Ilex Photo Launches New Photography Books

March 25, 2014 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Books | Comment |

This Spring, Ilex Photo are launching a range of photography books in the US and Canada. The first two titles are The Ilex Introduction to Photography by Haje Jan Kamps - a back-to-basics guide that explains the fundamentals of photography whilst using contemporary examples to illustrate each concept - and The Weekend Photographer by Chris Gatcum. Both volumes are scheduled to be published on 30th March.

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Ilex Press Release

Internationally renowned photography publishers Ilex Photo are launching their high quality, beautifully designed list of photography books in the US and Canada, as of Spring 2014.

Ilex books, published under license, are sold in over 25 languages around the globe — you will recognise the stars such of Ilex, such as Natalie Dybisz, Michael Freeman, Lara Jade and Brooke Shaden from our packaged titles — and now we are pleased to bring you a wealth of new talent under our own imprint.

Please see below a summary of The Ilex Introduction to Photography and The Weekend Photographer, the first two titles publishing this spring.

The Ilex Introduction to Photography

By Haje Jan Kamps

Publishing 30th March 2014

This is the back-to-basics guide that explains the fundamentals of photography whilst using contemporary examples to illustrate each concept. By understanding the basics of how your camera works, and the few simple rules that make photos work, you’ll soon find your own pictures filling with life and character.

Families, kids, weddings, pets, landscapes, black- and-white, wildlife, urban, sport, panoramas, 3D living pictures—whatever you want to photograph and however you want to display it, you’ll find everything you need to know in this book.

The Weekend Photographer

By Chris Gatcum

Publishing 30th March 2014

Photography is about so much more than technically perfect images: most photographers want to experiment, try something new, create visual surprises—above all, have fun. Chris Gatcum’s first collection of creative exercises for the hobbyist photographer was a worldwide best-seller, and in this sequel he reveals more of the techniques that anyone can master, and that are guaranteed to result in pictures with the ‘wow’ factor.

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