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Gary's ParriesThis week’s Gary’s Parries topics are:

1. Vacationing In Beautiful Atlantic City
2. Windows Laptop for Photo Processing

Introducing this week’s Gary’s Parries column. Everything you always wanted to know about digital cameras, but were afraid to ask. No question too difficult, or too easy. As a Senior Principal Software Engineer, and a former Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems, as well as a recording studio owner/operator, inventor, and now, a digital camera enthusiast, GARY has more digital camera knowledge in his entire brain than most people have in their little finger. In the unlikely event that GARY would not know the answer to your question, he will answer it anyway, true to the spirit of the word “Parries”, a fencing term which, in this context, implies “cleverly evasive answers”. So let your imagination run wild. Email all your nagging digital camera questions to: , and then, En Garde!

You may also attach to your email an ORIGINAL PHOTO of your choosing. A preview of the photo will be displayed with your question, and a full-sized version will be just a click away. No personal information will be published with your question unless you specifically include it in the text or attached photo of your email, which may be further edited for grammar, content, or other reasons.


I am currently vacationing in beautiful Atlantic City. I was hoping to have this week’s column completed in time; however, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was forced to hock my laptop. It will only be temporarily though, because I now have a new system, and I expect my luck to be changing shortly.

By my calculations, I should have my computer back before the end of the week, and I’ll be able to answer all your digital photography questions in next Sunday’s column.


[Here is the repeat of a question from last week’s column that never did get answered properly. If anyone is using a Windows laptop for photo processing and would care to recommend it, please do so.]

Hey Gary,

I have a digital SLR and I now need to be able to edit and manipulate my images from wherever I am; hence I want to buy a laptop. I’m looking for good colour reproduction primarily, plus enough space to deal with Photoshop and RAW images. I’ve heard wider screens recommended for photographers, and the weight of the computer is less important to me. I’d prefer Windows to Mac, and don’t really want to spend much over £1000 if I can avoid it. What do you recommend?


[Column photo “The Photographer” by Brenda LaFleur of Brenda LaFleur Photography.]

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#1 Barbara

Windows Laptop: I have had great luck with my dell M140 laptop. I also have a dell desktop with a dell flat LCD screeen (20in). I calibrate both with Colorvision. I just helped a friend setup her Dell Latitude and it looked great. Again, calibrated with Colorvision.

2:33 pm - Monday, October 2, 2006

#2 nick in japan

Gary, Gomen-a-poopoo! I think I sent you an e-mail sized image by mistake earlier this week!...
Note: FYI, when submitting your photos to Gary’s Parries, it works out better if you can submit full-sized images rather than images resized for emailing. – Ed.]

1:16 pm - Wednesday, October 4, 2006

#3 Gary's Parries

Thanks for the info, Barbara. The M140 has received good reviews,
especially considering its budget price. FYI Lottie, the higher-priced
M170 has a 17" screen, which could be useful for image processing.

Nick, nooo problem. It's just that higher resolution images give me
more room with which to work.

3:50 pm - Wednesday, October 4, 2006