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May 18, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Scanners | Comment |

Kodak UK Press Release

New Capture Software release offers enhanced functionality for KODAK document scanners

o New search, retrieval, share, security, and scan-to-email capabilities included
o Enables optimum scanner throughput and maximises operator productivity

May 16th, 2006 — Eastman Kodak Company today announces the availability of KODAK Capture Software , version 6.9, the latest release of its production scanning application for the electronic capture of documents. Designed specifically to unleash the full capabilities of all KODAK scanners, it is an intuitive, easy-to-use yet powerful front end capture application for enterprise content management, imaging, forms processing and workflow applications, as well as a standalone solution.

This new software is now available with enhanced features for document searching, retrieval and sharing, security, and scan-to-email functions all designed to save users time and work, thereby increasing productivity.

Versatility increased with new ‘find and view’ application

KODAK Capture Software version 6.9 includes a new ‘find and view’ retrieval application with a comprehensive and versatile searching capability which allows customers to retrieve documents stored on CDs, DVDs or hard disks.  Supporting multiple languages, searches can be done across multiple batches of scanned documents, and once a document is located , users can view, print, email or save the document as a PDF file —automatically from the software.

Robert Bijster, Kodak’s Document Imaging worldwide director for software products, explains, “Clearly users need a solution to find scanned documents using index information, but for some, a discrete document management application which does this maybe expensive overkill for simple retrieval needs.  With the new release, we are providing a complete search, retrieval and viewing application to customers for free.”

Digital signature functionality enhances security

Document security in a digital age has never been so important and the new KODAK Capture Software release has been designed to address this by enabling users to apply a digital signature to TIFF files during the scanning process. 

Bijster explains, “Users need to be able to trust that nothing has happened to images after the scanning process is complete. With the regulatory environment ever more demanding, the onus is on companies who scan documents to ensure that the information is trustworthy and images have not been tampered or altered.  Our new solution allows documents to be digital signed and images then verified using a free, easy-to-use tool incorporated in the software.”

KODAK Capture Software applies industry standard document security to scanned images as follows:

o x.509 digital signature – this is a widely used standard for defining digital certificates;
o SHA1 hashing algorithm - the SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) family, of which SHA1 is the most popular, is a set of cryptographic functions employed in a wide variety of popular security applications and protocols.  Designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and published as a U.S. government standard, it offers robust document management security.

Productivity and ease of use improved with scan-to-email feature

Also included in the new release is Kodak’s new scan-to-email functionality which allows users to scan documents and email them (in PDF or Tiff formats) directly from Capture Software as necessary without the need for any other application.  KODAK Capture Software allows images to be viewed before emails are sent, and provides fields for recipient address, email subject, and text.  The software also enables users to define the maximum email attachment size, automatically splitting attachments over multiple emails in cases where this parameter is exceeded.

KODAK Capture Software interfaces to most popular document management and filing applications. It incorporates barcode recognition (17 different bar code types are supported), optical character recognition (OCR) and powerful indexing features. Batch output formats can be flexibly configured according to customer and application requirements, and an API (application programming interface) enables software integrators to tailor the software according to their needs.
KODAK Capture Software is a 32-bit program that takes full advantage of the superior performance of fast single and multi-processor PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems.
KODAK Capture Software is available from authorised distributors and resellers and available for all KODAK document scanners. Pricing starts from €399 with no additional ‘click charges’ applied for volume scanning. 

A Capture Software Lite version is also available for select KODAK document scanners which includes most, but not all, of the functions included in the ‘full’ product.  The Lite version can be subsequently upgraded to full functionality as users require. 

KODAK Capture Software is backed by industry-leading KODAK Service & Support.  The standard warranty is media replacement for up to one year. Additionally, a Software Maintenance Agreement can be purchased to provide on-going telephone support and eligibility to receive bug fixes and applicable revision updates.