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Reykjavík, Iceland-based Kúla Inventions have announced a new product called Deeper, which combines modern 3D technology with the retro 3D methods known from the 1980s. "When Deeper is attached to a DSLR camera lens, the image becomes stereoscopic," says Kúla's founder, Íris Ólafsdóttir. "The left eye view is projected into the right half of the image and vice versa. The outcome can be viewed in 3D directly from the camera display with a stereoviewer." Deeper pictures and videos can also be enjoyed on a 3D TV as the proprietary software Kúlacode can convert them into MPO files. The commercialisation of the product is funded through KarolinaFund, a crowfunding website where you can contribute to the success of the project.

Website: KarolinaFund
Website: Kúla3D

More Fun With Your DSLR! from KÚLA on Vimeo.

Kula Deeper from KÚLA on Vimeo.

Kúla Press Release

More fun with a normal camera

Soon it will be possible to take 3D pictures with a normal camera Kúla's Deeper combines modern 3D technology and the retro 3D methods we are familiar with from the 80's.

When Deeper is attached to a DSLR camera lens, the image becomes stereoscopic. The left eye view is projected into the right half of the image and vice versa. The outcome can be viewed in 3D directly from the camera display with a stereoviewer.

Deeper pictures and videos can be enjoyed in a 3D TV as the software Kúlacode can export them to MPO, the format 3D tellies love and adore. Deeper is for those who want to have more fun with their DSLR. It is easy to switch between normal and 3D photography as Deeper is attached and detached with one click. It contains high precision mirrors, therefore the pictures are super sharp.

Deeper fits a Ø77 mm lens by default and adapters are available for smaller diameters.

Deeper is designed and developed by the startup company Kúla Inventions Ltd. They are about to kickstart the project on the crowdfunding site Karolinafund.com where you can help make this project reality and get a copy of Deeper.

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