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Fujitsu has introduced the 12.2-megapixel docomo PRIME Series F-01B water and dust resistant camera phone. To make the most of its onboard camera, the new phone utilises Fujitsu’s Milbeaut Mobile image-processing engine, and incorporates face recognition, smile detection, tracking focus, a 3.4” touch-sensitive screen and a 28mm equivalent lens. In addition to these, Fujitsu claims a maximum sensitivity of ISO 6,400/39° for full-resolution stills and an incredible (for a camera phone anyway) ISO 25,600/45° for 1920x1080-pixel images. The Fujitsu F-01B will be available from NTT DOCOMO, INC. as of 20 November 2009. Pricing to be confirmed.

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Fujitsu Press Release

Fujitsu Introduces docomo PRIME Series F-01B

13 Nov 2009 , Tokyo : Fujitsu today announced that the new docomo PRIME Series F-01B mobile phone, manufactured by Fujitsu, will be available from NTT DOCOMO, INC. as of November 20, 2009. In addition to Fujitsu’s pioneering water-resistant (IPX5/ IPX7/IPX8(1) ) and dust-resistant (IP5X(2) ) features, the F-01B includes a large 3.4” touchscreen display and a 12.2 megapixel camera, combining uncompromising functionality with sophisticated design in a high-performance waterproof mobile phone.

To make the most of its 12.2 megapixel camera, the new phone utilizes Fujitsu’s Milbeaut® Mobile(3) image-processing engine, and incorporates a number of photographic-assistance features, such as the face recognition(4) function, which recognizes specific individuals in the frame: tracking focus(5) function to capture subjects in motion; high-sensitivity mode equivalent to ISO 25600(6) ; super digital zoom function(7) ; and a 28 mm wide-angle lens(8) . With these features, the docomo PRIME Series F-01B phone achieves previously unattainable levels of mobile photography.

The large 3.4” touchscreen display brings operability to a new level. The touchscreen writing technology allows users to write text and symbols using their fingers directly on the screen, as well as add comments to their photos. The finger stamp(9) feature allows users to apply stamp designs to photo images easily.

With the “ETGA Swing Lesson” golf-swing application, the new model takes a step forward in the pedometer and activity-monitoring technology that Fujitsu has incorporated into its previous mobile phones. This application extracts body-motion data collected by sensors built into the mobile, uses it to analyze the arc of the user’s golf swing, and assesses and provides feedback based on the golf principles developed by professional golfer, Mr. Tadashi Ezure. It helps users improve their golf swing by comparing each new swing to the user’s previous best.

Product Features
1. 12.2 megapixel camera
Milbeaut® Mobile image-processing engine
The 12.2 megapixel camera utilizes the high-speed, high-accuracy Milbeaut® Mobile image-processing engine, which faithfully captures subtle details and tone variations in photos.

Face recognition
The camera recognizes pre-registered facial images and gives priority to them as the main subjects for autofocus. By linking this to the “smile finder,” the photo is automatically taken as soon as its subjects are smiling.

“Smile Finder”
This feature takes the photo automatically when it detects that its subjects are smiling. It automatically recognizes when the smiling facial image is facing the camera, and takes the photo when the smile reaches a certain intensity.

2. IPX5/7/8 water resistance and IP5X dust resistance (patent pending)
The mobile phone is capable of an advanced level of water resistance, meeting the IPX8 standard which allows the camera to be used underwater at a depth of 1.5 m(10) . It also meets the IP5X standard for dust resistance.

3. Advanced human-sensing technologies
“ETGA Swing Lesson” golf-swing analyzer application
Using 3D motion-sensing technology (patent pending), the application monitors golf-swing movements when the phone is clipped to the user’s waist(11) and automatically measures it. Using this data, the phone provides a diagnosis of the swing and advice for improvement based on the principles developed by professional golfer, Mr. Tadashi Ezure.

“Exercise Monitor”
With a custom engine that uses a physical exertion(12) measurement algorithm to accurately measure calories expended (13), the “Exercise Monitor” gives a real-time display of the user’s exercise intensity when the phone is clipped to the waist.

“Location Radar”
By launching this iAppli from the map search function, both the direction and distance to the user’s destination will be shown whether it be convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, banks, or other unfamiliar locations.

4. Link with Blu-ray Disc recorder(14) (selected models only)
Television programs stored on a Blu-ray Disc recorder can be transferred to a microSD™ memory card (15) for viewing on the mobile phone, keeping the excellent picture quality intact, while giving users the convenience to watch shows whenever they want.

