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LaCie have just released LaCie Blue Eye Pro Proof Edition, a complete monitor calibration and profiling solution. Highlights of LaCie Blue Eye Pro Proof Edition include ensuring certified colours in a single click, UGRA soft proof-grade Test & Report function and switching between colorimetric environments without recalibrating. The suggested retail price of LaCie Blue Eye Pro Proof Edition is £269+VAT / $429.99.

LaCie Press Release

London, UK, Monday 23rd March 2009
Today LaCie announced LaCie blue eye pro Proof Edition, a complete monitor calibration and profiling solution that ensures certified colours in a single click.  Specifically designed to integrate with prepress and other soft proofing-based workflows, its advanced Test & Report function allows the most demanding users to perform colour accuracy verifications based on the widely accepted UGRA/FOGRA Mediawedge standard colours.

Users can specify any target colorimetric settings, such as Whitepoint, Gamma, Brightness and Blackpoint, and the LaCie blue eye pro software automatically calibrates the monitor – creating and activating an ICC profile that ensures consistent colour reproduction throughout the workflow.

Additionally, it saves to the profile the specific hardware settings that correspond to a given calibration, allowing the user to switch from one colorimetric environment to another without needing to recalibrate.

“Thanks to the LaCie blue eye pro Proof Edition, customers whose workflow includes contract proofing based on standard UGRA/FOGRA Mediawedge colours can enjoy the benefits of soft proofing with no disruption to their existing processes,” said Daniel Mayer, LaCie Displays Business Unit Manager.

The advanced Test & Report function creates detailed reports that analyse a monitor’s gamut, allowing a customer to evaluate the accuracy of colours against target values. This makes it easy to verify a profile’s accuracy and to determine when a new calibration is necessary. When optionally using Mediawedge colours to perform these tests, the monitor colour accuracy is evaluated against a set of standard criteria for Whitepoint and Gray Balance precision, profile quality and suitability for usage in a variety of colour processes.

In addition to these features, the LaCie blue eye pro Proof Edition also comprises a full set of complementary colour management tools such as Whitepoint fine-tuning, Blackpoint adjustment and Ambient Light analysis. Conceived to integrate seamlessly with demanding creative and production workflows, the LaCie blue eye pro Proof Edition works with major productivity software packages such as ColorSync®, Photoshop®, Lightroom®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, QuarkXPress® and Aperture™.


LaCie blue eye pro Proof Edition will be available through the LaCie Online Store and qualified LaCie Colour Partner and LaCie Reseller+ at the suggested retail price of £269 VAT excluded.  For more information, visit

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