Fujifilm X100 Black Hands-On Photos

January 12, 2012 | Mark Goldstein | CES 2012, Digital Compact Cameras | 2 Comments | |
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Hands-on photos of the limited edition black Fujifilm X100 compact camera.

OK, not strictly hands-on as it’s strictly under glass on Fujifilm’s CES booth, but we grabbed some shots nonetheless of the 10,000 unit (worldwide) limited edition black Fujifilm X100.

In addition to the new black X100 body, would-be purchasers also get a matching alloy lens hood, black leather case and a 49mm glass filter to protect the lens, all delivered in a stylish case.

Take a close-up look at the new black Fujifilm X100 camera in our photo gallery.

Update: We’ve expanded the gallery to include 15 more shots of a black Fujifilm X100 that wasn’t under glass, including some alongside the standard silver version.

A gallery of 9 photos of the limited edition black Fujifilm X100 compact camera.

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#1 Low Budget Dave

In some ways, this makes me less likely to buy Fuji products, because it is a sign that Fuji does not listen much to their customers.

Of all the minor complaints I have heard about the X100, I don't think I have heard anyone complain about the color.

12:29 am - Thursday, January 12, 2012

#2 Jonas

I'd be more interested in hearing about Fujifilm's plans about the future for the X100 as for firmware updates with noticeable improvements, among other things to its menu system. Especially now that the X-Pro1 was improved in that regard with its "Q" button. Assuming Fujifilm is actually still interested in supporting the X100, that is, which this new release seem to indicate...

Also, fairly commonly reported hardware issues such as the stuck aperture blade problem would be interesting to hear about officially. Plans to fix it? What is the cause?

Color and limited edition models is really at the bottom on my list as for X100 news from them. :-/

12:04 pm - Friday, January 13, 2012