5. Fingerprint sensor(16)
The new mobile phone retains the fingerprint sensor used on many previous Fujitsu models. By recording the user’s fingerprint in advance, the mobile phone indentifies its owner through fingerprint authentication, in lieu of having to type in a 4-8 digit password.

Other Key Services

  * iConcierge®
  * Auto-GPS
  * FOMA® High-Speed (7.2 Mbps)
  * WORLD WING® international roaming service (GSM+3G)
  * DCMX®
  * iD™
  * Decome-Anime®

Key Specifications

  * Size (when folded): 114 x 51 x 17.3 mm (21 mm at thickest point)
  * Weight: 141 g (with battery)
  * Continuous Standby Time:
    ~620 hours in FOMA 3G static (automatic)
    ~350 hours in FOMA 3G moving (automatic)
    ~400 hours in FOMA 3G moving (fixed 3G)
    ~300 hours in GSM static (automatic)
  * Continuous Talk Time:
    ~240 minutes in FOMA 3G voice mode
    ~110 minutes in FOMA 3G videophone mode
    (substitute image display time: 140 minutes)
    ~270 minutes in GSM
  * Main Display: 3.4” TFT color LCD wide VGA (480 x 960 dots)
  * Camera
    (exterior side): 12.2 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
  * Color: Blue, White, and Black

Glossary and Notes

1 IPX5/ IPX7/IPX8 designation:
  The IP5X designation indicates that the mobile phone can normally function after being sprayed with water from a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3 mm at a rate of 12.5 liters per minute from a distance of 2.5-3.9m for a period of at least 3 minutes. The IP7X designation indicates that the phone can normally function after being immersed in room-temperature tap water to a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes. The IPX8 designation, in the case of the F-02B, indicates that the phone normally function after being immersed in room-temperature tap water to a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes. As well, the camera can function while being underwater for 30 minutes.
  Please ensure that the rear and other external covers are firmly closed.
  To maintain water resistance, parts will need to be replaced (for a fee) once every two years whether or not problems arise.
2 IP5X dust-resistance:
  IP5X indicates that the phone can be left in an environment with dust particles with a diameter of 25 µm or less for 8 hours and still function.
3 Milbeaut® Mobile:
  A mobile phone-specific image-processing engine taken from the Milbeaut technology used in digital cameras.
4 Face recognition:
  This function can not be used simultaneously with the tracking focus feature.
5 Tracking focus:
  Uses TrackSolid technology from Morpho, Inc. to follow subjects in motion.
6 ISO 25600:
  Available up to full HD resolution (1080 x 1920). Still photography at 12 megapixel resolution (3000 x 4000) available with ISO 6400 quality. ISO is a number that expresses the light-sensitivity of film, with higher values indicating higher sensitivity, allowing dark scenes to be captured.
7 Super digital zoom function:
  The range of image size is limited from QCIF (176 x 144) to 5 megapixel (1944 x 2592).
8 28 mm wide-angle lens:
  Field of view in 35 mm film camera equivalent.
9 Finger stamp:
  Images up to 12 megapixel resolution (3000 x 4000).
10 Used underwater at a depth of 1.5 m:
  Camera not to be immersed for more than 30 minutes. Wipe surface thoroughly after immersion and allow the phone to air-dry for 30 minutes or more.
11 Clipped to the user’s waist:
  Device must be attached in the correct position when conducting measurements.
12 Physical exertion:
  Based on the “Exercise and Physical Activity Guide for Health Promotion 2006,” the latest guidelines recommended by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, this is an index of physical exertion expressed in terms of METs (metabolic equivalents of task) and Ex (exercise rate).
13 Accurately measure calories expended:
  When the phone is in a carrying case and fixed to the user’s waist.
14 Link with Blu-ray Disc recorder:
  With video recorded at a 1 Mbps bit rate, up to 30 minutes of program can be stored on a 16 GB microSDHC card (sold separately). For more information on compatible models, see
15 Transferred to a microSD™ memory card:
  Transferred video can have a resolution of up to 640 x 360 dots and 30 frames per second. Transfers must be made over the FOMA USB cable (sold separately) and via microSD/microSDHC memory cards (sold separately).
16 Fingerprint sensor:
  Fingerprints must be stored in advance. Recognition accuracy may be impaired by water drops.

About Fujitsu
Fujitsu is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 175,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.6 trillion yen (US$47 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. For more information, please see:

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