Gary's Parries 10/12/06

December 10, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Gary's Parries | Comment | |

Gary's ParriesThis week’s Gary’s Parries topics are:

1. Gary’s Parries Is Currently In The Process Of Moving
2. Animal Cruelty (Revisited)

Introducing this week’s Gary’s Parries column. Everything you always wanted to know about digital cameras, but were afraid to ask. No question too difficult, or too easy. As a Senior Principal Software Engineer, and a former Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems, as well as a recording studio owner/operator, inventor, and now, a digital camera enthusiast, GARY has more digital camera knowledge in his entire brain than most people have in their little finger. In the unlikely event that GARY would not know the answer to your question, he will answer it anyway, true to the spirit of the word “Parries”, a fencing term which, in this context, implies “cleverly evasive answers”. So let your imagination run wild. Email all your nagging digital camera questions to: , and then, En Garde!

You may also attach to your email an ORIGINAL PHOTO of your choosing. A preview of the photo will be displayed with your question, and a full-sized version will be just a click away. No personal information will be published with your question unless you specifically include it in the text or attached photo of your email, which may be further edited for grammar, content, or other reasons.


garys_parries_101206_q1.jpgYes, Gary’s Parries is currently in the process of moving, to a much bigger (and whiter) house. With all your questions, we just didn’t have enough room. Now we will have plenty of room, and we hope to be back online for next week’s column.


garys_parries_101206_q2.jpgGOMENASAI! I found this additional picture of Zoom and Red-eye. It clears up the “animal cruelty” controversy from last week’s Gary’s Parries. Now I can see that it truly was just trained animal tricks! Amazing that Zoom could tolerate Red-eye’s jaws for so long! I was too quick to judge. Again, sorry!!

Semper Fi,
Nick and Family

[Column photo “The Photographer” by Brenda LaFleur of Brenda LaFleur Photography.]