agree with 90% of this review and if you look at the URL you will see why it is a hard act to follow.

3:19 pm - Monday, March 28, 2011

#4 james bird

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3:22 pm - Monday, March 28, 2011