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PictoColor has released iCorrect OneClick Color 2.1 for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Developed by FreshAir Software, iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad automatically corrects the colour and exposure of photos. The automatic correction can be fine tuned using sliders to independently adjust brightness, shadows, highlights, contrast, saturation, tint and colour temperature. Version 2.1 brings updated Facebook support, more save and share resolution options and new sharing options: upload to Twitter, copy to clipboard, send to other apps including Instagram, Muzy and more. iCorrect OneClick Color for iOS is available on iTunes for $2.99.

Press Release

iCorrect OneClick Color 2.1 Released for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Give Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Photos the Color of Life with iCorrect OneClick Color App

Burnsville, MN, August 12, 2013 - - PictoColor Corporation announces the release of iCorrect OneClick Color 2.1 for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Developed by FreshAir Software, Inc., iCorrect automatically corrects the color and exposure of photos before sharing them on Facebook and Twitter or sending them to Instagram. The new version also creates stunning black and white and sepia tone photos in an instant.

iCorrect OneClick Color Brings iPhone and iPad Photos to Life Almost every photo can be improved with a single touch of your finger and you won't find another color correction app that is easier to use. Use the Auto Fix button, or touch the photo in an area that should have been gray or black or white. The exposure and color balance will be automatically corrected, bringing life to the photo. And, you can make stunning black and white or sepia tone photos with a touch. iCorrect uses the same powerful PictoColor OneClick Color technology that professional photographers have relied on for years with PictoColor’s iCorrect Photoshop plug-ins.

iCorrect Works Seamlessly with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Cameras Using iCorrect you can take a picture, fix the color, and email or upload the photo to Facebook, Twitter, or send it to Instagram in a few simple steps. “With iCorrect OneClick Color there is no excuse for sharing dull and lifeless photos with friends and family.” says Wayne Huelskoetter, PictoColor CEO. “FreshAir Software, iCorrect OneClick Color App’s developer, did a great job of seamlessly integrating it with the iPhone and iPad cameras and share functions. In a few simple steps one can take a photo, perfect the colors, then save and share a picture to be proud of.”

Key Features

  • Automatically correct color balance and exposure.
  • Fine tune the automatic correction using sliders to independently adjust color balance, overall brightness, shadows, highlights, contrast, and saturation.
  • Convert to Black and White or Sepia Tone
  • Use the Preview switch to easily compare the corrected photo with the original.
  • Save to your Saved Photos album, email and/or upload to Facebook and Twitter at high, medium or low resolution.
  • Send the color perfect photo to Instagram or other Apps

iCorrect OneClick Color Information and Purchase iCorrect OneClick Color App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is available on the App Store for $2.99. For more information go the App Store or to www.oneclickcolor.com or www.freshairsoftware.com.

PictoColor Licenses OneClick Color Technology to FreshAir Software, Inc. iCorrect OneClick Color App was developed and is distributed by FreshAir Software, Inc. under PictoColor’s technology licensing program. iCorrect OneClick technology is also available in PictoColor’s iCorrect OneClick Photoshop plug-in and CorrectPhoto Editor. More information can be found at www.oneclickcolor.com.

About PictoColor
PictoColor Corporation is a leading developer of easy-to-use, time-saving photo editing, color correction and color management software featuring iCorrect color correction technology. PictoColor products serve digital photo enthusiasts, professional photographers and photo labs. PictoColor Websites: www.pictocolor.com, www.correctphoto.com, www.oneclickcolor.com. Follow PictoColor on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Pictocolor

About FreshAir Software
FreshAir Software develops and markets applications for Apple iPhone and iPad products and provides software development services to other organizations, including PictoColor Corporation. FreshAir Software website: http://www.freshairsoftware.com.

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