Gigapan Epic Pro Firmware Upgrade

May 9, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | 1 Comment | |
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Gigapan has issued a firmware update for its Epic Pro robotic camera mount. The latest update adds support for exposure bracketing for HDR capture, a dedicated mirror lock-up setting, additional aspect ratios and a new time display that shows the time it will take the Epic Pro to capture a panorama, based on your settings. It also allows you to capture a sequence of panoramas over a set period of time with a new timer, for time-lapse panoramic photography.You can learn more about the update bv visiting the website below.

Website: Gigapan Epic Pro Firmware Upgrade

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#1 360 Panoramas, Virtual Tour Photography, Cornwall

Soon we will all be replaced by robots :)

I take my Panoramas by hand at the moment and would feel I lost something using one of these.

11:32 am - Wednesday, May 11, 2011