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January 28, 2014 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories, Compact System Camera | 10 Comments | |
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See exactly what the new Fujifilm X-T1 compact system camera looks like in the flesh, and read our first hands-on impressions of this exciting new camera.

Check out our extensive hands-on gallery of photos of the Fujifilm X-T1 compact system camera with the XF 18-55mm and 56mm f/1.2 lenses, and including the new battery grip and flash accessories.

The new Fujifilm X-T1 has a different form factor  to previous X-series bodies - think more DSLR style, rather than rangefinder. Designed to compete with the likes of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and Sony A7/A7R, the centrally positioned EVF allows for a bigger viewfinder than the more restrictive rangefinder design, and is also better suited to use with longer lenses like the XE 55-200mm.

Fujifilm are trying to expand their reach to sport and action photography with the X-T1, as well as their traditional strengths of reportage, landscape and portraiture. Despite the clear change of form factor, the X-T1 still retains Fujifilm's classic retro design, with even more direct dials than previous models.

Fitting in above the X-E2 and below the X-Pro1 in the range, other standout features of the Fujifilm X-T1 include a tilting LCD screen, remote shooting via wi-fi via the new Fujifilm Camera Remote app (initially available only on Android), and a 0.77x magnification EVF, which is slightly bigger than even the impressive Olympus OM-D E-M1. As well as size, the EVF in the X-T1 suffers from almost no lag, plus the displayed information automatically realigns itself when you switch between landscape and portrait mode - very clever.

The Fujifilm X-T1's magnesium-alloy body is weather resistant (water and dust), although it won't last too long in the pouring rain, and it's also freezeproof down to  -10 degrees. There aren't any weather resistant lenses currently available for this new body, but there are 3 weather resistant lenses pencilled in for launch in 2014, the first being the 18-135mm OIS at the end of May.

This wouldn't be a major new product launch without the Fujifilm X-T1 claiming to be first at something, and rather curiously it's to do with memory cards. The X-T1 is the first camera in the world to be UHS II compatible, potentially offering double write speeds in continuous shooting mode (47 JPEGs / 23 RAW at 8fps) when the memory card manufacturers catch-up and actually release their  UHS II cards.

Another clever feature is the dual manual focusing aid, which shows both the main image and a 100% crop alongside (using either focus peaking or digital split image), so that you can instantly see what's in focus.

The Fujifilm X-T1 uses exactly the same sensor and processor as the X-E2, and similarly employs the same lens modulation optimizer and no optical low-pass filter for enhanced image quality. The X-T1 has an impressively high top ISO speed of 51,200 and no less than 6 customisable function buttons.

The exciting new Fujifilm X-T1 will retail for £1049.99, or in a kit with the 18-55mm lens for £1449.99. As the X-T1 doesn't have a built-in flash, the tiny EF-X8 flash unit is included in the box (much like older Sony NEX cameras). The X-T1 is also the first ever Fujifilm compact system camera to offer a battery grip, called the VG-XT1, which offers 700 shots with two batteries and costs £199. Finally, the MHG-XT1 is an alternative slimline handgrip accessory that retails for £129.99.

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#1 Michael Fedorsha

I still find the x pro 1 to be much sexier than this xt1. Plus it's too small for my taste. Reminds me of the omd. I'm sure it will handle great but im not in love with the looks. Who cares what i think though.

6:32 am - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#2 Joe Prete

That is a Vertical Shutter Release on the Battery Grip isn't it?
It's a sharp looking camera and not really overpriced. I like that 56mm F1.2 Lens. Looks like they're on the right track.
… Joe Prete

7:11 am - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#3 Visionar

Exactly Michael Fedorsha, who cares what you think. Since you seem to be blind.

2:08 pm - Friday, January 31, 2014

#4 Joe Prete

Michael Fedorsha,
in comparing the two, it doesn't appear to be as strong as the OMD,
and as for the size, smaller seems to have been one of their goals.
It's not going to appeal to everyone, and maybe the target market group, was those with smaller hands. Fujifilm confirms: The Battery grip has a vertical release, but the smaller Grip is just to give you a bit more to hold on to, but they could have easily built that little bit more, into the body rather than creating another accessory for it.

Readers, Michael is not blind, and that is a very strong word for one to use! As for his opinion, we do care about it. Thank you for your contribution Michael. Comments that are unnecessarily offensive can easily b removed. … Ed.

2:54 pm - Friday, January 31, 2014

#5 AlpCns

Looks like a very interesting and beautiful camera to me. Very tempted...

8:18 am - Saturday, February 1, 2014

#6 Tom Piorkowski

Joe Prete,

Great write-up, just curious why you made the following comment:

"in comparing the two, it doesn't appear to be as strong as the OMD"

Can you share what you mean by this?

I'm in the market to buy a mirror less and I'm on the fence between the XT-1 and EM1.


8:21 pm - Sunday, February 9, 2014


Tom Piorkowski,
Sorry for the delay. To be clear, this is Brian's review. I can give you some information, but it wouldn't be proper for me to post it here,
within another cameras review. I'll give you an email address to reach me, and I'll get you some information, so that you can make an informed decision. Write me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Readers, please note, this is for Tom only, I can not take any other questions or make any comparisons at this time, so your emails will not be answered. Tom, I look forward to speaking to you.
... Joe Prete

8:32 am - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#8 Jerry

The iOS version of the Fuji Camera Remote app is already in the US App Store.


4:39 am - Thursday, February 13, 2014

#9 hostgator promo code

great $$ I can give you some information, but it wouldn't be proper for me to post it here,

7:56 am - Friday, July 3, 2015

#10 Joe Prete

Why not? You've already posted your PLUG!

2:10 pm - Friday, July 3, 2015